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Round Custom Stickers

Round Custom Stickers Round Custom Stickers

Your product packaging is a testament to the quality of the product inside. Make sure your labels look their best with these handy design tips, direct from our in-house design team.

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Our labels are weather-resistant, will stick strong and last long in the fridge, dishwasher, even the washing machine. If you want to have your stickers readymade ahead of time, you can easily write on them later with a pen or marker! With a high quality, glossy vinyl material, they will last long on most surfaces and come off clean when it comes time to remove them. If you need a label, just make it round and stick it!

If you are looking for custom stickers or labels, you will have to decide on which cut you’d like. Here is our crash course on which cuts you will need for your specific application and how to find them on our website.

Free Shipping on all Orders* FREESHIP *Orders shipped to Contiguous USA. View Offer Details

Need custom round stickers and labels for your business or your next craft project? StickerYou has round stickers in different sizes to accommodate your every design need. Create your own custom round stickers today!

Customer Photo Amazing Quality, Amazing Service I was told to look for round stickers to brand some items for an event, and I”m so glad I veered away from our typical printing site! I used PureButtons at a previous employer and was delighted to find out StandOut Stickers is the same company.

The stickers feel thick and luxurious, and the shine is exceptional, and the printing colors are vibrant. I noticed an error on the print file after I had already approved the proof and was able to get it fixed because of the fast reply from the art department.

It was a wonderful, seamless process! Posted: 7/9/2018

Ordering new stickers is easy: select a size, quantity and upload your artwork. The StandOut Stickers design team will respond with your FREE digital proof of your new custom sticker order.

Amazing My stickers turned out simply amazing!!! Posted: 3/17/2018

StandOut stickers is Outstanding!! Quick delivery great prices and the quality of the product is awesome. The vinyl stickers are water resistant and I”m very pleased with the color will definitely order again. Posted: 7/1/2018

Customer Photo Best Quality stickers I”ve seen I absolutely love and recommend Standout Stickers to anyone considering buying promotional stickers for their business. They provide a quick turnaround on review and in my experiences always get it right.

The colors are vibrant and quality is amazing. I”ve done both matte and gloss stickers and have a hard time deciding which I prefer. Both have proven to be weatherproof. The turnaround and shipping is fast.

I am a musician who uses stickers for promotion and to accompany merch and this is my go to site. Posted: 5/28/2018

Perfect Stickers! The stickers for our bakery came out perfect! Texture, turnaround time, and process was all wonderful. Will def be ordering more in the very near future. Posted: 3/17/2018

Excellent service and quick delivery! Love my stickers! Thank you. Posted: 5/27/2018

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Under Promise, Over Deliver I was concerned that I had waited too long to order my stickers to be able to get them when I needed. I even included a note on my order that asked them to not fulfill the order if I wouldn”t get them by a certain date.

They assured me via phone that I would have them on time. As it turns out, I had them a full week before I needed them. And they looked GREAT! I will be a repeat customer. Posted: 4/6/2018

FREE digital proof with all custom stickers ordered. We won’t print stickers until you’re happy. FREE shipping on all orders to the contiguous USA with code FREESHIP. Two finish options! Original Gloss or Matte Finish to give your stickers a silky smooth look! We constantly reinvest in ourselves to always have cutting edge sticker printing equipment! We setup, print, cut, pack and ship your custom sticker sheets in our 16,000 sq.

ft. facility located in Medina, Ohio. Fast Turnaround to meet your tight deadlines! (3-5 business days) Live In-House Customer Service Chat to ask questions about stickers right on the site! High quality sample photos to see our quality before you buy! Trusted by global brands including Disney, Twitter, Google, and many more.

High quality Sticker Templates make sure all stickers ordered come out perfect every time!

Fast, Convenient, Reasonable Price We love reordering stickers here. Once they are set up, it is easy to reorder and the price is great! Oh, and the quality is good too! Posted: 7/8/2018

Suitable for indoor & outdoor use (Up to 5 years fade-free!)

QTY 1.5″ 2″ 2.25″ 2.5″ 75 $0.3333 ea $0.35 ea $0.443 ea $0.5469 ea 125 $0.254 ea $0.26 ea $0.374 ea $0.406 ea 250 $0.176 ea $0.18 ea $0.26 ea $0.281 ea 500 $0.137 ea $0.14 ea $0.201 ea $0.219 ea 750 $0.

