Vinyl Signage

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Vinyl window lettering being applied to a store window
Tobacco factory vinyl lettering
Vinyl Signage

The pre-mask film allows for the vinyl lettering to be quickly installed in a single motion, without having to go letter-by-letter.

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Deciding between vinyl lettering and wall decals depends on what you want to display. If you’re looking to display individual lettering or numbers, without a background, then vinyl lettering is the choice for you. For logos, images, or larger displays that can be easily applied, removed, and repositioned, then a wall decal is your best fit.

We recommend only applying the decal indoors and in areas where there is not a high amount of humidity. Increased contact with moisture can affect the quality of the adhesive.

Our vinyl lettering comes pre-masked, meaning the individual letters are attached to a low adhesive masking tape, that will allow you to place all the letters in your design in one swift application. You do not need to place vinyl lettering individually because they come pre-masked. When placing the lettering, all you need to do is position the vinyl onto the wall while slowly removing the backing that protects the adhesive. We recommend choosing a wall that is not porous or textured to ensure that the lettering adheres  Once completed, you’ll carefully remove the masking tape, revealing your perfect vinyl lettering. Full installation instructions can be also be found on our vinyl lettering product page.

This is an example of a wall decal designed to cover an entire wall.

Vinyl lettering is ready to apply, self-adhesive lettering. Our vinyl letters comes pre-spaced in words or phrases as needed. Simply peel off the paper backing and the vinyl lettering will stick to the (Pre Applied) masking. Apply in one application. Once positioned correctly just smooth on firmly then remove the Masking, leaving the vinyl lettering. It’s a perfect choice for use on virtually any smooth surface.

If you’re still trying to decide what type of wall signage works for your needs, here’s a summarized list of pros/cons to assist you in the decision process.

This wall decoration is also perfect for creating beautiful scripts for walls where family photos are displayed, or for placing quotes in your home. Vinyl lettering is great for posting names in kids rooms or nurseries, creating ‘height charts’ that are used to measure and indicate a child’s height, and seasonal use for holidays or birthday parties.

The vinyl lettering is specifically designed to leave your wall pristine and paint-chip free after it is removed. Vinyl lettering is only meant to be applied once, meaning that, once securely adhered to a wall, you cannot remove and reposition it.

Printed on single sheet of material Standard or halo cut Repositionable Indoor use only Perfect for logos, images, signs or notices Ideal for gradients, multiple colors, images, and backgrounds

If you’re looking to advertise a product or sale for your business, a wall decal can make a visually appealing ad that will attract customers. It can also be used in offices, conference rooms, board rooms and for menus, directional purposes and temporary or seasonal offers amongst other uses. These repositionable wall decorations are also excellent for decorating children’s rooms, especially when you have a theme you want to follow (sports, princesses, or whatever suits your child’s interest). Wall decals make for perfect seasonal decorations for Christmas, Halloween, the 4th of July, and other holidays.

Place on doors to display room numbers and nameplates. Use to indicate emergency exits, warning signs, and fire extinguisher locations. Place on storefronts to display sales, promotions, or menu items if you sell food. The strong adhesive is also effective in attaching vinyl lettering to company or personal cars. Vinyl lettering is suitable for outdoor use and can withstand rain or direct sunlight. Of course, prolonged exposure to either will deteriorate the product faster than if it were placed indoors.

As demonstrated, vinyl lettering is a great solution for a wide variety of business signage needs as well as home decor and personal use.

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Our wall decals are made from a flexible vinyl material, which your design is printed on. Unlike vinyl lettering, wall decals can be printed in a limitless amount of colors and designs, offering endless options for displaying. Endless options means that gradients and text effects are available with wall decals. We can also cut your design either to a generic rectangle shape (standard cut), along the edge of your design, leaving a slight border around it (halo cut), or cut exactly to the shape of your design (contour cut). 

If you’re still unsure of what product will work better for your needs feel free to contact us today for additional help or free design services!

A blank wall is a canvas waiting to be decorated. Ditch the messy paint and wallpaper and switch to our easy-to-apply vinyl letters or custom wall decals. We want to make decorating your walls in your business, office, or home a pain-free process. Knowing the difference between our vinyl lettering and custom wall decals will help you create the perfect wall display that will surely impress your customers or friends. Though similar in application, these two products differ in a few important ways. We’ve outlined these in the separate sections below.

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Much like vinyl lettering wall decals are truly a dual purpose sign and can be used for a wide variety of uses in both personal and business settings.

Use vinyl lettering to display important information in prominent locations in your business or home. Decorate lobbies, reception areas, or offices with slogans or directories that are easily seen. The vinyl adhesive will allow for placement throughout a building on various surfaces, including glass, plastics, smooth wood, and other non-porous surfaces. 

