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Stickers Mockup Psd Custom Stickers

Stickers Mockup Psd Custom Stickers Stickers Mockup Psd Custom Stickers

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The logo represents a brand. Hence, this logo will help you create brand recognition. Particularly, stickers will aid you with your brand awareness campaign. By creating stickers containing your logo, people will be familiar with your brand. Here’s a Free Sticker Logo Mockup that’s ideal to use for the presentation and evaluation of your sticker designs. Apparently, this mockup is easy to use and allows quick design replacement. You just need to look for the smart object layer so you can upload your designs easily and quickly. Furthermore, you can change the color of the sticker to meet your preferences.

A stickers mockup PSD ideal for presenting your sticker design in a very realistic environment . You can use the mockup to present your logo, brand identity, insignia, badge or a graphic in a perspective way.

Whatever shapes and sizes you choose for your sticker designs, the appearance really matters. If you have chosen well the colors and fonts, this small medium of advertising will be a powerful tool and can well represent your brand. To help you build your brand with promotional stickers, just utilize this Realistic Sticker Mockup PSD for polishing your designs. The mockup has three stickers arranged in a neat and cool way. Each has smart objects so inserting your designs is pretty easy. It allows customization of the text, font, color, and layout. Just locate which item you will modify so it would render properly.

This is a elegant round sticker mockup psd which gives a high resolution look to the design. The shadow look and the background of the file will give a realistic look to design. You can customize the background color according to your need.

Die cut stickers mockup is avaiable in high resolution graphic, organized layer, and easy to customize via smart object.

This white tin can packaging with sticker mockup is clean and sophisticated. The high resolution mockup comes in various sizes to fit your needs. Bottle White Label Sticker Mockup

A surefire way to spread awareness of your brand is to utilize sticker logo. By distributing sticker logo to any potential client, you get an effective marketing campaign. Aside from that, it’s also inexpensive and eye-catching. This Stickers Mockup Set is another awesome and cool way exhibiting your sticker designs. It comes with 14 different scenes of sticker in PSD files. With this mockup, you can see the appearance of your sticker on the laptop, bottle label, product, and others. It also allows color customization to meet desired results. If the background needs editing, you can always add a custom background or change the color too. So, never miss this outstanding sticker mockup that will give color to your designs.

This is a mockup template for displaying your designs on circular pin and sticker surfaces. It’s smart-object based and easy to use, including an action to finalize the file.

You can give a look of person holding sticker in the hands by using this file. You can place any artwork and that is converted into sticker. This is well layered and you can insert design by using the smart objects.

These PSD coffee sticker branding mockups feature old-fashioned coffee theme. The package includes 14 designs, including sticker, cup and business card mockup. Vintage Paper Bag Black Sticker

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  • Round Sticker Mockup

A sticker is a self-promoting, creative and consistent form of advertising. Apart from that, it’s a long-lasting way of promoting your brand and can effectively contribute to brand awareness campaign. Meanwhile, the sticker can also be used for products such as fruits, vegetables or any other products. Here’s a beautiful Fruit Sticker Mockup that is ideal for your branding and marketing. It comes with 6 realistic presentations of sticker in a fruit. It has a changeable background with individual layers for editing the transparency, shadow, reflection and light effects. This high-resolution graphics will give life to your designs in a pixel-perfect manner.

In order to improve brand awareness, adding the right and high-quality labels on your products is of great importance. For instance, your product is made of genuine materials, you can add labels that will clearly tell that it’s really made of that quality and of course, you shouldn’t forget the logo so it will help you stand out from the competitors. If you are in doubt of your designs, you can look for sticker mockups that will help you finalize it. Here’s a Peeling Sticker Editable Mockup in PSD. It features a peeling round sticker with a gray background. You can insert your logo, company name or whatever you want to insert using the smart object layer.

These art wall sticker mockups measure 3000x1800px at 300dpi. The artistic PSD mockups features Smart Object and are easy to edit and customize. White Tin Can Packaging with Sticker Mockup

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Stickers may come in various shapes and sizes but rest assured these won’t fail to improve your brand. In this collection, you can find different sticker mockups that will be useful for personal endorsements, recommendations, and as support for an organization or campaigns. This list is composed of free sticker mockups and the premium ones. If you think you need to have more customization options, you can choose from the premium mockups.

This sticker case mock-up is crafted for iPhone 6-6s mobile case. The precisely designed mock-up measures 1500x2000px and offers choices on color, camera holes and finish. Multi-Device Sticker

Stickers have many useful purposes. They can be perfect for advertising your business, product or services. They are also an affordable and durable way of displaying your brand as well. On the other hand, stickers play a vital role in crafting your CD labels and CD sleeves. If you want to make your own labels, you can pick this CD Sleeve & Sticker Mockups. Particularly, this mockup features two types of CDs in 4 different shots. It comes with organized layers so locating an element for customization is pretty easy. This is also applicable for DVDs that can make your designs stand out as well as informative. In just a few clicks you will have a cool and realistic preview.

