Stickers And Labels Design And Print

June 1, 2018 1:51 am by maryrosh
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Stickers labels
Stickers And Labels Design And Print

Ideal for adding extra flair to your packaging, or for handing out at events, our 37mm square stickers are big enough to catch attention yet small enough to be practical for a wide range of uses.

Our circular stickers are small in size measuring 37mm in diameter making them ideal for handing out at events, branding stickers or sticking on your stationery.

Stickers are one of the most low cost (and fun) ways to reinforce your brand and highlight a sale or promotion. Here’s why it would be foolish to bypass one of the most cost-effective and underestimated marketing tools that will stand the test of time.

Our exciting new stop-motion video, ‘Print for Every Business’ showcases how our products can be used to benefit a handful of different industries, from coffee shops to construction, florists to events… 

With plenty of space for your logo and content, our 140 x 94mm rectangular stickers are the largest in the range and can be used for product and returns labels.

Hosting an event? Attending a conference? Go old-school and create customised nametags that will spark introductions. Especially useful when there’s a gathering of people from lots of different companies and you want the conversation to start flowing. Choose fonts and colours that align with your brand and get talking!

Why not order one of our free sample packs and take a look for yourself #enjoytheprint

From large scale campaigns to guerrilla marketing to those extra special touches on product packaging, here are a few of the brilliant ways that marketers and business owners have used stickers to leave a lasting impression on their audience…

Go one step further and make a sticker that simply reads “thanks” to pop on receipts to show customers your appreciation and create a lasting impression after purchase. Check out our free stickers templates to create the perfect design!

On the 2nd August, social media giant, Snapchat released Geostickers; a selection of location-based overlays for users to share on their snaps. As we know a thing or two about stickers ourselves, we thought we’d put our own spin on Geostickers, this time using some of the great UK cities that haven’t yet made the Snapchat list…

Simply leave enough room to scribble down your customers’ address when designing your sticker and you’ve got yourself another amazing way to promote your brand, delivered straight to your customer’s door!

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Stickers are perfect for attaching temporary pricing to your products when a sale is on. Use bright colours to attract attention and stick on labels, shelves or stands to inform your customers of the saving. Even without a sale on, stickers are the perfect way to price up your products or stick on menus.

Get the word around with our 88mm circular stickers. Printed on 190gsm silk adhesive paper, they’re spot on for product packaging or for passing out to customers.

If you make your own stickers, you’ve immediately got the finishing touch for perfect packaging. Seal a box with a sticker which reads “enjoy”, or personalise packaging with a sticker printed with your logo and the product description. Stickers showcasing your company colours will bring all packaging in line with the rest of your branding. A pop of colour from your sticker will go a long way to spruce up otherwise plain packaging!

No business can undermine the importance of social media, especially when it comes to your next big marketing campaign. Yet your efforts could be undermined if no-one is following you! Build your following by printing your twitter tag, campaign hashtag or Instagram username and stick them everywhere! Your customers will know where to find you online and it’s a nice little extra to add to your products.

Getting people to your stand is always tricky at events. Draw in the crowds by handing out stickers to those who pass by your stand for them to whack on their bag, chest, folder… anywhere! As they move around the event others will notice and awareness of your stand will spread with minimal effort from you. Take a stash to your next big occasion and watch the interest pour in.

Our rectangle stickers are just the ticket for product labels or branding. Measuring 63 x 88mm, they’re printed on 190gsm silk adhesive paper for top class marketing.

These square stickers measure 45 x 45mm and are a perfect size for promoting your business logo when sending out orders and correspondence.

Our 76mm circle stickers are printed on A4 sheets of 190gsm silk adhesive stock and are ideal for handing out in your shop or sticking on your stationery.

Jars, boxes, bags, bottles, wrapping… however you decorate your product, add your brand’s touch to it. Not a product-based business? Placing them on your envelopes or correspondence cards will also add a quirky twist to your communications and instant recognition for your brand.

Create fun and versatile stickers fast and easy with one of our professionally-crafted sticker design templates. Simply pick the size, shape, and color that match your event, products, services, or brand; then use our free sticker design tool to add your own personalized graphics and text elements. All our custom stickers are printed on quality sticker paper stock featuring strong adhesion. Make your own roll stickers,  bumper stickers, bottle labels, window clings, or sheets tickers today. You can even command extra attention with unique die-cut stickers printed in any shape you want! If you have your design ready to go or need a price quote, visit our sticker product page.

Offering lots of room for your details, our 75 x 110mm rectangle stickers are a great conversation starter if you hand them out at events.

Stickers are a marketing tool you can have a bit of fun with. Slap them on everything in sight to get your brand name out there or why not take one of our four ideas for creative uses for stickers on board. 

Why not design your own stickers to create address labels which are unique to your brand? Use Rectangle Stickers to write the address of your customer on, or print your own address onto them as a Return Label. It’s a much funkier option than your standard label and a fantastic touch for your brand.

Our UK team will be happy to assist you. Call us on 0191 27 27 327.

Add another layer to your brand by having your name spotted everywhere on customised stickers and labels. Choose how you want to shape your perfect design, with square, rectangle and circular stickers all on the cards. Add a twist to one of our free Sticker templates, or bring your own creation to life with a bang. The trick to instantprint’s Sticker Printing is its use of adhesive 190gsm silk stock, which combines quality with durability for the ultimate promotional product.  

Our stickers measuring 45 x 80mm can be used for mailing labels and product stickers as they have a larger area for content and a logo.

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