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Print Stickers Kuala Lumpur

Printing stickers had been an integral part of some company’s guerilla marketing strategies. Guerilla marketing refers to companies’ efforts to promote their products or services in unconventional ways, that require little budget and capture the attention of the public at a more impactful and memorable level. Typically, guerilla marketing strategies create a buzz that enhances the recognition and strengthens the identity of a brand. So, why is printing stickers guerilla marketing? Printing stickers is the ideal marketing medium for branding campaigns and long-term catchy slogans, because they can reach customers not accessible by more traditional print advertisement.

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Synthetic Matt White StickerA synthetic sticker with a mat white surface.

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To ensure that you can print stickers that stand out to the maximum and reach their goal of creating a buzz around your brand/product, Gogoprint allows a wide degree of personalization in terms of format, material, refinement, and shape. You have the choice between clear and non-clear, indoor or outdoor stickers (which are mandatorily finished with lamination to protect the prints from external influences). As standard, the stickers come in a rectangular shape, but you also have the option to order round stickers or stickers with die-cut (which can have absolutely any shape you wish). As with Gogoprint’s other products, low prices and high quality are guaranteed, while delivery is free of charge nationwide.(more information about how to order)

10 x 10 cmStickers measuring 10 cm by 10 cm (or with a 10 cm diameter)

Sticker Type Mirror Coated StickerTransparent OPP StickerSynthetic PVC Sticker

8 x 8 cmStickers measuring 8 cm by 8 cm (or with a 8 cm diameter

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Finally, you can print custom stickers online to use them as standard labels that you can use to organize and develop your business. It is just a matter of thinking about which labels you need to better organize your business, printing the required stickers, and using them. For instance, if the products that you sell come with instructions, you can print those on a sticker and conveniently stick them directly on the product.

3 x 3 cm4 x 4 cm5 x 5 cm6 x 6 cm7 x 7 cm8 x 8 cm9 x 9 cm10 x 10 cmCustom formatFront OnlyFull Color on Front OnlyBlack & White Color on Front OnlySimili StickerMirrorcoat StickerSynthetic Matt White StickerSynthetic Transparent StickerNoneNoneRound StickersCustomized Shape Stickers

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ProductStickers Format3 x 3 cmPagesFront OnlyColorsFull Color on Front OnlyMaterial typeSynthetic Transparent StickerFinishingNoneSticker ShapeNone Quantitypieces Delivery date

Perfect Label Supply specializes in printing custom self-adhesive stickers and labels printing. We offer a complete range of high quality self-adhesive stickers and labels in various types of materials, sizes, shapes, and finishing. Besides stickers and labels, we also print other marketing collaterals such as brochures, flyers, leaflet, namecard, envelopes, letterhead, notebook, corporate folders, posters, packaging boxes, and many more. 

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6 x 6 cmStickers measuring 6 cm by 6 cm (or with a 6 cm diameter)

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From a company/brand perspective, there are many reasons to print stickers and distribute them. Popular uses range from brand marketing and printing collectible stickers to consumers, to printing custom labels that will help you organize and run your business. Stickers offer the advantage that they can be used anywhere, from smartphones, laptops, and notebooks to cars, helmets, and store windows.

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Tried And TrustedWe have experienced production staff and graphics designer who can handle the needs of clients large and small. We invest in the best quality printing machinery to meet high standards of our customers – 2,000 and counting! 

Our mirrorcoat stickers are paper stickers, coated to give them a glossy look and feel. As the simili paper stickers, they cannot be used outdoors.

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7 x 7 cmStickers measuring 7 cm by 7 cm (or with a 7 cm diameter)

Customized Shape StickersPrint stickers in any shape that you like

You can also promote your business and foster customer loyalty by printing collector stickers for your customers. For instance limited edition stickers either designed by the customers or voted on by the customers are a great way to make them value the stickers even more. If your company has a lot of recognition, and you printed sticker design that are original and nice, your stickers might get collector status on their own.