Stickers may seem cheap and insignificant for promoting your brand. However, integrating these stickers to your business will give you more reasons to craft it and distribute to potential customers or add it as a product label. This Sticker Mockup is a must-have for businesses for their labels, badges, or window stickers. The mockup features a stack of round stickers with awesome shadow effects having a resolution of 2513 x 2000 pixels. It allows you to apply your own design into the smart object layer and giving you options to edit the shapes and colors. Thus, having this mockup will help you yield unique and impressive design of stickers for branding and for art materials.

The uses of stickers are endless. It gives you numerous ways for brand advertising, product labeling or in arts. If you want to see your promotional or special offers, you can check out this Boxes and Stickers Mockup PSD to help you refine your designs. This mockup features two brown boxes with stickers on its label. You can see different shapes of stickers in different colors attached to the boxes. It has a smart object layer that allows easy design application on those shapes. You can use this for your discounts, coupon designs, gift boxes, packaging, label, and many other uses.

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More info / DownloadFree Retro Sticker Plus Banner Mockup in PSD

A free PSD mockups designed by Axel Valdez to present work, usually for small things like stickers, mugs, or posters.

Stickers may seem insignificant but when you carefully craft it, these stickers will be a powerful advertising tool. On the other hand, these stickers are also useful for decorations or scrapbooking. So, as a designer, you should see to it that the stickers you produce will be useful, enticing and engaging. This Free Sticker PSD Mockup is an essential guide in producing adorable, artistic and creative stickers. Featuring a woman holding a sticker this mockup will exhibit your designs in a photorealistic manner. By adding your logo on the smart object, you can preview your designs clearly.

This pin and sticker mockup template is designed for use on circular pin and sticker surfaces. The elements on this PSD mockup are non-removable. PSD Coffee Sticker Branding Mockup

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Our goal is you’ll discover this excellent sticker mockup collections is actually useful for you and get something you are interested in. We will certainly adding some more free mockups soon, hence don’t forget to bookmark this post.

Here are PSD sticker mockup designs to help you gain insight Round Sticker Mockup

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These were some creative PSD sticker mockup designs that can surely serve your purpose. Look at the designs and see what fits your requirement. From folder mockups to pin button badge mockups, there is an option for everyone. We hope this article helps you find your favorite design.

If you want to place the design on book, hand book and journal then this file is best suitable for you. Give a realistic look to the design by checking it on the real environment. Designed by

This rounded sticker mockup is easy to customize. You can apply your design on these stickers via smart layers and edit shapes, colors, fonts, etc.

If you’re an entrepreneur whose business is on crafting labels for products such as laptops, you shouldn’t miss this Laptop Sticker Mockup that is here to offer the assistance you need to craft the best sticker you could ever create. Stickers may seem a common way of conveying a message or information. However, if you use it well, these can be one of your great asset in your brand awareness campaign. The mockup comes with six different scenes of a laptop with spaces that allow you to insert your designs. Three of which feature a white laptop and the other three uses the black laptop. As it has smart object layers, it would be very easy for you to apply your own artwork. The mockup has 3000 x 3000 pixels perfect to achieve unpixelated graphics. If you’d like to change colors, it is also possible.

A sticker is a popular form of decoration. It can also attract attention and draw in potential customers. Hence, it can ideally be used for advertising or promoting a product or service. If you need a mockup to test your sticker designs, you can grab these Stickers / Logo Mockup. This pack has 2 PSD files with a displacement map. Basically, you can use this for brand, badge, insignia, or logo presentation. It also comes with three different styles of backgrounds. As it comes to smart objects, inserting your own artwork into the scene is very easy and fast. With this mockup, your designs will truly stand out.

  • Pin Button Badge PSD Mockups
  • Folder Mock-up

We have collected the best sticker mockups from different website to make your search process easy. Download the round, square, die cut and prism effect sticker mockup psd for free and use it for your next projects. Take a look at our collection.

Proven to attract people’s attention, stickers are good old-fashioned marketing that works best for personal and business campaigns. It is useful for corporations, music artists, politicians, social movements, small business, education and anyone with a funny, or necessary message. If you’d like to see how your logo or artwork would look like, you can make this Free Sticker Mockup in PSD as a cool and awesome reference. Particularly, you can present a stack of stickers and a single sticker. To insert your artwork, look for the smart object layer and add your sticker designs and save! Moreover, you have the option to choose a wood background, gray-colored and other colors to match your sticker design.

