Worlds Coolest Business Card Stickers

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Stickergiant business card stickers
Worlds Coolest Business Card Stickers

GET STARTED NOW Free Die Cutting StickerGiant offers free die-cutting on our line of Full Color stickers. We can diecut your sticker or sticker sheet, into almost any shape. There are a few guidelines for the die shape.

Our design team can alter your dielines to look great and work with our manufacturing process. We offer the artwork and layout creation of die-lines at no charge. Full or 1-Color If your logo is best represented with 1-color printing you have a wider range of options and may spend less.

If your logo looks best printed full-color (or 4-color process), StickerGiant offers many great solutions. In our order process your best option is the Premium Stickers, they are full color and printed on a durable white substrate.

If you want stickers printed on a clear substrate, choose Premium Clear Stickers in the order process. Heavy Duty Our Premium Stickers are laminated with a heavy duty UV laminate that resists the effects of sunlight on the sticker inks.

These stickers are good for most outdoor uses and resist fading in most applications for a couple of years. If you need extra durable stickers you may want to consider silkscreen printed stickers. In 2009, StickerGiant printed the world’s most durable sticker for the ski resort Snowbird.

Silkscreen Available If your sticker requires extra durability, we print silkscreen stickers as well. This printing method is still the most durable and fade resistant method of printing. The inks used in silkscreen printing are very thick and pile up on the surface of the sticker.

For this reason they last a long time. Artwork that is 4-color or continuous tone may not be able to be reproduced well using silkscreen printing. The best silkscreen stickers are designed from scratch to be printed using this method.

The Coolest Business Card (Stickers) Ever By Sticker Robot May 16th Custom Stickers Comments

Which business card stickers were your favorites? How else could you see using these for your business? Please share in the comments!

Business Cards printed as Custom Stickers are a great way to make a first impression stick. Whether network, sharing at events, meetings or just fun branding, our custom business card stickers are a unique way to promote yourself and your business. 

Leave them in stores where they have a table / bulletin board featuring local businesses. Just avoid your competitors! Drop a business card sticker in the bag with a customer’s purchase. If they’re ordering online, include one in an envelope with the customer’s receipt.

Use them in lieu of traditional appointment reminder cards. Do you have loyal members of your Twitter or Facebook community? Are there people who always talk about your products or services? Show them your appreciation by sending them a package of business card stickers they can share with others.

Stick one on your store window, register, and other areas your customer is likely to notice it. Then leave a pile of them where the customer waits to check out so they can grab a few if they feel inspired.

Encourage people to put them in places where they will give exposure for your business: on their laptop, iPad, skateboard, backpack, bicycle, vehicle bumper, etc. Give those people a special discount every time they shop at your store.

Ask complimentary businesses in your area to share your business card stickers with their shoppers by dropping one in their bag or box.

The sticker side of your business card has to be cool enough that people want to place it visibly on their stuff. This is where you have to get really creative. The best piece of information to put on the sticker side so that others can learn more about your business when they see it is your website.

You don’t’ need the http:// or the www – just will do. Make it easy for people who go to your website to see what your business offers, your phone number, and your address. The back of your business card sticker should still visually coordinate with the front while including your main business details – website, phone number, address, and tagline / description of what you offer.

This way, if the person uses the sticker somewhere, they still have everything they need to know about your business in their pocket.

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StickerGiant prints business card stickers for companies that are looking to promote their brand. We started with our good friend Guy Kawasaki and business card stickers for, his website. Often these are given away at a meeting or a networking event.

If you want to make a branded statement about your business that your fans can share in the offline world, then business card stickers are the answer. People can put your one side of your business card anywhere and keep the other side with all of your information. In this post, we’re going to share ways you can use business card stickers as a part of your offline marketing strategy, 25 cool examples, and some best practices so you can get the most advertising for your business.

25 Awesome Examples of Business Card Stickers By Kristi Hines Apr 26th Customers Stickers Comments

The following are 25 stickers businesses are using to promote their business.

Now that you have some inspiration and our free business card template, here are a few tips for getting the most out of your business card stickers.

Business Card Stickers Make Your Business Stick ORDER NOW GET PRICING

As you can see, there are many ways you can promote your business – and get others to promote it for you – using business card stickers. Now that you have some creative ideas in mind, here are some ideas of what you can do with the design!

Full color sticker on the front. Black and white Business Card on the back. Simply Place Your Order and use code: “BIZCARDS99“

Before you get your company logo made into a business card sticker for a promotional or marketing purpose carefully consider how these are to be used. If your logo has an interesting shape, you should consider a custom die-cut. If your logo is a combination of colors you will likely want to print them full color. If you intend your sticker to be used on a window or glass door, you may consider a clear sticker. If you need an extra durable sticker that can stand up to years in the sun, you may want to consider silkscreen printing. Call us, we will make it easy for you to get the sticker you want. 

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Before we get into the examples, here is some food for thought on how you and your fans can use sticker business cards.

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