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Uprinting Stickers

Uprinting Stickers Uprinting Stickers

Used for different applications Paper, plastic or textured material Available in cut-to-size or roll

Insert pertinent product information Sticks to glass and plastic bottle Available in different shapes

Stickers are a versatile medium and are popular with businesses of all sizes as a classic promotional tool. They can be applied to a variety of surfaces making it possible to use them with an assortment of items.

For organizations that work w/ kids Bright colors that attract attention Will stick to lunch boxes and toys

Stickers are suitable for both personal and business purposes and are popularly used as packaging for jars, water bottles, wine bottles, décor, gift tags, car bumper stickers, and more. You’ll often see these on laptops, gear cases, bicycle frames, bumpers, and other common household and office items, creating countless brand impressions every single day.

Available in cut-to-size or roll Can stick to practically any surface Different shapes and sizes

While our stickers are durable, it’s difficult to generalize how long stickers will last as different stock types and applications will result in vastly different outcomes. However, for most purposes, any of our stickers should last a fairly long time.

Ideal for building brand recognition Specify the sticker shape and size Stickers are printed in a roll

Post warnings for everyone to see Reduces chances of accidents Keeps employees on their toes

Used by microbreweries for branding Also great for olive oil & cosmetic bottles With custom size option

The stock options available differ depending on whether you are ordering cut-to-size or roll stickers.

Make stickers that fit your needs Many customization options available Print as fast as 1 business day

If you need more information or are looking for some inspiration, you can check out our simple guide to making labels and our article on how to design labels.

Rally people behind your candidacy A popular voter giveaway Also available in circle and oval

We do not offer kiss cuts as a standard option at this time. We do offer die-cut stickers, which are stickers cut in the shape you choose.

All-purpose oval stickers Use indoor or outdoors Come with matte or gloss coating

Our minimum quantity for cut-to-size stickers is 25 pieces. The minimum quantity for rolled stickers is 250 per roll.

Absolutely. Just be sure to use the appropriate writing tools. Permanent ink markers work on gloss coated stickers and everything else. Nearly any writing tool will work on uncoated stickers. Regular ball point and permanent ink pens will also work on matte-coated stickers.

We offer 1.5” x 2.5” to 17.5” x 12” for cut-to-size stickers, and 0.5” x 1” to 6” x 6.5” for rolled stickers.

Promote your small business Stick to lids and mason jars Can be used for client gifts

Make colorful and fun labels Personalize your kid Use on kid-friendly products

Labels with clear background Great with colorful products Put on jars and clear bottles

Durable and tear-proof labels Use for products exposed to water Suited for shampoo & body products

Yes, both gloss and matte options are available. We recommend that you order free samples to see them for yourself, as not all gloss and matte finishes are alike.

Convenient way of storing stickers Can be stacked Up to 30 stickers per sheet

The ultimate tool for promotions Different sizes to fit any product Create your custom design online

Stick to clothing and bags Proudly display logo and organization Give out during conferences

Available in cut-to-size & roll Wide range of sizes to choose from With gloss or matte laminate

Printed on high-gloss (UV) vinyl Water-resistant Suitable for any type of product

The backing on die-cut stickers closely follows the shape of the artwork. Kiss-cut stickers, on the other hand, have a rectangular backing, regardless of the sticker’s artwork shape.

A Compilation of Design Resources Essential in Custom Sticker Printing

Establish your brand Improve customer loyalty Make your beers recognizable

Wine bottles appear more elegant Lets you include a story Insert gift message

Promote your business or event Print in standard or custom size Available in cut-to-size or roll

Durable, waterproof & UV-resistant Available in different shapes Can withstand harsh outdoor elements

When you order stickers, they’re printed on quality matte or UV high gloss adhesive stocks in both standard and custom sizes. Choose between roll or cut-to-size options. You can also take advantage of our downloadable templates so that you’ll be able to design your own stickers easier. Free online proofs is also available to make sure your sticker design get printed correctly.For more questions about sticker printing, get in touch with a UPrinting representative or check out our Sticker FAQs for a guide on how to make stickers.

