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Sticker Design Kahwin

Sticker Design Kahwin Sticker Design Kahwin

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“All I can say is amazing! Order my labels and the next day they are at my house! Love that there are so many options too!! Plus the price is great too and I am in Canada!”

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“Amazing company! I have been ordering labels from this company for our Children’s Ministry for over 2 years. If you need an unusual label shape, size, color or even a clear label this is the company for you. The labels are reasonable and of good quality. The variety gives me the freedom to print our own “stickers” for many projects and crafts, at a considerable savings to our ministry. I also love the free access I get to Maestro Label Designer with each order. Everything considered, it’s a great company.”

“I have ordered a few times and I can say OnlineLabels has the best sticker label quality out there! I’ll definitely be returning for new orders soon! Thanks OnlineLabels!”

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“I have just received my 4th order from online labels and I must say the timely service is 2nd to none. all products have worked well for my projects. don’t think I’ll be buying any place else from now on. Good company to do business with”

“I have ordered from Online Labels several times over the past two years and have always been very satisfied”

“I love I’m a small business owner footing the bill for everything I buy and when it came down to purchasing labels, I’m glad I found them. Their labels are the best and they always put in a little extra. I really appreciate their great customer service and I will always buy from them.”

Utk yang nak design free pulak, boleh tgk kt entry INI. FJ : X sabar nak balik rumah minggu depan, nak test print sticker!Two cents : Rasa macam nak jual design sticker je.. murah2 je.. agak2 ada sambutan x? hehe.. 

“Great variety, quantity options, prices, and overall good quality. Maestro Label Designer saved me. I had to print barcodes and tried so many other systems, but none worked for me. The Maestro system is so easy I’ll be a dedicated repeat customer just for that!”

“I am a longtime customer and rely on Onlinelabels products to be quickly at my door. They never disappoint me! Thank you for your great product, extensive selection, and reliable delivery! :O)”

“We have been using online labels for over 5 years. Ours are used in packaged food that needs to be kept frozen. They are very durable and the ink doesn’t smear! Re-ordering is also a breeze. Thanks!!”

“Online labels is my only source for labels because of their excellent customer service and fast shipping.”

“The turn around from order to delivery is great! Easy to use order form, and the templates are great.”

“I have had several orders placed. The company is very professional and efficient. I’m very pleased with their products and services. This company receives my highest recommendation.”

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“I have been ordering labels from Online Labels for several years now. Not only do they have every kind of label imaginable but the quality of the labels is unsurpassable. In addition to a great product, I always receive my labels in a timely manner. Thank you Online Labels for always exceeding my expectations.”

Yang aku punya, nanti2 lah aku tunjuk. Segan lah kita kan. Ok, nak sambung siapkan lagi 1 sticker. Dah mahir sket guna Illustrator untuk editing. Nak drawing, memang out lah. Kahkah. 

Utk sesapa yang nak template sticker bulat blank 4×5 pcs approximately 2inc x 2inc (bagus utk printing.. sonang kerojee), bleh drop comment dan tinggalkan emel username[at] Nanti aku forwardkan template tu ye. 🙂

Assalamualaikum,Sticker bulat sangat comel dilekat2 kat gift utk guests kan? Ramai jugak bride-to-be yang buat sendiri sticker. Nampak comel dan cute. Tapi, xyah membazir sangat kot sampai terover-over.

2, 3 hari ni berpeluh jugak aku duk belajar guna Adobe Illustrator. Xde lah belajar nk bersungguh2 sangat. Sekadar lepas untuk design aku punya sticker bulat je. Sebab kalo nak order, 1 piece dah 20sen! Kalau buat sendiri, rasenya kos lagi sikit.

Lagipon, jumlah yang aku nak tu, xde lah banyak. Harga yang aku sebut tu, 20sen/pc kalo tempah 1000. Banyak sangat 1000 tu. Aku nak dalam 250 je belah pihak perempuan. Pastu, 200 untuk pihak lelaki. Kalo order 250 je, seme 250 pcs design sama, x dapek la harga 20sen/pc.

Harga naik jadi 35sen/pc. TQ. T___TSo, usaha keras aku dah membuahkan hasil. Walopon kalo org lain tgk,xde lah power benor, tp dah ckop la utk aku. Blom print lagi, jadi xmo tunjuk. Malu i. Mula2, agak susah nak cari design kat internet.

