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I was looking for a way to take notes quickly handwriting and let it stick in the screen, this one lets you handwrite notes but the notes you only will see in a window where all your sticky notes are cramped and using more space in your desk one thing more you can’t manage the size of the tile only one size. I miss one version that came with windows 7 in which the notes stick and you can delete quick, one plus in this version is that sync with one drive.

I hated Sticky Notes because they stay on the desktop and, as far as I ever knew, you can’t change the font. This version of Sticky Notes is way better because it sticks to the Start Menu instead of the desktop. This only gets 4 stars because you can only choose from 2 fonts. Access to the entire list of fonts on the system should be accessible to the app.

Absolutely dreadful. This is not a proper sticky-note app like you probably think – it doesn’t put sticky notes on your desktop. Instead, you can only make sticky notes inside its own sandboxed environment, and that’s it. And even for doing this task, it is dreadful to use. For some reason, when you quickly drag a note to move it around, it slides across and outside of the window! A second later it snaps back to the edge, but this “functionality” is absolutely horrid, and makes it a pain to use. This doesn’t deserve almost 4 stars. It should be rated somewhere closer to 2. I cannot imagine how anybody could possibly find this app useful.

It works great!! I love the option for different color sticky notes and the option to resize.. The reason I gave it only 3 stars, well, I don’t like the fact that you can only post it on your live tiles in the start menu. When I tried to move it to the desktop, it just added it as a link.. Unfortunately, I will be uninstalling and looking for another one.

I hate it. The old sticky notes were like post-its on your screen. When you entered data it AUTOMATICALLY saved it. But you had to manually delete it. Now every time I type in a note and close the lid to my laptop it closes all open programs and if I forget to hit the SAVE button on my notes, they are gone when I get back to my laptop. I also don’t care for all the notes having to appear nested in their own window. I much preferred them just floating around on the screen and my having to move them where I wanted them to appear on the screen. So, to sum it up 1) I liked the fact the the old version remembered to do the saving FOR YOU. 2) I want control of where my notes go on the screen free of a separate window.

I’ve used Sticky Notes before and found them most helpful; however, they were most helpful then, when I could pin them to my Desktop rather than having to constantly change back and forth to my Start Screen. Could you possible add the option of pinning to the Desktop Screen also? That would be very handy. Thanks for a pretty great app.

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This app is just what it says. It’s a sticky note. I can type a reminder or anything on it and save it. HOWEVER, I cannot “stick it” to my desktop on my computer. I can stick it to “the start screen” but not the main screen where I am to use the computer 90% of the time. I also wish there were not ads. When I open the app there is normally a separate window that opens and tries to re-direct and access the internet. Or its a pop up that blocks my screen. I wish the ads were gone. And the sticky note could be used more effectively by being stuck to my background. There was an app that allowed this in the past, however since updating to Windows 8- its seems that’s not possible anymore. Bummer.

I was looking for a sticky note app for exactly what it sounds like. I want a simple little area to jot done notes, be able to move it across or side to side while still seeing my desktop background and without having to open an actual screen. Uninstalled. This is a note taking app, NOT a sticky note which are small and unobtrusive.

The point of sticky notes is to have them out in the open in a common area for you to see. This app keeps sticky notes locked away in the app, with only limited options to display them outside.

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I loved this app in its previous incarnation. It was simple and easy to use. Now it can’t even keep up when I type a few words. It is slow, the sizes won’t adjust and it is now useless. I don’t understand how you can take something that was fine the way it was and then make it a thousand times worse.

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