Although birds have very good sight they dont see glass very well instead they see the reflection in the glass such as the sky and plants and think that
4 beautiful humming bird static cling window stickers hummingbird anti collision bird strike window stickers
Window Stickers Stop Birds

Window Stickers Stop Birds Window Stickers Stop Birds

Designed and tested by American Bird Conservancy, BirdTape alerts birds to the presence of glass while still allowing light to pass through. Available in three-quarter-inch and three-inch widths. Simply cut to the desired length, remove the backing, and apply to a window’s exterior.

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Decals cling using either static electricity or a low-tack adhesive. Each has a coating that reflects ultraviolet light, which birds can see but we can’t. When placed on a window’s exterior using the 2 x 4 Rule (see tips for using decals above), the resulting glow pattern deters window strikes. Choose from hummingbirds, butterflies, maple leaves, and other shapes. Available at your favorite birding-supply store.

A preassembled curtain of taut monofilament lines strung three inches apart and five inches from the exterior of a window or sliding-door side panel. Birds see the lines and avoid them, while the space between the lines and glass gives birds that touch them a chance to spread their wings and brace themselves. Available in dark brown and white.

Discover the other sticker, wall stickers and wall sticker of baby safety reflector, with careful attention to detail.

Shields, bulbs, and other items that prevent light from shining into the night sky, where birds migrate.

H428 Brooklyn Bridge New York City Window Wall Decal 3D Art Stickers Vinyl RoomKids…

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“Glass art for windows,” these patterned films stick to any smooth surface, decrease glare and UV light, and reduce reflections and the illusion of clear passage. Take care to select a design that offers adequate coverage.

Bird of prey silhouettes, 17/18/25 cm, 3 pcs – For sticking onto glass. STOP Birds hitting your windows!

Tested by the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Germany and at American Bird Conservancy’s flight tunnel at the Powdermill Avian Research Center in Pennsylvania, Ornilux glass is laminated with a UV-reflective, patterned coating that is virtually transparent to our eyes but visible to birds. Available for new construction and window replacements as either laminated glass or a double-glazed insulated unit.

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PRICE: $19.95 for three-quarter-inch tape (50 feet), $24.95 for three-inch tape (50 feet), and $27.95 for three-inch tape pre-cut into squares (30 feet) WEB:

Circular Safety Stickers Decals for Glass Windows Etched Effect – Pack of 25

ASINB012GGQ0GI Customer Reviews 3.8 out of 5 stars 20 customer reviews Best Sellers Rank 35,277 in Home & Kitchen (See top 100) #483 in Home & Kitchen > Home Accessories > Decorative Accessories > Stickers Shipping Weight81.

6 g Delivery Destinations:Visit the Delivery Destinations Help page to see where this item can be delivered. Date First Available24 July 2015   

Quantity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Quantity:1

They are much better than I thought they would beAnd no crashing birds

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Set of 17 bird silhouettes of different shapes and sizes (see picture for details). The bird silhouettes prevent bird strikes. Glass panels, verandah doors or bay windows can act like mirrors with the sun rays reflection.

Bird silhouettes are coloured on both sides. So, colour of the stickers is visible both from the outside as well as from the inside. However, it is advisable to apply them on the outside surface of the window.

Guaranteed high quality materials with long-lasting adhesiveness (will not fall off over time, resistant to rain, freezing weather conditions and cleaning agents) and long-lasting colour (will not fade over time either).

Possibility to combine several sets of birds to mix several colours.

Very easy to use by simply pressing against the window. Immediately effective.Recommend it to anyone experiencing problems with birds flying into windows,John

Even if the impact doesn’t kill a bird immediately, it may be injured or stunned, making it vulnerable to predation later. Nighttime presents its own challenges. Many birds migrate then, using natural light from the moon, stars, and setting sun as navigational tools. Our brightly illuminated cities and neighborhoods interfere with this behavior by letting artificial light leak into the atmosphere. The glow draws birds in, and they can become trapped. Once in a beam of light, they may be reluctant to fly back out, or become disoriented and pulled off course. Confused and exhausted, they often collide with buildings, homes, or each other.