Lepas try and error, akhirnya aku decide utk design sendiri guna Adobe Illustrator. Utk design sticker bulat ni, aku download vectors dari! Sangat bagus sbb bagi download free vector lawa2 dorg.

Kalo shutterstock, seme benda kena bayar. contoh vector di freepik

“I have been ordering labels from Online Labels for my small business for about 3 years now. The ordering process is super simple and I can rely on my packages to arrive quickly without error. Their customer service goes above and beyond of what others try to achieve. Thank you for being such a great company!”

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dari laptop penaip, fathiah jasni at 16:42 Labels: b2b bridestory preparations tips wedding

Over 100 free wedding label designs to fix onto your party favors, invites, and more!

“I recently opened a small business selling all natural bath and body products. I have several different products with different scents, and it was difficult finding affordable labels. I was glad to find where I can print them as I need them. I can have professional looking labels at a moments notice, for mere pennies each. Thank you Online Labels!”

“I’m so happy I’ve found Online Labels. Their labels are high quality and the service is very prompt. The labels for my small business look professional, resist fading and do not smear. Great products!”

“I have always received great service and great products from this company. I am really glad I found them! “

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“Online labels has been great to work with. No pressure sales, easy on access, variety of color, size and material. Fast turnaround once order is placed. I’ve been a customer for years and plan on continuing. “

“Our company just started using OnlineLabels and absolutely love their passion and dedication to supplying us with all our labeling needs. They are suuuuuper friendly people and shipping is fast and painless. The entire experience is amazing, from the blog ideas, the easy ordering and shipping, the customer service, and the maestro label designer. Can’t ask for anything more! Thanks OnlineLabels!”

“I am a new customer to OnlineLabels. I have experienced the fastest and most prompt service ever! OnlineLabels will always be my number one go to company for ordering labels.”

“Since we switched to Online Labels from one of the brand name products, we are loving it. The free templates that is offered by Online Labels are easy to use and make our products look neat. “

“The ease of re-ordering your products is outstanding. Not only did I find just what I was looking for quickly, but now I can place repeat orders with just the click of a button. Great job!!!”

“Have been using for about a year and each time my labels are delivered so fast I use Maestro label designer with many different labels and everything I am amazed how perfect everything lines up. Will continue getting my labels from for many years to come.”

“My company has been buying labels from Online Labels for several years. We receive our orders very quickly. The customer service reps are very helpful if we can’t find what we need, or if we need an order rushed out for next day delivery. I would definitely recommend Online Labels. “

“I have been ordering labels for my office for years through Always smooth and efficient and fast delivery. Recently, I ordered the wrong label size label – and they were very easy to deal with. Got a real person immediately, who helped me through the return process. They quickly credited our credit card up receipt of the returned labels.”

Skrg ramai org suka pakai vintage frame, kan? Salah satu sticker aku, vintage frame aku lukis sendiri. (wehee bangga jap dengan diri sendiri). Yang lagi satu, aku ambek kt freepik. Lawa dan memuaskan hati.

Tak pon, kalo dah rasa malas sangat, boleh ambek terus vector yg kat bawah ni, crop dalam bentuk bulat, letakkan text, print! Ok je pon, design bawah ni. 🙂 Kalo nak download vectornya, boleh klik di sini.


“As a new business owner, I understand the importance of good customer service, reliability, & products we can count on. Online Labels has surpassed my expectations. Their products, services & super fast shipping place them above their competition. I highly recommend them….you won’t be disappointed!”

“Excellent quality and amazing customer service. It makes a huge difference ordering from a company who truly cares about their customers. Keep it up, guys! You rock!”

“As a customer I appreciate the extra mile, the fast shipping, the attention to detail; all wonderful marks of a great company! And as a small business, I aspire to achieve this level of service and commitment. Thank you for your excellent service, I highly recommend this company!”

“Online Labels knocks it out of the park every time. Items I order are always in stock, always ship as expected and the quality for the price is amazing!!!”

“I’ve worked with Online Labels for 2 years and have been very happy with my labels, Maestro Designer and with the great customer service.”

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