Great service! There were three people getting their inspection done at the same time and we were all in and out in the same 10 minutes (with 2 technicians). I knew going in that I needed one of my wipers replaced and they suggested I get my front headlamps buffed, but there definitely was not a hard sell for me to do it there (and it wasn’t going to keep my car from passing). Great experience and I highly recommend!

Morgan H. said “I damaged my wheel well in college station and had no idea any of the paint and body places around since I’m not from the area. I found Krause on google as the closest one and best rated. They worked with…” read more

Very quick and easy! My inspection was only $7 and took about 5 minutes. It was about 40° outside though, and I had to sit outside because there wasn’t really an inside to this place. Also, beware they charge a $1 fee for using a card. Bring cash!

I would give this zero stars if I could. Absolutely terrible service and they don’t know what they’re talking about. If looking for state inspection go to Pete’s on 29th and Villa Maria way before this place.

funny how the people that fail inspection are quick to throw a 1 star review in retaliation. then they whine to the bbb, but ofcourse they always lie about the facts inorder to make themselves out as..

. a victim of some sort- ITS NOT OUR FAULT YOUR CAR FAILED- ITS YOURS. Lihat Selengkapnya

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This place is the worst. Highway robbery. My car was checked for an oil change 3 days prior and everything on the car was up to par, working great, and topped off. I bring it in here for the state inspection and all of a sudden fluid levels are low, and this and that needs to be replaced, and conveniently they can do it all for you. All they ask is for you to open your wallet and bend over. Take your car to a real shop for any auto needs. The idiots who gave it 5 stars obviously don’t know how much an inspection costs, and probably thanked the techs for the opportunity to get nickeled and dimed.

My family and I have gone to Quicker Sticker for vehicle inspections for years. They’re very efficient, and definitely put the ‘quick’ in Quicker Sticker! Even with a minor repair, I was in and out wi.

..thin 10 minutes! Thanks so much! Lihat Selengkapnya

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Quick and efficient. Very nice employees. 5 dollar light cleaning was worth it!

Pull up, jump out, post up on a seat. 10 minutes later he goes your inspection is done! Bam Wow Sham Wow Like that! No waiting for 3 days like every other car joint, these guys are like BAM LET US INSPECT YOU NOW!!!! and they do. k thanks, get your car inspected. Also only one sticker on your car now a days, so only your vehicle registration and the inspection is a piece of paper!

And the 4th year in a row I have used this shop and BAM! 90 seconds and I was done! I shit you not! I pulled up this afternoon, parked where you’re supposed to, a dude started walking right to my car, I didn’t have time to turn it off or pull out my insurance and he was like “Howdy! Got your Insurance?” I step out of the car, he takes off in it, walk into the shop and try to E-Mail my wife, can’t type one sentence, two guys inspect the car, tell me my wipers barely passed, total $14.50. I pay, tuck a few bucks in the tip jar, and they say, “Thanks, you’re good to go!” While I was paying the other guy entered my insurance into the computer, replaced the sticker before I could turn around and I’m sure I wasn’t there for 90 seconds. Never turned the car or A/C off. When paying the State of Texas $15 I wouldn’t normally think of tipping the inspectors but I think in this case (in which I did), they checked all points extremely fast as a team (my SUV is 100% maintained anyway as it’s used for commercial heavy use) but they saved me a lot of time by being freaky fast. Never even got a chance or thought of uploading any photos to Yelp. When they say “Quicker”, they are, they are Gods in the area of quick inspection. Good choice for a short lunch break perhaps. This place rules in fastness.

This place is the worst. Highway robbery. My car was checked for an oil change 3 days prior and everything on the car was up to par, working great, and topped off. I bring it in here for the state ins.

..pection and all of a sudden fluid levels are low, and this and that needs to be replaced, and conveniently they can do it all for you. All they ask is for you to open your wallet and bend over. Take your car to a real shop for any auto needs.

The idiots who gave it 5 stars obviously don’t know how much an inspection costs, and probably thanked the techs for the opportunity to get nickeled and dimed. Lihat Selengkapnya

Wow, that was quick. Polite service, air conditioned CLEAN waiting room, chocolates and a flower. My new habit.

This place is always awesome. I’ve been coming here for years and I’ve consistently gotten great customer service and a fast inspection.

First of all this isnt a tip me service you do a job based on the state. Secondly if you are planning on going here plan on it be fast. The two guys that looked like drug abusers were so kind to tell me my car wasnt supposed to sound a certain way, and then gave me shot about a fucking tip. They drove my car around put it inside didnt do a real fucking inspection then told me here you go 7.50. And a tip. Like wtf. Dont use this buisness if you want it done right. Also the owner can drop me a line and we can chat. Im gonna go ahead and report this place for not following code.