113 ea $0.116 ea $0.167 ea $0.181 ea 1,000 $0.09 ea $0.092 ea $0.132 ea $0.144 ea 2,000 $0.09 ea $0.092 ea $0.132 ea $0.144 ea 3,000 $0.09 ea $0.092 ea $0.132 ea $0.144 ea 5,000 $0.078 ea $0.08 ea $0.115 ea $0.

125 ea 7,500 $0.078 ea $0.08 ea $0.115 ea $0.125 ea 10,000 $0.07 ea $0.72 ea $0.104 ea $0.113 ea Write a Review Write a Review Write a Review Write a Review Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews QTY 3″ 3.

5″ 4″ 4.5″ 75 $0.7875 ea $1.0719 ea 1.40 ea $1.7719 ea 125 $0.585 ea $0.796 ea $1.04 ea $2.19 ea 250 $0.405 ea $0.551 ea $0.72 ea $0.911 ea 500 $0.315 ea $0.429 ea $0.56 ea $0.71 ea 750 $0.261 ea $0.355 ea $0.

464 ea $0.587 ea 1,000 $0.207 ea $0.282 ea $0.368 ea $0.466 ea 2,000 $0.207 ea $0.282 ea $0.368 ea $0.466 ea 3,000 $0.207 ea $0.282 ea $0.368 ea $0.466 ea 5,000 $0.18 ea $0.245 ea $0.32 ea $0.405 ea 7,500 $0.

18 ea $0.245 ea $0.32 ea $0.405 ea 10,000 $0.162 ea $0.221 ea $0.288 ea $0.365 ea Write a Review Write a Review Write a Review Write a Review Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews QTY 5″ 5.

5″ 6″ 75 $2.1875 ea $2.6469 ea $3.15 ea 125 $1.63 ea $1.966 ea $2.34 ea 250 $1.125 ea $1.36 ea $1.62 ea 500 $0.875 ea $1.059 ea $1.26 ea 750 $0.725 ea $0.877 ea $1.044 ea 1,000 $0.575 ea $0.696 ea $0.828 ea 2,000 $0.

575 ea $0.696 ea $0.828 ea 3,000 $0.575 ea $0.696 ea $0.828 ea 5,000 $0.50 ea $0.605 ea $0.72 ea 7,500 $0.50 ea $0.605 ea $0.72 ea 10,000 $0.45 ea $0.545 ea $0.648 ea Write a Review Write a Review Write a Review Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews

Quick Delivery, Good quality Got our orders approved and delivered in just a few days. Very happy with the ease of online ordering and the variety of options. Posted: 5/6/2018

Customer Photo I love SOS Once again, you guys delivered a perfect product. It”s always fast, easy, cheap, and great quality. Our executive board was even impressed! Posted: 5/21/2018

Amazing Experience 5 stars all around!! EXCELLENT quality + quick shipping ! Posted: 7/15/2018

Round labels are both practical and fun to stick just about anywhere. Design your own water bottle labels, wedding labels, product labels, labels for jars, numbers, letters, even for candy.

Take a look at the reviews from our customers below. Would you like to review our Custom Circle Stickers? Click Here to Leave a Review

Round Stickers for the win! We run circles around our competition with the highest quality circular vinyl stickers in the industry. Why? Because we use only the finest material, longest-lasting processes and let you design your own sticker.

Custom vinyl stickers can be used indoors or outdoors-in fact, if you’re planning to use your stickers outside, you need to print them on vinyl to avoid bleeding, fading and peeling. Not only will our stickers last outdoors, but we extend the life of your sticker by 3-5 years by adding a laminate finish.

Talk about heavy duty! The popular sizes priced below offer our best value but there are more sizes available when you order circle stickers!

