Sticker Design Visor

August 22, 2018 7:02 am by maryrosh
Visor sticker
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Sticker Design Visor

Use the tabs to navigate quickly to all the information you need in order to get your bespoke stickers, exactly how you want them.

New for 2014, Unipro and Alfano stopwatch stickers to match your kart manufacturer are available.

Trolleys from different brands have slightly different dimensions so we would advise you measure your tray area so we can make it to the correct size for you.

Give your awning a custom look. By supplying us the measurements of your worktops, we can create a matching design to your kart stickers.

Our kart sticker kits are made using the highest quality materials and design. Jake Designs Graphics kits combine a high stick adhesive and a thick  heavy duty over-laminate.

Certain competitions such as Euromax require certain logos to meet championship regulations. We can include these in your design.

Jake Designs offer you the chance to get an original style kart manufacturers sticker kit and customize it to suit your own personal requirements.

Special colours do add a small surcharge to the cost of your products, with that cost varying depending on the amount of special colours you have in the design. When we provide you with a design concept, a colour key is supplied so any special colours are noted for your knowledge.

There is a further range of stickers designed to suit accessories used around the paddock and for general use.

These have been made to match the kart manufacturers original stickers.


CIK 14 Bodywork as used on the Gillard, Newkart, Formula K and ART Karts

Made to add a bit of image to the base of the kart, our floortray stickers can be supplied to certain chassis shapes.

OTK Cadet bodywork as used on the Tonykart, FA and Kosmic Cadet Karts

Our speciality is in Custom Sticker Kit Design. Our in-house design team provides you with modern and unique looks in which to make you or your team stand out from the rest of the grid.

Our trolley stickers are designed to fit the karting trolleys with a tray in the base.

Our range of replica stickers is ever increasing, we have most of the manufacturers for sale in our online and eBay stores.

Designed to fit the new range of Rotax Max and DD2 Radiator Covers.

Drivers love to customize the looks of their racing helmets.

These offer a great finish and lasting durability to your bodywork and give you that edge over the rest of the paddock.


Liven up the appearance of your Mychron 4 or Alfano lap timers with our Lap Timer Stickers.

A great buy for the mechanics. Our toolbox stickers are made to fit the Pitking Branded Toolboxes.

Phone stickers are available to fit iPhones (4 & 5) and Samsung Galaxy S4.

These can be purchased by JKH (Super One), Maplins, Demon Tweeks and GPR Direct.

Modern styling, as used on the OK1, Praga and Intrepid Karts

These add a bit of style to your engine, and very much loved by engine builders and teams respectively.

Birel, Easykart and RK Specific Bodywork. (Two side pod variations)

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There is a raft of karting extras we can offer for your karts. Using the same materials and quality as in our kart sticker kits.

If your shape isn’t listed above please provide us with measurements as either a rectangle or a cut out so we can make them to suit your karts.

A perfect match to your trolley stickers as you transport your kart around the paddock.

With a raft of products to cover almost anything at a karting meeting, you won’t be short of items to create your own identity.

The unique gel coating used exclusively for these provides a high gloss finish and a great domed look.

All our OTK Range is sold to fit their EVK or EVRR floortrays

The most popular bodywork. Used on all the OTK Senior/Junior Karts

Cadet bodywork as used on the Zip, Project One and Synergy Karts

 This will supply your team with the full image inside and outside the awning.

The templates we have on hand are the 2013 OTK, 2011 OTK, Zip Cadet, and Synergy Kart.

Baby-Kart specific bodywork. As used on the OTK, Birel and RK Bambino Karts

These are made for durability and withstand liquid spillages and general wear and tear.

We are able to supply single parts such as Sidepods, Nassua Panels and Nosecone.

Our replica visor stickers match the look of your kart manufacturer a treat and help you match the look.

Applying a special colour into your stickers will give it that bit of extra visible appeal on track and up close. Our range covers a vast array of colour combinations in our colour charts below.

Bodywork for the CRG Group. As used on CRG, Energy and Maranello Karts

Perfect for the mechanics to liven up the stopwatch when timing your drivers in practise sessions or races.

Whether you want to add in your race number, sponsors, driver name or even tweak the colours. All of these are achievable with our replica range.

Visor stickers can come in a range of shapes. Templates are available for the three major helmets brands:

Our custom visor stickers add that bit more to your team appearance or to advertise a championship series.

Manufactured to withstand tool impacts and spillages within the karting environment.

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