Using Kiss Cut Stickers For Promoting Your Projects An Interview With Author Illustrator Joyce Wan

March 13, 2018 4:19 am by maryrosh
Kiss cut cupcake sticker illustration
A quote from the book
Using Kiss Cut Stickers For Promoting Your Projects An Interview With Author Illustrator Joyce Wan

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Here’s a Great Interview with Joyce Wan, one of our customers who printed some awesome kiss-cut stickers to promote her children’s book, “You Are My Cupcake.“

A Video: Stickerobot Silk Screen Sticker Printing & Die Cut Stickers By Zoltron Black Feb 27th Die Cut Stickers Comments

We printed some “Fucking Hipsters” vinyl stickers for our pal Abe. 5 Stickers for $5. Available directly from Abe Lincoln Jr.

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One of our awesome sticker customers, Louis Jensen / KNG LAD from East London, is raising money for a homegrown, creative project, called Spraying Bricks.

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She talks about different ways that she markets her book releases, and does a good job explaining what Kiss Cut Stickers actually are. Give it a read! Then Go Buy her Book, linked below. :))

And here’s Joyce’s original Illustration for the Kiss cut Stickers. Go Joyce, Go!

the die cut stickers that the video was focused on were custom made for the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest this summer (2013). more details about the project soon. (and make sure to stop by youtube and leave a comment!)

Our pals at Doe Eyed Design Just released an Awesome Sticker Pack! (Details Below.)

Here’s a jolly video about the scrumptious book, which you can buy at Amazon.

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We have been printing vinyl die cut stickers for our friends at Karmaloop for nearly a decade. Over the years they have printed thousands and thousands of custom die cut stickers.

I know we are all becoming numb to the multitude of Kickstarter campaigns that we see posted every week, but this one deserves a look…

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Louis’ mission is to share the creative process of inspirational street artists via online videos. And among other things, he’s giving away Sticker Robot printed #Sprayingbricks Stickers!

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Remember all those various Obama Stickers we printed during the 2008 campaign? This was the sticker we made from one of El Mac’s Paintings..

Here is a video we made with gomedia about our custom sticker printing process, focused on silkscreen stickers &  die cut stickers

Using Kiss Cut Stickers for Promoting Your Projects! An Interview with Author-illustrator, Joyce Wan By Zoltron Black Mar 01st Kiss Cut Stickers Comments

Give the video a view. Dude’s genuine. Project is cool. Kickstarter Link.

Here’s a time lapse video of El Mac painting at Adobe’s HQ. Pretty sick. Check it out.

Somewhere around the turn of the century, when hordes of people were preparing for an upcoming apocalypse called Y2K, an artist named Chris and a computer science major named Kevin, housed in a small apartment in Staten Island, both inspired by graffiti culture and a growing creative underground street art scene, set out to create and chronicle the creative endeavors of fellow outdoor Sticker Artists and Street Artists around the world… They called their project, Robots Will Kill. 

A Video: Stickerobot Silk Screen Sticker Printing & Die Cut Stickers

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Filming / Editing Rapt Studio (Sean Slobodan, Landon Christensen, Michael Paul)

Typically they print various sticker designs based on the company logo. Here is an example of a recent sticker printing session, where we silkscreened 12 different die-cut stickers in various color ways, all based on their original logo.

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