Vinyl Stickers For Furniture

December 23, 2018 8:31 am by maryrosh
Wall stickers on ikea furniture what fun
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Vinyl Stickers For Furniture

Such colourful dots will look stunning on the surface of a desk.

In case of surfaces made of metal, glass, plastic or wood we shall apply the „wet” technique:

Such adhesive can be ordered as a wall decal and placed on furniture as single elements, cut out from the background.

IKEA furniture, with their simple lines and neutral colours, can be easily ‚hacked’ with PIXERS’ stickers!

Before you start installing, remember that the surface must be clean, dry and degreased. Use benzine, solvent or another liquid containing alcohol to remove the dirt from the surface. You will easily install any small sticker without any help, while larger stickers or those that consist of several elements require help from at least one person. You will need:


A sticker for furniture is not only for furniture – it’s also an easy way to transform the door look! On our website, in the section of Door Stickers you’ll find many interesting stickers…

Nowadays, the trend is to arrange kitchens with maximum simplicity – but if you’re enough with your geometric furniture, play a furniture hacker and use stickers to decorate the fronts of the cabinets.

The priority in every office is functionality, therefore all unnecessary items and important documents should be hidden in spacious cabinets. Such furniture, however, doesn’t have to be boring! Use some geometric patterns to give the interior more dynamics.

Expand the sticker on a clean and dry surface. Remember that the printed side shall be on top. Please, check if there are no manufacturing defects on the printed surface (discoloration, deformation, differences in size or weight of the individual elements or incompatibility of coordinated edges in case the sticker is splitted into various sheets).

Also, make sure that the graphic motives on every sheet fit together. If you’re installing the sticker on a vertical surface, such as closet/wardrobe, start installing from the top. Whereas you install it on a horizontal surface, such as table, it doesn’t matter which side you start with.

Spread evenly the sticker/film on the surface evenly. For convenience you can use a spirit level to designate a delicate line with a pencil in the place where it will be the edge of the sticker. Peel 20 – 50 cm of the material and fold underneath the backing paper.

Each time, after you remove the backing paper, spray water inside both the inner side of the sticker (adhesive film) and the surface on which you want to install the sticker. Smoothen the installed fragment of the sticker with squeegee, pushing the water bubbles outside.

If you want to install a bigger sticker you will need help of a second person: one of them shall smooth the installed fragment pushing out the bubbles, and the second person shall stretch the sticker, at the same time folding down the backing paper.

If the sticker consists of several elements, each of them shall be installed the same way as described above. Remember to match the elements, sticking them edge to edge.

Table Sticker „Roses” Table Sticker „Mandala” …and you can use a sticker to cover the door surface!

Sticker is ideal for decorating simple IKEA furniture – just measure the furniture and order the sticker in several parts so that it can be installed on a chest of drawers or two doors of a closet.

Sticker matching the colour of the walls will be a less obvious element of the interior.

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You can also place a sticker on the smooth surface of new furniture – a perfect solution in case you don’t want to replace your furniture, but just give it a unique character. Sticking coloured adhesives on the front of cabinets or on the rear of book shelves in your child’s room is the easy way for small metamorphosis – affordable and impressive! Fronts of the cabinets in kitchen and especially in office, where personalized solutions are appreciated, can be decorated in a similar way.

A distinctive pattern on sticker may give the character to the whole interior – the minimalist design is balanced with a touch of folk charm.

What would you say for colourful jelly beans on a kitchen cabinet?

You don’t like tablecloths, but coffee and tea stains on the table irritate you? There is no easier solution to this problem than the sticker! For a rectangular table any design will be suitable and for round table select geometric or floral mandala-shaped motive.

Check out the above sticker on the PIXERS’ website: „Two Sisters”, „Dala Horse”, „Sneakers”, „Magical Forest”.

If you are a lucky owner of an old wooden closet or chest of drawers, which doesn’t look quite spectacular but have a potential, you can just clean it and remove the old varnish and then paint it with a colour of your choice. To get the effect WOW! we recommend the use one of our stickers on the front of the closet. It’ll look really unique!

For the nursery and kid’s room select vibrant colours and patterns inspired by fairy tales. For the older kid’s room will fit geometric stickers in juicy colours.

Repetitive patterns and photographs with perspective views looks good on the door’s surface.

You frequently ask us on what kind of surfaces and how to install standard stickers for furniture. Hence, we’ve prepared a short guide to stickers destined for furniture (standard stickers mainly, but also so called wall decals) with some inspirations on how to use them in interiors. Their main goal is to cover the surface that is either old and tattered or simply boring. Stickers are easy to install – in the end we give you a full instruction on how to do it properly.

Any smooth surface is good to stick a sticker on it – the surface of a desk or cabinet must, however, be correctly prepared. The surface of the cabinet must first be degrease with a solvent. In the case when you want to cover on old wooden table or door with a sticker it is worth to first sand their surface lightly with fine sandpaper and then carefully wipe off the dust. If the furniture is covered with a layer of laminate, it is enough to just degrease it so the sticker adhered to the surface.

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