Too Many Stickers On Laptops

June 2, 2018 8:01 am by maryrosh
The sticker trend has recently expanded and can
Is it possible to have too many stickers on your laptop startupyall
Too Many Stickers On Laptops

“I got a few of these to show my love for hunting and wakeboarding, I think they look cool,” freshman Stacia Sakadolsky told me about her stickers.

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But I want to know what sort of sticky-backed shoutout your laptop is signalling. Do you create a carefully arranged layout with neat edges and clean lines? Or do you opt for a crazy collage of overlaps and angles?

I reason this: open-source users tend to be more  intelligent, independent and conscious of their computing choices, meaning they’re also more passionate about and invested in the tech they use everyday.

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Open-source fans seem to like covering their laptop with stickers.

This form of expression is showcasing not only your style and personality but your interests. Who knew you could find out so much about a person based on what they stick on their laptop?

‘Cuse students seem to have a grasp on every aspect of surrounding the college life style, including the personalization of every student’s best friend, their laptop.

She created an quirky Otto and other orange stickers that bring a trendy look to add to your arrangement of stickers.

Feel free to show off your sticky-back covered laptops in the comments, by tagging us in your Instagram photos (we’re @omgubuntu) or tweetin’ an image on Twitter with the hashtag #LaptopStickers.

Perhaps you don’t have any, and leave your laptop looking like the it’s just been unboxed on YouTube. Or maybe you have so many stickers you’ve added an extra inch to your laptop’s depth when closed!

Whether you are studying in Carnegie or hanging in Schine, you are bound to see a laptop decked out with stickers ranging from a cartoon pizza slice to Otto the Orange to a medley of Greek letters.

For the guys;  you may even want to use the stickers on that cute girl’s laptop you see at Starbucks on Marshall to break the ice… ask her about her stickers and your already halfway to your first date.

Also, it’s just flat-out difficult to come away from any open-source conference or event without a stack of stickers stashed in your bag, and you need to use ’em for something, right?

There are even a few ‘Cuse themed stickers featured on the website, made by Katie Farello, a student at Tulane University.

While Microsoft and Apple have the big-bucks billboards beside roads, open-source has a more intimate, influential promo slot on the backs of laptops.

For the more creative stickers, like the ones of cartoon pizza or popular memes- ‘Cuse students go to REDBUBBLE to find the latest in graphic laptop stickers.

On this website, artists submit original work to sell as graphics on stickers, t-shirts and more.

Working from a coffee shop most weekdays I see a lot of laptops and a lot of laptop stickers. These range from purely cosmetic designs (mostly on MacBooks) to people promoting their own company with a well placed decal.

I have a couple of stickers on my laptop, including an OMG! Ubuntu! logo. This circular orange badge has, a few times, encouraged strangers to start up conversation about the OS, and this site.

Freshman Emma Lipstone was very excited when her order of stickers from Redbubble came in.

College students love expressing their individualism while following the latest trends and we can clearly see this by means of laptop art.

The sticker slapped on the back of a laptop is an easy way to express this side of our personality, as well as a passive way to advocate for our favourite projects, distros and initiatives.

Is that a broadly painted statement? Probably, but it’s also kind of true.

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