Samuel J. said “The shop is true to its word. I got an oil change, and I was in and out in less than fifteen minutes. Luxurious, no, but I felt taken care of and the mechanics were friendly. For such a simple job, the…” read more

Guy inspecting my vehicle was rude and when I called him on it it only made him even more rude. He said I don’t care if you think Im rude. I can’t express how much customer service and common politene. these days are so important when there is so much competition out there. I was so mad that I will never use this place or any of the other locations this guy owns. Lihat Selengkapnya

Went for and inspection, and was told rather rudely about 6 things that failed. But I could pay to have them fixed there! Went to a different company not only passed but was told that half of the “pro.

..blems”weren’t even against inspections…. yeah super great business Lihat Selengkapnya

Great place to pay your DMV registration. Awesome customer service. Was in and out within 10 min !!!

Worst place ever they are crooks finding ways to take your money then said they got lawyers that was going to get me for slandering there business. Don’t go there are better places.

Kaitlynn B. said “Skylar did an amazing job on my Tahoe and my husbands Dodge Ram. If you are looking to get your vehicle detailed look no further! He comes to you so you don’t have to sit and wait anywhere. He took his…” read more

Less than 5 minutes. Guy literally began as soon as I got out of the car. Speedy and cheap ($7 fee as set by the state). First time and I plan on coming again next year.

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I have been here two years in a row for my car inspection. These guys are so quick and the inspection is super cheap (only $7 if paying with cash). I have had to wait 60 min + for inspections in the past and paid over $25 for it. You’ll really appreciate this place. Don’t forget to tip (most of the employees are students/ young adults).

Text a link to your phone so you can quickly get directions, see photos, and read reviews on the go!

I went there today. I was the first customer. The gentleman that inspected my car was very extremely nice and professional. He restored my head lights at a very fair price. I was out in about 5 minutes. l

We have always had a great experience getting our vehicles inspected here. The person who inspected my car last week was very polite and professional. I was worried I would have to wait a while to get my car inspected but they really did a great job of moving inspections along quickly, so I was not there for longer than 5 mins. There is a table you can sit at inside if you have to wait. The cost is $7 and don’t forget to bring a little extra to tip them. Definitely recommend having your inspection done here.

Brad M. said “During the last hail storm I happened to be on a long visit to College Station. While there the storm hit my Infiniti M35 and she was pretty damaged with hail dents on every panel of the car. I spoke with a…” read more

Poor customer service and they are just out to make a buck. Go somewhere else for car inspections. The guy that inspected my car said my windshield wipers needed to be replaced. I told him two days earlier I had used the wipers during a strong rainstorm and they worked perfectly. As I’m the type that plans ahead, I already had an extra set of wipers waiting for the current pair to go bad sitting in my garage at home, which I also told him. He continued to say that they were terrible and that they needed to be changed or else he wouldn’t pass the inspection on my car. He said I either needed to buy his wipers and have him install them for their premium price plus labor or I needed to go home, bring my new set in, change them in front of him, and then he would pass my car. There was no way he was going to pass my car without new wipers put on immediately. I asked if I could place them on when I got home, and that just pissed him off even more.

DON’T go here. Yes, it’s quick, but they’re dishonest. I was taken advantage of when they told me I needed to buy some washer fluid from them in order to pass my car inspection (the guy mumbled so I wasn’t exactly clear what I was buying-but I didn’t want to fail the inspection and have to come back). No matter the convenience, you shouldn’t support a corrupt business.

Emily W. said “As a single female, I dread getting ripped off at auto repair stores, but I went to Pickups Plus after getting several good reviews from others. Something had malfunctioned with my engine and after Ray told…” read more

In and out in 5 minutes. Takes longer to have sex than to get your car inspected here. Nice service.

VERY QUICK! I stopped by around lunchtime on a Monday, I was the only customer in line, and was in and out in about 5 minutes. And the best part… it was only $7! The service was great, I didn’t have any issues with the workers being “money hungry.” Would definitely recommend to friends.

I’ve been a customer of Quicker Sticker for about 10 years (both locations). I’ve never really had a problem until this year. I brought two vehicles in for inspections this summer. Both of them, the techs have found a way to nickel and dime me out of about $5 for “fluids” that were “not at the manufacturer’s recommended level.” As far as I can tell, there is no definition for this, but if your brake fluid is 1mm below the “max” line (and 1″ above the “min” line) they will fail you unless you pay them $5 for 7 drops of brake fluid. They also said that my windshield wiper fluid reservoir was only half full and this was somehow a problem too. I’m in luck though, they will fill up all my supposedly low and illegal fluid levels for one fixed price (the aforementioned $5 or so). */sarcasm* I do not feel that my brakes were low at all, being 1 mm below “max.” There is a range on these things and I was very much well within it. And as for wiper fluid, it is rarely full since you use it by definition. I will not be going back. never in my life have I had to pay for fluids that were not low or be denied an inspection. It was worth the $5 to me to not have to come back. Not ever again.