Another Mysterious Realm Behind The Door❤️❤️San Marino Street Gate Stickers 3D Wall…

90 cm*200 cm Privacy Window Sticker Window Films for Office Home Bathroom Living Ro…

Brand ColourTranslucent Frosted/Dusted Item Weight81.6 g Product Dimensions24.4 x 17.8 x 0.6 cm MaterialVinyl   

Translucent tape to adhere to a window’s exterior. Birds see it and are warned of the glass, but light still passes through.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Toronto, New York, San Francisco, and other cities have started lights-out programs aimed at persuading building owners to turn off lights from dusk to dawn during migration season. Results are promising. Lights Out Chicago, for example, has saved 10,000 birds annually. You can do your part to make the skies friendly for migrating birds by deterring window collisions and minimizing light pollution at your home. Below are some of the best products on the market for doing just that.

PRICE (PollyNet): $125.95 for Premium (14′ x 50′), $65.95 for Lightweight (17′ x 50′) WEB:, PRICE (Woodpecker Netting): $50 for three-quarter-inch mesh (14′ x 100′) WEB:

Small white markers are transferred from the tape to a window’s exterior, leaving an attractive, unobtrusive grid of dots that make the glass visible to birds while providing more than 98-percent-clear viewing from inside. Similar markers were recently applied to the exterior of the Consilium Place office complex in Toronto, the subject of a lawsuit over bird strikes last year. Each residential kit comes with 100 feet of marker tape, two measuring strips, and installation instructions.

Bird-exclusion netting made from durable, lightweight polypropylene, sold as PollyNet and Woodpecker Netting. Useful for keeping birds out of eaves or open spaces. Secure with net clips, hooks, or a staple gun. Hang the netting tightly at least two inches from the glass to provide a firm barrier that will keep birds from hitting the window.

Anti-Collision Stickers to Prevent Bird Strikes on Window Glass – Set of 17 Silhouettes – Colour: Translucent Frosted/Dusted

Antireflective vinyl or polyester films to apply to the exterior of a window to make it visible to birds.

Had five baby birds hit my doors this morning, put stickers on the doors no more collisions. You do have to peel them off slowly but no harder than any other window decals that I…Read more

Ingenious and attractive, BirdSavers consist of one-eighth-inch-diameter nylon cords that dangle about four inches apart in front of a window’s exterior, where they are visible to birds, which avoid them. Velcro secures the hanging cords to the top of the window. Recommended by Contributing Editor David Sibley and Daniel Klem Jr., professor of ornithology and conservation biology at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania, who has been studying bird-window collisions for more than 20 years. Instructions on the website describe how you can build your own.

18 Bird protectors for windows, winter gardens, birds for bird protection, birds of…

Taking the simple steps listed below — in addition to deploying the products described on this page — will dramatically reduce the chance that birds will be harmed in collisions at your home.

Lemon Cloud 3D Privacy Window Film Frosting Glass Sticker for Windows Doors Home De…

4 Beautiful Humming Bird Static Cling Window Stickers – Hummingbird Anti Collision Bird Strike Window Stickers

3. Move houseplants away from windows. Birds may view them as refuges and try to perch on them.

1. Move feeders close to your windows — 1.5 feet or closer. From this distance, birds won’t be able to build up enough momentum to hurt themselves if they do fly against the glass.

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Another Mysterious Realm Behind The Door❤️❤️Seaside Wood Pier Door Sticker 3D Wall …

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Date First Available9 Mar. 2016   

Bird Scarer Sticker & Window Protection – 6 Bird Silhouettes

BirdWatching Magazine This article originally appeared in the April 2013 issue of BirdWatching. Scroll down to download the article as a PDF.

Affixing a single decal to a window will not deter birds. To lessen the area of exposed glass and help make a window visible to birds, use multiple decals (even multiple decals in the shape of a hawk).

David Sibley describes why birds hit windows and what we can do to prevent window strikes

Q242w Coast Scenic Airplane View Window Wall Decal 3D Art Stickers Vinyl RoomKids B…

Rocita Bird Repellent Scary Tape Defenders Eyeball Scarer For Bird and Pest

Bird Repellent Scare Tape – Deterrent Reflective Pest Control Device for Woodpecker…

Not what I thought from the advert. The stickers are hard to get off the paper, and the shapes are not as I thought. All in all a big disappointment and overpriced

Widely available, long-lasting, and rainproof tempera paint can be applied with a brush or sponge. Make your own stencils, purchase them from your neighborhood art-supply store, or download them for free from or other websites.

