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Sticker Printing Types

Sticker Printing Types Sticker Printing Types

Our Matte Labels and Matte Die Cut Stickers are finished with a matte lamination that will add a soft, non-glare finish to your custom stickers or labels. Matte Labels are ideal for indoor use and product labeling, while our Matte Die Cut Stickers are outdoor durable to look great in nearly all conditions.

Polyester is a highly durable synthetic film that is used primarily for outdoor purposes under highly abrasive conditions. It is resistant to moisture as well as most oils and solvents, making it a durable option for industrial uses. 

Used for Static Cling Decals, this thin vinyl has a static charge which makes it able to stick to a smooth, non-porous surface such as glass or plastic. Since this material uses a natural static cling rather than an adhesive, it can be removed or repositioned, while leaving the surface clean of residue. 

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This is a durable and weather resistant material that will apply nearly clear when these stickers are applied to a surface. With all of our clear sticker materials, you have the option to add a layer of white ink behind your designs to enhance the opacity of your artwork when your clear stickers are applied on colored surfaces.

Vinyl is a highly durable and weather resistant material used for Silkscreen Sticker printing. This material is available in white or yellow stocks, and when you choose a colored vinyl for your Silkscreen Stickers, the color can be utilized in your design if the color is present in your artwork, in place of one of your spot colors.

Different Types of Sticker Printing 1. Different Types of Sticker Printing In the industry of the custom sticker printing basically four type of techniques used. • Flexography • Screen printing • Letterpress  • Digital Flexography is also now as surface printing.

 This is widely used for label printing for commercial  purpose as it allow for high volume and fast printing. This is done somewhat like stamp in that  reversed master image used to print.

 Master of each printing Oakville is add with specified amount  of ink; the master contact with the substrate by rolling over it and the leave the intended image. The  term “flexor” basically comes from flexible nature of the printing process itself.

 This process is  developed to print uneven surfaces such as cardboard, if you want quality print on such surface then  it is necessary to have method of printing Oakville that allows constant and even contact with the  print surface.

 Flexographic sticker industry is largely intended for limited use or indoor use, such as  in packaging or shipping. Screen Printing: Is very simple form of printing Oakville with a screen, originally silk is used, but  now synthetic material is also used.

 This is much uncomplicated and very basic form of printing  which is very popular for custom stickers. It is limited to little little color and it can be done with  hand   and   usually   monochromatic.

  And   inks   which   are   used   are   known   as   ultra­violet   cured  pigmented colors. Letterpress Printing: This is also commonly known as relief printing. This means image printed are  taken from a raised surface.

 More simply you can imply the process as name suggest, you can  actually press letter to create the image. This technique are also used in moveable printing Oakville  and set block printing.

 Gothenberg bible, is first book ever printed was done with this process UN  year 1456, as Johannes Gutenberg was one who invented he movable type of block printer. Digital Printing: This is latest evolution of printing.

 This type of printing allows most flexibility in  manipulation of the print image before it gets printed. It is reproduction of digital image. It is totally  customizable from one print to the next , allowing for changes in editing of the image, color and  limited amount of wasted chemical and paper used in the process.

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Clear Labels and Glossy White Labels are both available with a standard lamination. This lamination is ideal for indoor use, and is resistant to oils and waters for long lasting applications for your product labeling needs. 

Different types of lamination are used to add durability and UV protection to custom stickers and labels. 

Available on Glossy Die Cut Stickers and our Kiss Cut Stickers, our UV durable lamination will help protect your stickers in the natural elements, including sun, wind, and rain. This lamination adds a glossy finish to your stickers, and is crystal clear. 

Check out our page on Lamination Types to learn more about how we apply lamination to your stickers, and how it protects your designs to keep them looking great. 

A thin, yet durable film used for nearly all custom stickers we print. Measuring in at about 2.6 mil, this material is available in white, or clear, depending on your needs. We print Die Cut, Kiss Cut, and all of our labels on white or clear polypropylene.

As our standard adhesive, this is applied to all of our stickers. It is a general purpose adhesive that works very well for most sticker applications.

Static Cling vinyl is available in white or clear, and back printing is available on our clear vinyl for front face clings that can be used on the interior of a window or glass surface. 

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