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Screen printed stickers are the most durable and premium of all custom sticker printing methods. For overall durability and quality, silkscreen stickers are simply superior to digital stickers.

Here’s a small sampling of silkscreen stickers that we posted over the last couple months. Click to embiggen. Oh and we do Sticker Giveaways all the time, so make like a shadow and follow us .

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Our Stickers will outlast any other sticker printing company. We literally print the highest quality stickers, using the highest quality materials available and we are constantly improving and evolving our process.

When it comes to the quality of your stickers, there is a big difference between silkscreen stickers and digital stickers.

We don’t currently offer digital printing because our primary focus is only on extremely high quality, outdoor, silkscreen stickers.

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You like the Instagram? Yeah, so do we. Follow us over here. We can discuss the finer intricacies of high quality silkscreen sticker printing, Ben Affleck as Batman, and the many sweaters of Bill Cosby…

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Screen printed stickers can be printed on white vinyl or clear vinyl. Our custom made 10 pt. board sticker backing is thick like a postcard.

Screen printing allows for more vibrant colors. This is true because silkscreen ink is about 10X thicker than digital ink. Since the ink is laid down on the vinyl at a much thicker rate, the end result is much brighter colors.

Because of the materials used and the printing technique itself, silkscreen stickers are your best option if you prefer a higher caliber, higher quality, more durable, longer lasting sticker.

Square silk screen vinyl stickers
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