Bird Repellent Scare Tape Deterrent Ribbon For Bird and Pest Highly Reflective Doub…

Collisions with buildings kill 365-988 million birds annually

no bird strike here – just what we needed to save the birds from hitting the french windows – and very neat looking and so very little view obstruction from inside

Swissinno Solution 1705001 Anti-Collision Bird Stickers, Black, 26x36x0.1 cm

18 Bird protectors for windows, winter gardens, birds for bird protection, birds of prey bird silhouettes, protection against bird strike, window protection

Another Mysterious Realm Behind The Door❤️❤️Lakeside Palm Tree Door Stickers 3D Wal…

Total waste of money,just terrible.managed to use 3.this is a dreadful purchase.

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TIFANTI Natural Scarecrow Fake Owl Pest Deterrent with Moving Wings – Scare Birds, …

Some silhouettes were bit on the small side, but so far they seem to be working !No more dead birds

De-Bird Bird Repellent Scare Tape – Deterrent Ribbon Stops Damage and Deters Pests …

PRICE: From $3.50 to $32 depending on size. $75 for a full door. WEB:

Rabbitgoo Matte Blackout Privacy Window Film Frosted Films UV Protection Glass Wind…

Why suction-cup feeders are safest for birds and great for you

Had a lot of bird strikes on one large and one small windows. Small one took 5 stickers. the rest on the big one, and there hasn’t been a single strike now (touch wood!) in two months. They’re easy to apply and so far have stayed on the windows through rain, snow & frost.

I bought the translucent frosted ones, and whilst you can see them, they’re not unpleasant, and much better than having birds die because of your windows. Well worth the money.

Daytime bird collisions typically occur for one of two reasons: 1. The window is reflecting the surrounding habitat, and birds can’t tell the difference. 2. The window is transparent, and birds see through it to appealing objects on the other side.

12 Brilliant Bird Window Clings by 11 Different Birds & 1 Owl

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The bird sticker birds against injury and to protect your window panes against glass book.

A decorative window film that does double-duty as artwork. More than 150 patterns and shades are available, from stripes to bamboo to frosted. Easy to apply and remove.

But the numbers don’t represent living birds. They tally the birds that died after colliding with one Chicago building from the fall of 1978 to 2004. And a frightening number of birds of other species were also killed. In all, 31,705 individuals from 141 species were found dead at the building.

3 tips for using decals and paint on windows to prevent bird strikes 1. Use multiple decals; create a pattern that covers the window uniformly. Elements arranged in columns should be four inches apart.

Elements placed in rows should be two inches apart. This is often called the 2 x 4 Rule. 2. Elements should be at least one-eighth inch in width and should contrast as much as possible with the windowpane.

3. Patterns can be placed on the inside or outside of a window that is transparent. If it is reflective, the pattern must be applied to the outside.

Some deterrents emit a magnetic field said to disrupt birds’ geomagnetic orientation and encourage them to avoid the area. Magnetic fields are not effective at protecting birds from window collisions.

1. Use fixtures that are shielded, instead of globe-type models that spew light everywhere. 2. Choose downlighting over uplighting to keep from directing light into the night sky. 3. Use motion sensors to avoid steady-burning lights, and timers to ensure that lights aren’t left on longer than necessary.

4. Look for products that have been approved by the International Dark Sky Association, a nonprofit organization that works to preserve and protect the nighttime environment through environmentally responsible outdoor lighting.

You can find lists of IDA-approved fixtures on the association’s website. Another effective step to consider is controlling the color of the light produced by your home.

C721 Christmas Nativity Scene Star Window Wall Decal 3D Art Stickers Vinyl RoomKids…

Curtains of nylon cords or monofilament lines to hang over a window’s exterior. Birds see these cords and try to avoid them.

The story is similar across the country. Collision with manmade structures ranks second among causes of death among migratory birds in North America. (Habitat loss is No. 1.) Approximately 100 million birds die in collisions every year — some experts put the number as high as one billion.

