Vinyl Decals On Powder Coat

October 17, 2018 3:59 am by maryrosh
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Vinyl Decals On Powder Coat

Get it acid dipped to strip it properly, then powder coat it. I had that done by a local industrial coatings place for 50 quid, and they did a cracking job of it. And as for decals on powder coating? What the hell is he on about? They go on fine. If you’re that bothered then get them lacquered on. I had a gloss laquer put over a matt powder coat. Looks great!

We can’t put decals under powder lacquer due to the heat, for me to put a wet 2k lacquer on the frame will take 3-4 weeks and cost a further £120

I do 20 or so sets of vinyl decals every week and have been doing so for years, some are clear coated, some are just straight over the top of a powder, I would imagine it’s the oven temperature for the clear coat that’s the issue 😉

I got my tandem powdercoated recently and this was what they said about decals (also from H Lloyds)-

If it’s a CAD Camm cut vinyl there are perfectly durable and colour fast, the material is self coloured so will be colour fast for 3-5 years minimum. If it’s a solvent based print onto a profile cut vinyl, these are again durable but do benefit from a clear laminate shortly after printing or a sprayed clear coat, using an air dry system

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There are a few other options that are decals specifically designed for powder but at the moment you have to get them printed in large batches.

Time to get this coated and I’m torn between doing it properly and sending it to Argos, or having it powdercoated.

So, no, you can’t do it with a powder coat but can with a wet lacquer.

A dry transfer, as a Lloyds use regular, needs a clear coat over the top, if it’s a self adhesive vinyl based decal, a little thicker, it doesn’t have to be clear coated but durability can be improved if you do.

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There is no reason a cut vinyl decal will not stick to a powder coated frame, as long as it’s clean and grease free

Vinyl will melt in the oven. 200 degrees centigrade. As above a matt powder then stickers then a 2 pack clear coat wet paint if thats what you really want but vinyl will stick fine to powder ( i have owned a powder coaters for 24 years).

I’m sure Argos will do a perfect job, but I’m not sure about the durability, conventional wisdom is powder coat is tougher. On the other hand the guy selling the decals really doesn’t like powdercoat for all sorts or reasons, but then he’s probably a perfectionist.

Some powdercoaters do a primer layer, then a colour & finally a clear powder – maybe the decals guy just means they shouldn’t go in between the colour & the clear outer powder as they’d need to go in the oven that way?

The link you have some is a totally different process, ideal for volume work but not viable for individual frames

However use a 2 pack or air dry clear coat as the high temperatures used to cure some clear coats will effect the vinyl decals

Vinyl decals are ok but not massively durable unless you get them printed on clear vinyl and then have large panel, like what they have on fork legs. This would be a good solution and probably cheaper than getting a clear coat 2 pack sprayed over the powder.

The main problem is that if you clear coat powder over the decals then the high temp usually damages the decals.

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