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Lan rui frosted film christmas window stickers office glass doors and windows household decorative art pendant
Window Stickers For Office

Window Stickers For Office Window Stickers For Office

Beautiful butterflies! I purchased these for my office wall to brighten the atmosphere a bit. I have received so many compliments on these from my co-workers! Great product for the price! They did take longer than expected to pop out of the paper, fold the wings, place the sticky on, and adhere in a desired position on the wall.

This all totaled about an hour or more of my time, which my supervisor wouldn’t be happy about if he knew! Either way, now that they are up, I love looking at them!

Coavas 3D Window Film Privacy Window Decor Anti-UV Glass Film Colorful Glass Film Transparent Window Film 17.7″ x 78.7″

4 stars on this window film. Privacy part is outstanding..maybe slightly blocks light but I’m happy with the trade off if so. I used this for 2 separate bathroom windows and the 2nd window I covered the bottom half of the window only.

Just an idea to throw out there. Reason for 4 stars is this film is difficult to cut. Directions say to put a larger amount on the window and then trim. That was is extremely difficult. I cut the exact size needed to cover the window and worked out great.

For the price I’m extremely satisfied and would definitely order again.

Bloss Privacy Window Film Window Cling Films 3D Windows Film Glass Film No Glue Privacy Cut Glass Sticker Anti UV Static Cling Window Decor-17.7″x 78.7″

“The end result was quite lovely” – By Inna Tysoe (Sacramento)

Becry Vinyl Plastic Self Adhesive Blind Pattern Window Film White Static Cling Decorative Window Covering Home Office Bathroom Stained Privacy Window Cling Film,17.7-by-78.7 Inches(45 x 200CM)

The concept of this self-sticking vinyl on windows is an ingenious idea. The only problem is that these are for narrow windows. All the windows in our house are 26″x35″ and one roll is not enough for one window.

Which means I’ll be ordering two more rolls to at least cover the bedroom windows. The cats have destroyed the blinds and we need some obvious privacy there.Applying this thin vinyl is easy. I washed the window on both sides and let it completely dry.

Then I peeled off the protective plastic. The side on which the plastic is on is the side that goes against the window, and that’s where the small orange straightedge comes in handy, as that takes out any bubbles along the way.

Dust, dirt and floating pet hair dos stick to this, so care must be … full review

I love love LOVE that this was so easy to cut, you can cut this film to fit ANY window or door of your choosing. There’s also a pretty good amount of the film, and for the current selling price of $14.

99, its actually cheaper here then it is at your local Hardware store.Its really simple to put on, just make sure that you were glass is clean, and it sticks right on. And although this will keep a lot of the sun out, it doesn’t keep it all out.

Which is perfect if you like natural lighting! It’s also a great because it’s definitely going to help with my electric bill since the side of the house that I used this on gets really really hot.If you are renting your home and don’t want to put the money into having your windows tinted, this is the .

.. full review

Amaonm® 19 Pcs Removable Diy Pvc 3d Colorful Butterfly Wall Sticker Murals Butterflies Wall Decals Wall Decorations Art Decor Decal for Nursery Room Classroom Offices Kids Bedroom Living Room

“I love love LOVE that this was so easy to cut” – By Desarah (USA)

“Modern Flare Privacy Film.” – By Brandon C. Schreiber (Omaha Nebraska)

After careful consideration I chose this Boss Frosted privacy flim. It is perfect for bathrooms. I did the bottom half of our bathroom window and you can’t see a thing. Very easy to put on. No instructions came with it but it’s simple just don’t get a head of yourself.

Step 1 measure the windowStep 2 measure the flim (I gave myself about quarter of an inch both ways extra)Step 3 cut the filmStep 4 wash the windowStep 5 pull back 3 inches or so on the back of the flim DO NOT TAKE THE BACK ALL THE WAY OFFStart placing your film.

Go slow and rubbing as you go. If you get an air bubble pull the flim back up to the air bubble. Make sure to keep it straight as you are applying it. If your not straight … full review

Gorgeous Butterflies that we placed on our sliding glass door at our little 20 month old granddaughters level so that she can see the glass door when the door is closed. They really cling to the glass also.

She loves the nice bright colors in the butterflies – they are so pretty!

I swear I already wrote a review for this already. Oh well, I will write it again.This is some pretty handy film protector for privacy. I put it on all my windows in the house that I want to have light come in but still have the added benefit of knowing that peepers are looking in.

Such as the bathrooms. This definitely adds peace of mind, while still getting all the sun in the room. Once applied I just leave the blinds all the way up. You can not see though it at all. It adds a nice refractory effect to the sun through the glass.

I know some people think window film looks cheap, but not this one. I really enjoy and appreciate the product for all its worth.The application is fairly straight forward. Find an empty spray bottle and make a very soapy solution with water .

.. full review

17.7-Inch by 78.7-Inch/45cm×200cm Home & Office Static Window Film with Pebble Design

“Beautiful butterflies! I purchased these for my office wall …” – By Britney

YINGKAI Investigate Science Periodic Table Elements Vinyl Wall Art Decal Living Room Home Schools Offices Vinyl Carving Wall Decal Sticker for Home Window Decoration

“maybe slightly blocks light but I’m happy with the trade off if so” – By carmen wray

I have installed a film to the window of the laundry room door so I am at least a little familiar with these types of window laminate. The roll of film is not that wide so many windows will need two strips per pane.

Luckily, the window in the laundry room is a small, hanging two pane window. Each window is only 13.5 inches high and 22.75 inches wide. What I wanted was a window covering that would obscure the view of the interior from people in the street but still let me make out if the garage door had opened.

I have a key fob for my door opener that fits on my keyring. But it is a little too easy to accidentally trigger the button so I get paranoid and want to be able to look out the laundry room window to see if I had accidentally .

.. full review

Zanbringe 17.7×78.7 Inches(45x200CM) Non-Adhesive Home & Office Semi-Privacy Fine Striped Static Cling Window Film

Bloss Privacy Window Film Bathroom Window Films Glass Windows Film Faux Shades Static Cling Glass Film Heat Control Anti UV Vinyl Film, 17.7-by-78.7 Inches

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wall26 Park in Autumn Removable Wall Sticker/Wall Mural – 36″x48″

Aingoo 2D Window Decal/Film for Bathroom/badroom/Office Meeting Room Privacy Protection(17.7-by-78.7 Inch)

I love this!! I have no windows in my new office and this life-like window helps calm my need to go crazy. I do yell at the squirls from time to time but that is just an indicator that I need to take my meds (caffeine) to continue the day.

I will buy more of these in the future when I move.

“A great look for the right windows” – By Connie (She who hikes with dogs)

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