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Stickers Flickr

Stickers Flickr Stickers Flickr

I have received a ton of trade requests, sorry but I have been backed up with painting for shows, working on RWK stuff and many other projects. I’m sorry that i neglected any messages.

Sticker packs!!!! by Under Water Pirates© / UWP© – *SB *33 *VII

I’m def down to TRADE. I won’t be sending out any free packs at the moment. Between the cost of printing, postage, envelopes etc. i unfortunately just can’t send out free packs.

My niece and nephew happily donated some stickers to my Mac. We’ve got Invader Zim, Hannah Montana, Ben 10, Catdog, Spongebob, some aliens, a Carebear, some hearts….you know, the basics.

These little sticker weeds were everywhere around our camp site at Monument Valley and you definitely needed to be wearing mittens to deal with them. Although I found them to be quite annoying, they do make a nice frame for the West Mitten.

i’ve always wanted to do a close-up of my flakes. tadaaaa~!! 😀 (i’ve so much sentimental circus ones!)

café con leche printed stickers with my drawings, you can buy them here.

check em all out here and of course feel free to like and share 🙂

if youre ever in Amsterdam check this place out, tags and stickers everywhere..

MONSTRUOS Sticker Album from 1986 (Libro Para Cromos, Spain) monsterbrains.blogspot.com/2013/05/monstruos-sticker-albu…

These are the only sticker sacks, I won’t use. They are too cute, and too hard to come by. ^^;

If you are a sticker artists and would like your work included in the installation you can send stickers or posters to:

a little combo on the arcade machine in the Hill street blues on the Warmoesstraat.

2. I won’t be sending out a ton of vinyl. Mostly hand done ones.

more random stickers made while watching the super bowl tonight!

and all the artists who sent in artwork and helped sticker nerds happen…..

I ran out of stickers and had to made some quick new ones at the copyshop…

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thanks to everyone that supported and sent stuff into stickers nerds…it was a blast….many more photos on the way

Sorry to sound like a pain but over the past 10 years i’ve sent out a ton of RWK packs and never received anything back.


Emerge Oregon Art Series and SYN503.COM present “Sticker Nerds” a sticker/street art installation created by artists: SKAM, Mr. Say, Nasty Nate, and few other undisclosed artists…..

anyone i owe a pack to please send me a message with your address and yes i will know if you did send a pack.

Decided I was sick of digging through tiny little baggies to get a sticker out everytime I needed it from a different set, so I dumped them all together!

i’ll be sure to stop posting stickerart and post some sticker slaps soon!

1. You send your pack first with a piece of paper (NOT a priority sticker) with your address on it. I will tape it to the return envelope so make it legible.

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