Home StickerYou Products Stickers Shape Stickers Round Labels

FREE SHIPPING! CODE FREESHIP  (Cont. USA) Order Custom Stickers from $25! Production Time: 5 Business Days  (After proof approval)

Great stickers and customer service The stickers quality exceeded my expectations. High quality and quick turnaround with very competitive prices. I definitely recommend. Posted: 6/29/2018

excellent circle stickers great quality, easy to order, fast shipping! Posted: 6/3/2018

Circle Stickers Home Order Custom Vinyl Stickers Circle Stickers

Eye-popping full color graphics from cutting-edge printing tech

Recommended Highly recommend. A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. Great print quality, easy website, on time delivery, Posted: 5/7/2018

Looking for wedding labels? Design your labels for all your planning needs. For invitation sticker seals, reminder stickers for guests, address labels, water bottle labels, wine labels, favor tags, all the way to the thank you stickers, we’ve got you covered! You can even keep the same colors, theme, and design as the wedding. All you have to do is upload your artwork in the sticker maker! For all those jars for spices, jams, or other house hold objects, you can make your own round labels in either clear or white vinyl to have a nice, sleek look on your jars. Decorating for a party or event? Make round stickers with letters, or numbers, to have the event name, birthday party, or company name stand out. You can even use round labels for kids names in their shoes so they don’t get lost!

Circle Vinyl Stickers Home Custom Stickers & Vinyl Decals Vinyl Custom Stickers Circle Vinyl Stickers

Below you will find templates for all of our common Circle Vinyl Sticker sizes. If you would like a Circle sticker size that is unavailable below, simply order your unique size as a custom die cut sticker. Just remember to prepare your file according to our Artwork Requirements. Also read our FAQ if you have any questions. If you still have questions, Contact Us.

StandOut from the Rest! Ordered 1,000”s of these stickers and will continue to Order them for my business. Hands down the best material and durability we”ve ever gotten in a sticker. Posted: 4/13/2018

Customer Photo Kampfire Coffee Roasters, LLC I made 2 orders for a few designs I created for my coffee roaster startup. The communication with the design proofs was fast, the production/shipping timeframe was as promised, and the product is high quality.

I trusted STANDOUT for decals for a car club years ago and the stickers have withstood Ohio weather for 4years, so naturally I would trust them for my new business startup. Posted: 3/25/2018

You can rest assured that custom stickers from StandOut Stickers are the highest quality available. We constantly reinvest in our company to offer the best quality materials and printing technology for you!

Great quality and easy I am impressed with how easy this process was, and would definitely purchase again. Posted: 3/26/2018

Quality product. Fast service. Product ordering was easy. Product arrived in a timely manner. Product is quality. Will order from again. Posted: 6/22/2018

Custom Circle Stickers Our custom circles stickers are the best round stickers available. Made of thick, durable vinyl, printed full color with a high-gloss or matte weather-resistant finish! The quality of our round custom stickers stand out from the competition! Side by side, the other sticker printing companies can’t compare to our high-quality materials, advanced printing and cutting technology, and our attention to detail in the final product.

Combine this with an unprecedented customer service experience and you’ll understand why StandOut Stickers is quickly becoming the world’s largest custom sticker printer. Round stickers are a very popular and easy to manage sticker shape.

Enter Quantity: Size (In.): Standard Size Unique Size SELECT A SIZE 1.5″ 2″ 2.25″ 2.5″ 3″ 3.5″ 4″ 4.5″ 5″ 5.5″ 6″ — Select a Size — 1.5 1.75 2 2.25 2.5 2.75 3 3.25 3.5 3.75 4 4.25 4.5 4.75 5 5.25 5.5 5.

75 6 6.25 6.5 6.75 7 7.25 7.5 7.75 8 8.25 8.5 8.75 9 9.25 9.5 9.75 10 10.25 10.5 10.75 11 11.25 11.5 11.75 12 12.25 12.5 12.75 13 13.25 13.5 13.75 14 14.25 14.5 14.75 15 15.25 15.5 15.75 16 16.25 16.5 16.

75 17 17.25 17.5 17.75 18 18.25 18.5 18.75 19 19.25 19.5 19.75 20 20.25 20.5 20.75 21 21.25 21.5 21.75 22 22.25 22.5 22.75 23 23.25 23.5 23.75 24 24.25 24.5 24.75 25 25.25 25.5 25.75 26 26.25 26.5 26.75 27 27.