Used to make windows more visible to stop birds flying into the patio doors. They are not unattractive but even 2 packs only covered a small area

Field tests show parachute cords deter bird-window collisions

American Bird Conservancy’s resources for preventing glass collisions

They look good on your windows. I have had a couple of bird strikes but no where near as many as without the stickers. Might have to buy another pack as some windows only have 2. Easy to apply.

Jennifer Horton is a freelance writer who lives in Greenville, South Carolina. She has also written for us about learning to bird by ear.

Vinyl decals that give windows, window corners, sidelights, and doors the appearance of etched glass. Available in a variety of natural, sporting, and artistic patterns.

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1 x Large Bird Width 12.6 inches x 6 inches 3 x Medium Bird jaw width: 6 inches x 2.75 inches 1 x Small Bird Width 3,93 inches x 1.96 inches 1x Mini Bird Width 3.15 inches x 1.38 inches

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Study at September 11th tribute site confirms dramatic impact of light on migrating birds

When that’s not possible, you can still take steps to control when and where light shines:

FOSHIO Professional Plastic Razor Scraper Kit with 10 Pcs Double-Edged Light Plasti…

Bought these because we were not happy with birds flying into conservatory door and windows and being injured, so far they have worked. We soon got used to them on the glass they just look like frosted shapes on glass.

Price: £12.50 & FREE UK Delivery on orders dispatched by Amazon over £20. Delivery Details

One window decal in the shape of a hawk will not frighten birds. Shape is not important.

2. Close curtain and blinds when possible to break up the illusion of clear passage or reflected habitat.

Covers the entire exterior surface of a window, reducing its reflectivity and transparency substantially, while thousands of small perforations in the film allow light to pass through to the interior. Ten percent of the purchase goes to the Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) to help fund research to reduce bird-window collisions. Can be custom-printed.

An attractive transparent black fiberglass screen that hangs loosely in front of a pane of glass, providing a gentle cushion for birds that strike it. Screw hooks and suction-cup brackets, included with purchase, secure the screen to a window or sliding door. Custom sizes available.

Lemon Cloud 3D Privacy Window Film Frosting Bamboo Cling Films for Office Home Glas…

An easy-to-apply liquid that can be daubed on a window’s exterior and dries clear, leaving marks that birds can see. Use alongside decals for the best coverage and protection against bird strikes. Available at your favorite birding-supply store.

Isotronic Bird Pigeon Animal Repeller Set of 3 Portable Deterrent Repellent Scarer …

Screens, films, decals, and other easy-to-use products that will prevent birds from hitting the windows of your home. By Jennifer Horton | Published: 4/23/2013

Crewell Fake Owl Decoy Rotating Head Bird Weed Pest Control Crow Scarecrow Garden S…

Barriers to mount in front of a window to prevent birds that fly into it from striking the glass.

Very disappointed in this item. The buyer has to transfer the bird images from a sheet of paper to a sticky sheet of plastic. Think also that the product description could have been clearer: there is one large sticker only with the 6 bird images on it.

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Goodlucky365 72 PCS 3d Butterfly Wall Stickers Decals Butterfly Magnets ,12pcs Blue…

PRICE: Varies with glass width. $24 for five cords (for glass 21.25″-25.5″ wide). Proceeds support conservation programs at the Acopian Center for the Environment. WEB:

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Effective protection against birds | protects birds from injury and won’t break glass Quick and easy to install ✓ peel off ✓ stick ✓ done Weatherproof & UV-resistant matt black sticker for in- & outdoors Stickers A4 size sheet 11.

69 x 8.26 inches with english instructions Solid long term self adhesive film, can be removed when heated

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – 2018 Indoor Model, Electronic mice repellent, insect rep…

After having dozens of birds hit my floor to ceiling glass windows, the stickers completely solved the problem last year – not one fatality!