Download Editable Sticker Mockup Download Sticker Branding Mockup Download

This die cut stickers mock-up collection includes 6 PSD files, featuring Smart Object and editable layers. The print-ready stickers have 3500x2333px dimension. Art Wall Sticker Mockup

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More info / DownloadFree Foil Badge Sticker Design Mockup in PSD

If you are working on radium or prism style stickers then this file is best suitable for you. Give a prism look to your artwork by placing it on the smart layer. Free download the file and use for personal and commercial use.

Stickers are a great way to showcase you designs while highlighting your brand. Stickers go well on artworks, bags, packages or any creative product. Sticker and label mockups provide an easy way to put your design or graphics and print to display. There are various styles of sticker mockup designs, available in PSD format, that allow for easy customization.

This sticker mockup can be used to portray the use of a sticker (on a wooden background).

This is a very professional sticker mockup psd which automatically adds padding to your sticker design. Give a realistic look to the design and customize it with the smart layers feature.

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A cool sticker mockup in PSD template that you can use to showcase your logo, artwork and more. Designed by  Shaan Suleman.

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If you want to take advantage of the cost-effective ways to promote your brand, you can opt for promotional stickers. This medium of advertising is not just attractive but is also modern and innovative. If you think you need to refine more your designs of a sticker, you should be downloading this Free Word Sticker Design Mockup in PSD. It features a word sticker that will give your designs a finesse and outstanding look, however, if you need to use other words or shapes, it is always possible to use this mockup as a tool. Just use the smart object to insert your own designs and it will have a cool, perfect white border effect following the shape of the sticker design. With this mockup, you can make your campaigns more effective and will create a lasting impression on potential customers. If you need to change the color of the background, it’s also editable.

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Stickers may be an old form of advertisement but they are proven to be effective for any campaigns you want to promote. To make grandeur designs of stickers, you should be grabbing this Free Round Sticker Pack Design Mockup in PSD. This mockup features round stickers with peeled corner on the upper left portion. This free pack comes with five similar round stickers with different colors – black, blue, gold, green, and red. If you wish to change the colors of the stickers, you can also do so without hassle. Just add your artwork in the space provided for your text and it will give you a nice and perfect preview.

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More info / DownloadPremium Sticker MockupsSticker Mockup Bundle

These multi-device stickers are great for your laptop, smartphone, tablet or other electronic devices. The high-resolution stickers come in several sizes. Pin and Sticker Mockup

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Deciding which medium of advertising you will adapt to your business is crucial. In choosing which one fits for your business, you need to look at its cost-effectiveness and effectivity. This Stunning Sticker Mockup Free PSD is a must-have for all brands. It’s definitely useful for evaluating the sticker designs you’ve created. It comes with smart object layers so it’s pretty easy to replace the existing designs to your own. Whatever shape or size of your sticker, always make sure that they are seamless and attractive especially when they placed on appropriate places.

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Hello, here I want to give some great sticker mockup we have collected for you personally. This mockup is easy to use and customize. You can showcase your stickers design to your client in fast and easy way.

Stickers offer infinite opportunities for brand exposure. It’s visibility on cars, laptop, backpack, and other items spread your brand to a limitless audience that would otherwise be hard to reach. So, if you’re planning to use this as a promotional tool for your business, better not miss this Free Foil Badge Sticker Design Mockup in PSD. This mockup comes with three round, foil badge sticker having an awesome peel effect on the lower corner. You can showcase your designs using a red foil, gold foil, and silver, however, you can always change the color of the badge to meet your preferences. It’s best to use this for branding, identity and client presentations. If you want to match the color of the background to your designs, it is also possible. It also has awesome shadow and light effects that makes the scene more enticing.

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More info / DownloadFree Customizable Brand Logo Sticker Mockup in PSD

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The best part of using stickers is that these can be placed anywhere as long as you use smooth surface in sticking it. Hence, it would be great for a business to use it for promoting any product, services. If that seems valuable to you, this Free Customizable Brand Logo Sticker Mockup in PSD. The mockup features a clear, transparent, plastic sticker that will aid you with your sticker designs in a creative manner. With this mockup, you’ll be able to present your sticker as transparent or partly transparent. It also lets you change the color of the sticker and it’s size to fit your requirements. Whether you’d like to preview round, square or any shape of the sticker, this mockup will never fail you.

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Stickers are popular and effective promotional tools for any business. With its effectiveness in conveying a message, customized stickers are small but make a great impact on your business. These advertising tools enhance a large response with just a small amount of investments. You can use your logo for the stickers so if people would like your brand they’ll stick it wherever they want to. Thus, it becomes a great walking brand advocate. If you wish to create stickers for your business, then this list of sticker mockups is a must-have!

10 different and unique mockup that perfect for you to showcase your sticker mockups.

