Sticker Robot Printing High Quality

October 3, 2018 6:08 am by maryrosh
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Custom sticker robot sticker packs featuring skinner travis millard hydro74
Sticker Robot Printing High Quality

If 100% exact color reproduction is important to your sticker design, and/or in order to get a large area of exact solid color, you may prefer a custom pantone (PMS) run. With Pantone, we can match your color exactly. We do offer pantone runs, but depending on the quantities, the cost can be considerably higher as the customer incurs the film, screen and setup costs. This option is typically only available for custom runs of over 15,000 stickers.

We literally screen 3 passes of clear UV protection. If you understand how labor intensive silkscreen printing is, you will think we’re crazy for spending that much time, effort, and material to add extra life to our stickers. We are crazy… crazy for the best stickers on the planet. (Yes, that last sentence was a smooth use of the English language.)

See that high gloss “Hansky” Sticker? —-> It’s got 3 thick coats of clear UV ink. Your stickers will look the same way. We call it “Liquid Glass.”

Each silkscreen sticker is run through the press 7 times! We add 3 clear coats of Gloss UV-Protective ink and 4 passes of color. That, mixed with our special printing technique results in the best and highest quality stickers on the market.

“I got samples from both Sticker_____ and Sticker___ but they couldn’t match Sticker Robot’s quality!”

“Sticker Robot prints better quality stickers than anyone else. And you can quote me on that, I’m a professional.”

Generally, CMKY values under 10% can get lost in the screen. they should try to be kept either 0 or 10. We go into great detail about color setup on our blog post, “How To Print The Best Quality Full Color Stickers.” Please give it a read.

With CMYK Sticker Printing, we are working with process color, where we combine primary colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) to literally create thousands of colors. To make a certain shade of orange, for example, we print small dots of magenta ink directly over the top of the yellow ink. With any CMYK printing, there can be very minor resulting streaks and dots.

“If you don’t use Sticker Robot, you’re doing it wrong. A quality product made for artists by artists, with plenty of love and junk thrown in for good measure.”

Our stickers really stick. As they should. We are printing custom, outdoor caliber stickers. Not “My Pretty Pony” postage stamps… Right?

100% UV Protected & Weatherproof Any Size. Any Shape. True 5 Year Outdoor Capability Order Custom Stickers

Order some samples of the custom stickers our customers have trusted us to print and see the (amazing) quality of our sticker printing process with your own eye.

“The perfect mix of knowing that rad art and design are the focus, while still being professional about the business end. They get it.”

“Sticker Robot has long been a trusted partner of B/D. They make all of our stickers look perfect regardless of how complicated a design we send them.”

The gang run process essentially means that we take everyone’s individual orders, lay them out together on one large sheet, print one set of films, make one set of screens, create one custom die cut per run and print everyone’s stickers at one time. Your sticker file, along with up to 30 or so other customers will all print together on one “gang run.” We waive the cost of the films and screens, so that customers don’t incur those charges. This means that you can get an incredibly high end, silkscreen stickers for a fraction of the cost of typical full color silkscreen sticker printers.

For quality, when it comes to the choice between Silkscreen or Digital Sticker Printing, there is simply no contest.

Die Cut Stickers Clear Stickers Business Card Stickers Round Stickers

10pt board backing to be precise. This is the average thickness of a postcard. Thick backing means your stickers are much more durable. Also, this way your stickers can double as throwing stars..

In fact, a simple black and white sticker is not just black ink on white vinyl. It’s a combination of Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black and multiple passes of clear ink. The end result, even for a one color sticker, is very very thick ink.

Because of our unique sticker printing process, we run more coats of ink. Our inks are typically at least 5-10 times thicker than other silkscreen printers and at least 10x-20x thicker than digitally printed stickers.

In order to print our custom outdoor stickers, we use the highest quality materials and inks available. Most companies use the cheapest materials they can get in order to save money. Our sticker material is custom made to our high standards.

World famous custom, outdoor,silkscreen sticker printing.Free US shipping.

No one can beat our quality. We will take the quality challenge with any sticker printing company on the planet. Seriously.

“If you’re in London and want to see the quality, check the nearest lamp post, if you wanna see how well they stick, just try & peel one down!”

The subtle dithering is entirely due to the CMYK process. In most cases, you won’t notice the dot pattern unless you look through a magnifying glass, but it can be more noticeable with certain colors than others. Colors of a light shade that use small quantities of all 4 process colors are the hardest to balance. Bear this in mind when designing your sticker.

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