Use these ‘anti-collision’ stickers to warn off birds so they are prevented from bumping into window glass. Perfect for verandahs, bay windows, glass window panels… Set of 17 bird silhouettes of different shapes and sizes – see picture. For a pleasing, natural effect. When the sun’s rays fall on glass panels, verandah doors or bay windows these surfaces can act like mirrors. These bird silhouettes prevent bird strikes. Stickers are coloured on both sides. Colour of the stickers is visible both from the outside as well as from the inside. It is advisable to apply them on the outside surface of the glass. High quality materials with long-lasting adhesiveness ( will not fall off over time, resistant to rain, freezing weather conditions and cleaning agents )… and their colour will not fade over time either. If you possess large windows then it is advisable to apply a greater number of stickers. By ordering several batches of this product you will be able to combine different colours in your window display.

PRICE: $27.95 for 36″ wide (12 lines), $29.95 for 48″ (16 lines) WEB:

DIN A4 sheet sticker set consisting of bird silhouettes in the following sizes:

PRICE: Varies depending on size and product. WEB:

PRICE: Contact Arnold Glas N.A. for a quote. WEB:

Leegoal 2 Pack Bird Repellent Scare Bird Owls, Bird Blinder Reflective Hanging Owl,…

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Sold by and Fulfilled by Amazon. Gift-wrap available.

Decals, liquid, and specially coated glass that reflect ultraviolet light, which birds can see but we can’t.

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Common noise deterrents — high-frequency ultrasound, noise cannons, and recorded distress calls — are ineffective at preventing birds from colliding with windows.

SZMG Indoor Electronic Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent,Plug-in Pest Repeller for …

Anti-Collision Stickers to Prevent Bird Strikes on Window Glass – Set of 17 Silhoue…

Tall urban buildings aren’t the only obstacles migrating birds face, though. Most of the windows birds collide with belong to houses. According to George Fenwick, former president of American Bird Conservancy, a home may kill a dozen or more birds a year without the owner being aware.

The true cost of coffee: How your morning cup of joe can help save birds

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Amageek Room Darkening Blackout Window Film 100% Light Blocking Window Treatment St…

Matt black long term film decal sticker English Instructions

Articlings 12 Brilliant Bird Window Clings by 11 Different Birds & 1 Owl

Birds learn quickly that a motionless plastic owl is not a threat.

Customised made to measure Frosted Window glass Film, Privacy Decorative Window Sti…

White static clings you can place on the inside or outside of a window, where they contrast with dark reflections of trees and surrounding scenery. Choose from a variety of nature-themed designs. Easy to apply and reusable. Available at your favorite birding-supply store or garden center.

Housolution 2D Privacy Window Films, No-Glue Static Privacy PVC Window Films Non-Ad…

Vinyl decals and paint to apply to windows to minimize areas of clear or reflecting glass.

When it comes to the effects of light on birds, not all wavelengths are created equal. Red light and white light (which contain visible long-wavelength radiation) disrupt birds’ geomagnetic orientation. Blue and green contain less long-wavelength radiation and are much less disorienting.

PRICE: $15.99 (Canadian) each for 1-2 rolls; $14.99 each for 3-6 rolls; $13.99 each for 7-12 rolls (plus shipping) WEB:

At first glance, it looks like an insanely prolific morning of birding: 4,136 Song Sparrows, 3,632 Dark-eyed Juncos, 3,362 Swamp Sparrows, 2,532 White-throated Sparrows, and 1,417 Hermit Thrushes.

Brand Baby-Sicherheits-Reflektor Model Numberkl-vogel-set Colourblack Product Dimensions30 x 0.5 x 22 cm   

Angel Crafts 15.2cm by 15M Transfer Paper Tape Roll w/ Grid – PERFECT ALIGNMENT of …

These birds of prey silhouettes to stick to your wall clings to windows and glass surfaces are of birds than natural enemy seen and the bird’s diverges from itself back and flying from slamming against the glass.

PRICE: From $35 for a 36″-wide running yard WEB:

This is one of the simplest ways to reduce nighttime collisions. Ideally, you would turn off all lights between dusk and dawn, especially during migration season — that is, from mid-February to the end of May and from mid-August to the end of November.

MEXITAL Blackout Window Film 100% Light Blocking Privacy Film Black Static Cling Wi…

PRICE: $22-$26 for windows, $24 or $26 for a sliding door screen WEB:

This practical bird sticker set contains 6 birds to stick to your wall in various sizes to protect against birds.

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