Window Stickers Not Sticking

January 8, 2019 9:44 am by maryrosh
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Window Stickers Not Sticking

Wipe the window clean with the washcloth. The vinegar will effectively remove any dust or dirt from the window.

Moisten a clean washcloth with vinegar. A plain 5 percent white vinegar is all that is necessary.

Remove the window clings from the soapy water one by one. The soapy water removes window cleaner residue, dust, dirt and grime previously on the clings.

Place the window clings in the cool water. Swish them around gently to rinse them clean so they will stick again.

Spray the glass you’re going to put window clings on with the diluted vinegar. Wipe the area dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. This will remove any dust, dirt, grime and window cleaner residue so the window clings will stick again.

Lay the window clings out on a clean towel and allow them to dry.

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Put the stopper in one side of the kitchen sink. Turn the faucet on and run a couple inches of warm water into the sink. Place a couple drops of dishwashing liquid into the water and swish it around with your hand. Place the window clings into the soapy water. Swish them around gently.

To temporarily decorate your household windows to celebrate holidays, seasons or “just because,” window clings are the answer. These vinyl clings come in every shape and design imaginable. To apply them to a window, place them against the glass and gently smooth them with your hand. They stay in place because of static. After much use or if the window surface is dirty, window clings lose their holding power, but cleaning them makes them stick once again.

Place a stopper in the other side of the sink. Turn the faucet on and run a few inches of cool water into the empty basin.

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Window clings are used to add color and decoration to windows. They stick to windows much like a sticker would, but they do not leave sticky residue when removed. In order for the clings to stick, the window must be clean as even a thin layer of dust can prevent it from sticking. Once washed, a cling should stick to a window until it is manually removed.

Pour equal parts vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Shake the bottle to mix the liquids.

Wipe the window dry with dish towel. Dish towels are best to use as they are less likely to leave cloth fibers on the glass.

Hold a finger under running water. Rub your damp finger on the sticky side of the window cling. The small amount of moisture will help it stick to the window.

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