5 x 5 cmStickers measuring 5 cm by 5 cm (or with a 5 cm diameter)

If you have problem ordering online, please email us at [email protected] or call 03-2072 6323 for more information. We will be able to assist you in ordering the stickers label.

Synthetic Transparent StickerA transparent synthetic sticker.Mostpopular

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Therefore, you should print stickers with a creative layout, smart graphics, and  a catchy text, so that people visually and emotionally enjoy them because they make them laugh, think, or remind them of good times. Such stickers usually just include the name, logo of a company and some cool graphics, and they can then be handed out for free at exhibitions, conventions, fairs, and any other kind of event. People absolutely love receiving this kind of goodies with individual design, because they can use your printed stickers to make their laptop, notebook or car look nicer.

Black & White Color on Front Only Print Black&White on one side

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9 x 9 cmStickers measuring 9 cm by 9 cm (or with a 9 cm diameter)

Your Order Summary Format3 x 3 cmPagesFront OnlyColorsFull Color on Front OnlyMaterial typeSynthetic Transparent StickerFinishingNoneSticker ShapeNone Quantity pieces Expected Delivery

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Generate brand recognition Spread brand awareness Create a buzz around your brand

As their name gives away, transparent synthetic stickers are see-through and optimized for outdoor usage, to withstand the elements. The qualitative material ensures that stickers will remain in place as long as you need them to.

Our simili paper stickers are great to print stickers to be used on any material or surface, as long as it is not outdoors. This kind of sticker is perfect if you want your message to pop up against a predetermined background. The qualitative material ensures that stickers will remain in place as long as you need them to.

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Free Delivery In Peninsular MalaysiaWe Offer 48-Hours Delivery For Most Of Malaysia

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3 x 3 cmStickers measuring 3 cm by 3 cm (or with a 3 cm diameter)Mostpopular

* Width must be between 3 cm and 25 cm * Height must be between 3 cm and 25 cm * Product’s quantity must be more than 50 pieces and less than 10000 pieces * Your product’s quantity was already exist. * Your number of pages is not available.

You should always remember that the main advantage of printing cool stickers that customers/leads actually use, is that the stickers turn those people into mobile advertising mediums, which is invaluable. For example, if people like to stick your sticker on their computer or smartphone, they will be exposing your brand and spreading your marketing message to everybody that sees them using said computer or phone.

Process Days 3 Days (NORMAL DAYS) (QTY 1-2000pcs)5 Days (NORMAL DAYS)(Qty 3000 – 10000pcs)

Select StateJohorKedahKelantanKuala LumpurLabuanMelakaN. SembilanPahangPenangPerakPutrajayaSabahSarawakSelangorTerrenganu

Artwork Artwork files have to be uploaded before Monday, 12:00 PM. Late upload might lead to late delivery. Only one artwork can be uploaded per order item.

4 x 4 cmStickers measuring 4 cm by 4 cm (or with a 4 cm diameter)

Sizes A9 (37mm x 52mm) (37 x 52)A8 (52mm x 74mm) (52 x 74)A7 (74mm x 105mm) (74 x 105)A6 (105mm x 148mm) (105 x 148)A5 (148mm x 210mm) (148 x 210)A4 (210mm x 297mm) (210 x 297)A3 (297mm x 420mm) (297 x 420)Custom Size

Sticker label printing for industrial use.We provide sticker services such as printing, labelling and self-adhessive to our customers who are interested to our services. In Image Magic, we provide you with a variety of quality stickers that is suitable for any occasion, indoor or outdoor.

Customization and desired designs.In Image Magic, customers are able to design and customize their designs in any desired sizes and shapes their heart desires. Thus, the end product will give a satisfying feeling towards the customer and also us in Image Magic.

Our New Transparent OPP Sticker is available for selection. Please key in the size that you required. Our minimum charges for sticker label is RM 45.00 per job, please key in the correct quantity before proceed.

If you can’t find the exact options you want, please login to our website and request a custom quote.

As they are made with a synthetic material, they are optimized for outdoor usage, to withstand the elements. The qualitative material ensures that stickers will remain in place as long as you need them to. They have a nice matt white look.

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