25 27.5 27.75 28 28.25 28.5 28.75 29 29.25 29.5 29.75 30 30.25 30.5 30.75 31 31.25 31.5 31.75 32 32.25 32.5 32.75 33 33.25 33.5 33.75 34 34.25 34.5 34.75 35 35.25 35.5 35.75 36 36.25 36.5 36.75 37 37.25 37.

5 37.75 38 38.25 38.5 38.75 39 39.25 39.5 39.75 40 40.25 40.5 40.75 41 41.25 41.5 41.75 42 42.25 42.5 42.75 43 43.25 43.5 43.75 44 44.25 44.5 44.75 45 45.25 45.5 45.75 46 46.25 46.5 46.75 47 47.25 47.5 47.

75 48 48.25 48.5 48.75 49 49.25 49.5 49.75 50 50.25 50.5 50.75 51 51.25 51.5 51.75 View Standard Sizes Enter Unique Size Finish (??? Finish Choose from our original gloss finish or our satin-smooth matte finish.

Both offer superior protection from harmful UV rays and weather in addition to making your stickers thicker and more durable.) Original Gloss Matte $0.00 Easy Peel (??? Easy Peel We will add a single kiss cut around the edge of your sticker design to allow for easy peeling of your design off the front of the sticker.

) Standard Peel Easy Peel $0.00 Kiss Cuts (??? Kiss Cuts Kiss cuts allow you to create sticker sheets with multiple shapes that peel out. Order a kiss cut for every shape you need to peel out of your sheet.

) No Kisscuts 1 Kisscut 2 Kisscuts 3 Kisscuts 4 Kisscuts 5 Kisscuts 6 Kisscuts 7 Kisscuts 8 Kisscuts 9 Kisscuts 10 Kisscuts 11 Kisscuts 12 Kisscuts 13 Kisscuts 14 Kisscuts 15 Kisscuts 16 Kisscuts 17 Kisscuts 18 Kisscuts 19 Kisscuts 20 Kisscuts 21 Kisscuts 22 Kisscuts 23 Kisscuts 24 Kisscuts 25 Kisscuts $0.

00 Template Help (??? Template Help If your artwork is not on our template, you must order template help. Submit your high-res artwork to us, and we will place it on the proper template to ensure accurate printing.

We will also help set up your kiss cuts or die cut lines.) No Yes $0.00 Hang Tags (??? Hang Tags We will add a bit of sticker material to the top of your design separated from your design with a kiss cut so that once removed from its backing, your sticker shape will remain as you design it.

A 1/8″ hole is cut in this extra material for you to loop a string through to to use as a retail tag. See Sample Gallery) No Yes $0.00 Total:

Just what I ordered. Stickers came in looking great! Very durable, will be buying more stickers shortly. Posted: 4/25/2018

Get weekly inspiration, fun ideas, and great deals delivered to your inbox!

Choose an Circle Sticker Template: 1.5″ 2″ 2.25″ 2.5″ 3″ 3.5″ 4″ 4.5″ 5″ 5.5″ 6″ Buy Circle Stickers

Best Helmet Stickers Ever!!! I bought these in bulk and because of that, they were the same price as generic helmet stickers. These are AMAZING! I’m going to give them to parents as well for their water bottles and cars.

I was expecting stickers on a sheet and instead, got amazing, durable, vinyl stickers. I’ll DEFINITELY buy more. Posted: 4/27/2018

Love this product Greats prices and great quality items!! These circle stickers came out great and went quick! Posted: 5/21/2018

Highly recommend! I ordered the 4×4 circle stickers for my business and I love them! They are such great quality and an amazing product to give to clients! Posted: 6/22/2018

Great Price & Quick Turnaround! Really happy with our first order of 2″ round stickers. Stand OUT delivered in record time and the sticker quality is fantastic! Thank you for your STELLAR service! Posted: 4/30/2018 Jo,  You’re welcome! We look forward to your next order! The Standout Stickers Team

1.5 round stickers They came out great! Quality is first rate professional top grade. This is your place for your product labels. Posted: 3/26/2018

Customer Photo Exactly What We Wanted! Excellent turn around time, beautifully printed, fantastic pricing! Posted: 7/7/2018

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