True to its name, that was lightning-fast service–and at the lowest prices I’ve ever seen for a state inspection. Docking a star because the waiting area is just an open garage with dirty collapsible furniture and no climate control (those poor employees). Even so, the service was mostly awesome.

I have used Quicker Sticker for decades, since the days they were next to Pop’s Barbeque (now BCS Tires), essentially in front of where Copy Corner is today. I have always had good, quick service, and… my cars have always passed. Lihat Selengkapnya

I have used quicker sticker for several inspections now. Always been incredibly fast and totally honest. It is a quick “get in, get out” thing.

Went there first thing on Saturday morning….first customer….no wait….done in no time. Awesome. So nice to not have some bozo try to scam you into buying some windshield wipers, or some other ludicrous crap that so many of them do. Kudos, Quicker Sticker-Bryan…..

Lane J. said “This place may look run-down and sketchy, but trust me, these guys know what they’re doing and are not trying to trick you. And they’ll get everything done *fast*” read more

Inspectors there are Friendly, Fast ,& Efficient. Had my car in and out in about 3 min & I was off enjoying the rest of my day. 5⭐ for sure telling all my Friends #Megatron #

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If y’all’re gonna change your hours, you should do it online too.

Awesome. Fast, cheap, and all paperwork handled properly. These guys were polite, courteous, and the inspections took literally 8 minutes in and out.

2150 Harvey Mitchell Pkwy SCollege Station, TX 77845 (979) 693-8512

So quick and convenient! I was in and out of there in 15 minutes and the inspection was only $14.50! The only downfall is that they only accept cash or check.

2150 Harvey Mitchell Pkwy S (16.233,69 km) College Station, Texas 77845

Fast and efficient! Great service as well. They do stock batteries, etc. if you need something in a pinch. Our car’s battery died during the inspection process and they replaced it at a reasonable price.

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This is a inspection sticker only business. They are quick, efficient, and have no mechanics shop business to promote/feed potential clients to. One of the owners used to perform the inspections here, before he opened the College Station location. I still prefer this one, since its less busy.

These guys r too corrupt to do business. Specially the young wanna be. Place is filled with fraud people. I went for inspection. Guy came around. Walked through my car and said it failed coz u have a crack in tail light assembly. Then he went ahead and charged me $14. When i asked him what was the money for he replied for inspection. I was stunned. Never had that happen to me before. It wasn’t even a big hole or anything its a crack. Inspection is done for emission test. I knew i had a crack on my tail light assembly i surely didnt have to pay $14 for some young stupid kid to tell me that i had one. I went to another place and they did it without any hassle so i came to know that it was nothing major. These guys r bunch of money hungry people. I would not recommend anyone to go to this place. NO way”” dont let these people get ur hard earn money so easily

This place is crazy quick! I couldn’t believe it. Way better than spending an hr waiting at chain auto places that rarely ever have stickers in stock. I swear I was at this place a maximum of ten minutes even though there were others ahead of me. They did their job thoroughly and didn’t mess around. They will accept credit cards with a small surcharge if you don’t have $14.50 cash on you.

Literally a quicker sticker. I could not believe they were done so fast! Only thing would be maybe to have a sign directing people where to go (my bad if I just didn’t see it). At first I wasn’t sure if I should pull right into the garage since another car was in there being repaired, but I felt kind of silly when I parked and the employee just turned my car around into it.

Very fast! I had the headlight restoration done and when he wasn’t satisfied with the results, he didn’t charge me for it! Definitely staying with this place

Things have changed here and I don’t trust these folks. Went in and was “required” to have the front light lens polished to pass inspection. Lame-assed. Seriously. Moving on.

Fast, friendly and efficient! The tech squeezed into my car without moving the seat and didn’t mind me riding along since the baby was sleeping in the back. I did pay with a card though (must have gotten a card reader). I will be visiting yearly 🙂

This place is so unprofessional. The worker takes 2 minutes to inspect your vehicle and tells you everything is ok, takes your money, and tip, then says you need to get your tint taken off in the next 15 days and come back if not then you never get an inspection sticker. I never bought tint, I bought the car from the dealership and never had a problem getting an inspection sticker in the last 7 years. I would refuse to go to this place at all costs.

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