Triple A Window Stickers

Triple A Window Stickers Triple A Window Stickers

Have them for both of my cars. At the Saturday car show at least once an hour somebody looks up from the sticker and yells, “Hey! I’ll buy it right now for this price!”. My response is always, “Sure, I take Visa, Mastercard or Paypal!”They laugh and go on their way

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For the dealer code you need to have a zone number as well I think they only used one set of dealer numbers with a bunch of zone numbersTriple A and NCRS has a very good dealer and zone number list. But only NCRS has the ident numbers

I can’t say they are the best…….but that’s where I got mine, and I have no complaints. Your right though, at shows, people pay more attention to the sticker, then they do the car itself. You really need to know the original dealer the car was delivered to, so I ordered that report from the NCRS, and found out my car was actually delivered to a dealer 30 miles away from where I thought it was delivered.

I ordered two stickers from AAA…… one I had them laminate in plastic, and that’s the one I put on my dash at shows.

Went to a car show and it seem the reproduction window stickers (invoice) drew more attention then the cars. Does Triple A enterprise have the best reproductions.

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What is the 111285 number on your stricker and 106768 number on fyreline’s stricker.

Thanks-probably makes sense that its the 6 digit code in the top right?What about that dealer code in the top left? Every one Ive seen now has a 5 number code there… where does that come from?

Vettebuyer one of those numbers is the Ident number. That is one of the numbers NCRS uses to cross reference the GM shipping records to prove if a document is real or not

It’s actually pretty easy to make your own. I did mine using the simple MS Paint program that comes with nearly every computer. In addition to obviously being a lot cheaper, I can also modify it if I add accessories to my 1962 or find out more about what’s on it.

All of the information was fairly easy to obtain – the toughest part was playing with it to get the spacing and font authentic-looking. I’ve had a lot of favorable comments on it at local shows. It was certainly worth the investment of a little research and an evening or two playing with the computer.

Just another option for you.

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On the original paperwork, that dealer/zone number would show as “03075”.

I think most folks would say yes. They certainly are ethical. Larry

That I can’t answer. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in.

Thats the VIN. The beginning of it is pre-entered on the sticker and the sequence number is filled in per car.

My question is this… every sticker Ive looked at has a 5 digit numerical dealer number. (i.e., 12345) My NCRS data delivery information states my dealer is 75 and the zone 3.I do not see how these numbers are related.

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They will put the dealer code and zone number if it’s known. Most are known. There are still some odd ball Chevy dealers they don’t know. Ident numbers only come from original paperwork You need that to know what it is.

NCRS does not release what they know

For clarity, the 5 digit sticker code circled in red on left, and the 6 digit ? code circled in green on right…

I was considering this too. A couple questions/observations:- in looking at 3 “real” ’63 window stickers, up in the left top corner where it says “dealer delivered” Ive seen a 5 digit number on all 3 of them (41971, 39029 and 02003).

UPDATE-as I look around the ‘Net, all the early year Chevy stickers I see show a 5 digit numerical dealer code and another 6 digit numerical code up in the right corner) My NCRS data report shows the dealer code as 75 and zone 3.

How do those numbers square with the NCRS codes, or do they?- The drop down menu for colors lists 912- Solid Blue and 916- Solid Blue. 912 is in fact Silver Blue and 916 Daytona Blue. The 3 examples I have are all “solid red”- with just one red that year, its not helpful.

Does the sticker actually say solid blue for 2 different codes?

They do a very nice job, and create a pretty accurate-looking product; they won’t fool a sticker “expert”, but 99.99% of the folks at car shows don’t know the difference; it’s the novelty of yesteryear’s prices that grabs their attention.

Looks nice. Something to consider. My son In law is computer savvy so I will talk to him. According to triple a, it could take them 2 months for delivery.

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