Vinyl lettering can be used to print both letters, numbers, symbols, and simple designs. 

A well-placed wall decal can add life and prominence to a room or office. Wall decals are the perfect repositionable decoration that are great for logos, displaying images, and creating areas of color on walls. Wall decals are versatile in design, coming in various shapes and sizes (including full-wall sized graphics, as seen below), making design options limitless.

Adhering a wall decal takes no time at all! All you need to do is position it on a wall (a smooth, non-porous surface) and peel away the backing while applying pressure to decal. Once applied to the wall, it will stay secure and last for 5+ years. The low-tac adhesive allows for easy removal and limitless repositioning of the decal.

Vinyl lettering is individually cut from a sheet of colored vinyl material, which has a highly adhesive backing. Unlike most signs and decals, the color of vinyl lettering is not printed onto the material. Instead, rolls of the material are manufactured in different shades of solid colors. Due to these solid colored materials, the letters are limited to a single color without any gradients or multiple colors on a single letter. The individual lettering allows for customizable placement of letters on a wall.

Because your design will be printed on a single sheet of opaque material, individual letters cannot be cut out. If you do include lettering in your design, they will be displayed with the background color on one continuous piece of material. It’s important to note that wall decals cannot be clear or transparent as the material by default is white.

Standard Calendared Vinyl Standard Calendared Vinyl uses the same formula as most other vinyl products, except no solvents are used. It is mixed and heated to a dough-like state.The dough is then feed into calendaring rolls.

These rolls flatten the vinyl into a sheet. As a result of this process, standard calendared vinyl is less stable than premium cast vinyl. This means over time, and with extreme heat, this vinyl may shrink or start to curl.

Of course, this is in extreme conditions and after years of use. This product is recommended for window, wall, and similar types of surface areas. Premium Reflective Vinyl Premium Reflective Vinyl is an engineering-grade vinyl.

This high-performance vinyl provides exceptional visibility on the darkest of nights. The reflection is similar to the reflection of a traffic sign when light is beamed onto its surface. It is very durable and conformable to irregular curves or indentations but lamination is highly recommended for vehicle applications, or to protect images from abrasion and chemical deterioration.

Recommended for vehicles, utility fleets, and safety lettering. Premium Cast Vinyl Premium Cast Vinyl gets its name from the manufacturing process. It is made by adding ingredients in a specific order while mixing at a set speed for a pre-determined amount of time.

The liquid is then poured, or “cast”, onto the casting sheet and heated through various ovens until all the solvents have evaporated. This creates a film. The texture of the film is determined by the casting sheet.

The vinyl is cast in a relaxed state and this allows better conformity from the material. Recommended for autos, boats, and fleets. Wall Vinyl Wall Vinyl is pre-pasted, pre-spaced, individually cut letters that press on your wall or any flat surface.

These are singular cut letters that have been pre-spaced, meaning there will not be any clear or white areas around the letters. The letters arrive on a sheet which adheres to your wall. Once you press the letters to the wall, just peel the sheet back and only the individual lettering will adhere.

This isn’t limited to just letters. Shapes can be used, as well. Recommended for use on interior surfaces only.

Here at Speedy Signs it’s easy to get what YOU want… fast! With the ability to create complete custom vinyl lettering at affordable pricing, we’re certain we have the tools to help. If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for try one of our categories above, if you want to start designing your own custom vinyl for any application click the GET STARTED button above. Please let us know if have any questions, or if we can help.

Whether you’re decorating a child’s room or an office, wall decals are perfect for any room decor.

Once adhered to your wall, the vinyl lettering will not lose its application unless you physically try to remove it. The adhesive property will give your lettering a lifespan of 8+ years. Removing the lettering requires a flat edge, preferably a hard rubber one to avoid scratching or damaging your wall. It’s possible that there will be some residual adhesive on your wall. Don’t worry, some water or a light cleaning solution and a soft cloth can quickly make work of any leftover goop on the wall.

Individually cut without a background Highly adhesive Not repositionable Indoor/Outdoor use Complex designs could be difficult to print Perfect for lettering, quotes, slogans, nameplates

Our online sign design tool offers the option of over 30 different colors of vinyl lettering and more than 70 fonts for your lettering. Do you already have a design on your computer that you want to print? Vinyl lettering can also be used to print custom logos and fonts, as long as the files uploaded into our design tool are vector-type files (ai, eps, svg, pdf). Intricate designs (including those with thin strokes) may not be able to print. If portions of a design are too thin, cutting them from vinyl could affect the integrity of the material (too thin = greater potential for tearing). Pricing for vinyl lettering primarily depends on the size of your design, the number of characters, and the number of colors you use.

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