Making stickers that are more engaging will help boost the possibility of making more sales. Regardless of the industry, you are in, stickers offer huge benefits. It can effectively raise awareness of your brand targeting millions of consumers. Creating your sticker designs would be realistic through this Free Retro Sticker Plus Banner Mockup in PSD. If you’d want to see your designs in a retro style sticker, you shouldn’t be missing this freebie. It will give a cool preview of your logo or brand name in a creative way. Just insert your designs in the smart object layer and it will perfectly reflect in the scene.

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These vintage paper bag black stickers are simple and professional. The high quality stickers are available in different sizes for custom use. Die Cut Stickers Mock-Up

Stickers are useful not just in business but also stands out in art purposes. These are also popular as giveaways and handouts at events. Since you need to make an excellent quality of stickers, using sticker mockups will help you create fantastic, adorable designs. This Sticker Mockup Bundle will give you a nice and cool preview of your custom sticker designs. By using the smart object layer, it would be easier for you to remove any defect in your designs. This pack comes in three volumes. Each represents different styles of stickers having the same resolution of 4800 x 3200 pixels. It’s perfect for online store images, design evaluation, and client presentation. Grab this very useful and realistic mockup for your upcoming sticker projects.

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Adding stickers to your promotional tools would be easier if you have sticker mockups to do the evaluation and refinement. In this way, you’ll get a photorealistic preview you of what your designs would be when it’s printed. If you think you need more customization options for your sticker designs, you can opt for premium sticker mockups. Here are 8 Sticker Logo Mockups you should be seeing for your sticker projects. Whether you’re working with it for personal or commercial projects, this mockup offers a lot of options to achieve the finest sticker designs in no time! It has eight volumes of stickers with various background texture options, floor texture and color customization options too. It also comes with wrinkle effects to make the sticker look realistic and adorable.

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If you’re fond of creating scrapbooks, you should be familiar with stickers for embellishing your artwork. Along with photographs, stylish typography, and attractive stickers, your artwork will surely stand out. That’s not just excellent for scrapbooks, it’s also useful in branding designs. Here’s a Sticker Mockups Smart Art perfect for the presentation of your sticker designs. The ten different scenes of the sticker will help you see your designs in different angles. Thus, giving you the chance to see which elements in your design needs more improvement. As it comes with the smart object layer, it wouldn’t be hard for you to implement your design into the scene.

Using stickers for fun and fine motor development is an ideal activity that will boost a child’s development. So, as a designer creating cute, funny and interesting stickers will be beneficial for marketing those stickers. These stickers may vary in sizes and shapes but are sure to add life to your flat designs. Here’s a Die-Cut Sticker Mockup that contains eight different views of stickers with high resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixel. It has organized folders and layers for easy editing and smart objects for quick replacement of your own artwork. So, never miss using stickers to your artworks like scrapbooking and more.

Free MockupsLaptop StickersLogo StickersPSDSticker LabelsSticker Mockups

These round sticker mockups provide an attractive way to present your artwork. The PSD mockups have 2513×2000 pixel dimension each. Smart Objects help make editing easy. Stricker Case Mock-up

The use of stickers in advertising campaigns is definitely undoubtful. It will help you strengthen your brand and improve awareness of it. Thus, always make it eye-catching, impressive and creative. If you want to do so, you should have this Free Download Sticker Mockup in PSD. Apparently, this mockup will let you showcase a stack of stickers and a single one with seamless and realistic blending effects for a more stunning look! Furthermore, you have the option to use the wood background or just the plain gray to meet your preferences. All you need to do is to insert your logo in the smart object layer, save and it will reflect in the scene.

This psd file is a very minimal and simple mockup. You can give a effect of peeling the sticker by using this pack. Customize the background of presentation according to your need.

More info / DownloadFree Round Sticker Pack Design Mockup in PSD

Download the best sticker mock-up psd and use it for your next branding projects. You can use for both personal and commercial use.

For many decades, stickers have been playing a great role in advertising, establishing a brand, and increasing exposure. These stickers, when made with high-quality, will have higher perceived value compared to other promotional tools such as business cards, flyers or brochures. Hence, if you opt for this promotional material, it would be best to ensure its quality. One way is to use sticker mockups for testing your designs well.

Today we are going to present you the best free sticker mockup psd which you can use them for branding design presentation. Stickers are one of the important stationary that we use in our day to day life. We use stickers for outdoor branding and indoor branding.

Finding the best way to advertise your brand in a cost-effective way is much beneficial to your business. If you think you don’t have enough budget for marketing your brand, then you can opt for promotional stickers. With this Free Customizable Round Stickers Mockup, you can craft a fabulous sticker design without much hassle. The mockup offers two, round stickers with a peeled corner in vector files – the black and white. Specifically, you can paste your own logo on the sticker’s surface and it will reflect in the sticker scene. With this mockup, you’ll be able to showcase your designs in a photorealistic manner.

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