Increase your brand awareness Our stickers withstand moisture Available in cut-to-size or roll

Work best w/ clear jars and bottles With selective transparency options Lots of size options to choose from

UPrinting Design How-to Series: A Simple Guide to Making Better Stickers and Labels

Waterproof option available Describe ingredients used Consistent branding across products

Our stickers really do stick. They are made for long-term attachment and not recommend for multiple reapplications.

If you want to learn more about stickers and sticker design, check out these additional resources:

We do not offer glow-in-the-dark stickers as a standard option at this time. You may contact a UPrinting representative to discuss possible customization options.

We offer two label types: cut-to-size labels and roll labels. Cut-to-size labels are easier to distribute and share. They’re great storefront pieces for customers to take. Roll labels are better for product packaging. Stickers on a roll are easier to peel off from the paper.

All of our stickers are printed on durable stocks with finishes in vibrant full color. Waterproof options are also available, and are an excellent choice for adding your logo to your own food packaging.

Proudly express your thoughts Promote organizations & causes Print on weather-resistant vinyl

Cut-to-size sticker stock options: 70 lb. Label Gloss 70 lb. Label Matte 70 lb. Label High Gloss (UV) 4 mil. White Vinyl High Gloss (UV) Roll sticker stock options: White Premium Sticker Paper White BOPP (Indoor) Silver Metallic BOPP Clear BOPP (Indoor) White Vellum Texture- Estate #8 White Laid Texture- Estate #4 Cream Laid Texture- Estate #9

What is the difference between kiss-cut and die-cut stickers?

Printing labels with us is really just a matter of uploading your design file for our printing experts to inspect. They will notify you if anything is wrong so adjustments can be made. If everything is in order, your items will be printed, cut, and be sent your way. If you don’t have a design yet, no problem! You can create your products from scratch using our online design tool where you simply choose from our templates, then drop in your logo, company name, and other product information.

How long will stickers last? Are the stickers weatherproof? Can the design be printed on the adhesive side? What is the minimum order quantity? What is the smallest and largest sticker size you can make? Are the stickers available in gloss and matte? Can I write on your stickers? Are kisscut stickers available? What is the difference between kisscut and die-cut stickers? Are glow-in-the-dark stickers available? Are your stickers removable? What is the cheapest sticker option available?

Save by printing in large quantities Print up to 100,000 per order Ready for shipping in 1 business day

Please get in touch with a UPrinting representative for application-specific stock recommendations.

Food packaging made more appealing Insert info like nutritional facts Great tool for announcing promotions

Labels can be applied on practically any surface so they can be used on wine and water bottles, jars, cans, boxes, or personal items like laptops, helmets, clothing (as name labels), and more. They really are convenient.

While the preconfigured size options would be different, both cut-to-size and roll labels feature a custom size option where you can set the size yourself. We also offer waterproof labels which are durable and could withstand being submerged in water without losing adhesion. Our labels are printed on self-adhesive material: premium sticker paper, BOPP, or waterproof vinyl.

While we do have a range of customization options, we do not offer printing on the adhesive side as a standard option at this time. Please contact a UPrinting customer service representative to discuss your options.

Makes your products really stand out Appear more professional Allow you to include contact info

Make correspondence more appealing Brand letters and packages Reduces time spent on packaging

Reduce time spent on packaging Add branding to mailed items Suited for people who mail in bulk

Available in a variety of sizes Matte, gloss or high-gloss coating Lets user distinguish between scents

Nothing would make your products stand out like beautiful labels. Not only are they useful for providing product information, label printing also allows you to brand your products to promote your business. And with so many label options to choose from, you can print labels for all sorts of products or occasions.

Produce water bottles with branding For corporate events and fundraisers Also for parties & gatherings

Adds shimmer and shine to stickers Uses heavy sticker stock Highly durable material

All our stocks will hold up well to regular use, but our vinyl stickers are the only truly weatherproof stickers we currently offer.

UPrinting Stickers: An Enduring Promotional Tool Made Even Better

Put on jars, boxes & other surfaces Make your products stand out Insert useful product information

Outstanding colors on premium paper Accentuate any good for sale Available in roll and cut-to-size

Use on different types of containers Personalized candles for weddings Makes candles ready for market

Stick to your product packaging Helps build your brand Available in roll format

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