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August 18, 2018 9:12 am by maryrosh
Custom laptop skin printing laptop stickers
Measure the targeted sticker home overlay of laptop
Print Stickers For Laptop

If your design easily fits in one standard or contour shape, then laptop stickers are a great choice for you! However, if you are looking for a more intricate design comprised of multiple pieces, we recommend placing a custom order for Transfer Stickers. Transfer Stickers are pre-masked for easy application, allowing you to adhere the transfer easily, evenly and bubble free. When it’s time for a new design you can easily remove your Transfer Sticker without leaving behind any adhesive. Fill out the form below to order Transfer Stickers.Frequently Asked Questions:

The following is a very cool step by step Sticker Tutorial on how to create some custom Clear Vinyl Laptop Stickers, that will glow when placed on your laptop…

Q: Can I write my contact info on my laptop decals?A: We encourage it! Our laptop decals can be written on with any permanent marker.  Alternatively you can add text like contact info directly on your laptop sticker to ensure no one confuses it with their own or can be returned safely if lost.

This clear vinyl sticker is extra special because it is designed to fit perfectly over the glowing logo on your Apple laptop and has the power to transport onlookers into alternate dimensions of time and space. This is of course not limited to just Apple products, you can customize your own laptop, tablet or even phone using this technique.

Custom Printed Laptop Stickers Free die cuts and custom shapes for your laptop GET STARTED

After my front artwork file is saved, I hit ‘Save as’ and save this second file as “PH_Sticker-Back.psd“

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(In the photo below, you’ll see that I also temporarily set the ‘layer blend mode’ to ‘multiply’ so I could see my artwork behind the shape)

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Turn your favorite photos, characters, designs, or your company logo, all into laptop stickers! You can either cover your laptop with a bunch of different stickers, or select your favorite and switch them up when you’re ready for a new design. For Mac users, get creative with the apple logo on the back and place your stickers around it and use it in your artwork. Perhaps your favorite characters trying to reach for the apple, or jumping over it? While you can make your stickers to cover just a portion of your laptop, you can make it to cover the whole back of the monitor, too. Just measure the size the area you want to cover, and make your sticker accordingly! Not only can you make the stickers on the cover of your laptop, you can also make them to stick on the keyboard area so you can admire your stickers while you work.

Get your Artwork on the Back TooI also always take advantage of Sticker Robot’s sticker back printing upgrade. This is an option where you can create black & white, or grayscale artwork to be printed on the actual paper backing that peels off your sticker.

Note: On a Mac, the Apple Logo can be extremely bright, and even with 2 barrier coats of white, the entire logo will shine through the transparent sticker material. Try reducing the monitor brightness to a low setting for optimum results.

On a new layer, I fill the selection with 100% magenta to get the basic custom shape.

To do this, I turned on the rulers to measure and pulled out some guides to see where my cut needed to be. I then went to the dropdown menu and choose ‘Select – Modify – Expand’ and set my selection to expand by 50 pixels, so that it was at least 1/8 in. away from my artwork. (Note: the amount of pixels you expand by will depend on your sticker size and file resolution, so just experiment with this until you find the magic number)

Thanks for following along and I hope you enjoyed seeing how I blasted out this laptop sticker! Hopefully it inspires you to create your own pile of new stickers soon!

Since my artwork has a lot of odd areas and nooks, I decided to smooth it out so that my shape was not too complex and had nice clean edges for my custom die-cut shape.

Once the rough drawing starts looking pretty good, I selected the left side, duplicated and flipped it to keep the design symmetrical.

Render It UpAlright! Now it’s time to get serious and precisely render up the final artwork. First, make sure that your file is set to up as CMYK and that is at least 300 dpi at the final size. (I like to work in at least 600dpi or higher, so I can zoom in on the details without pixilation)

Form Your Rough ConceptTo get started, I looked through my sketchbook of super quick, (often really crappy) pencil sketches to see if there was anything useful to work with. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of fast sketches to capture new ideas, dreams or visions that pop into my head. In this stage, I’m not too concerned with making a technically good drawing. The goal is just getting the idea down on paper and out of my head to remind myself of it later.

Sticker Tutorial: How to Make Custom Laptop Stickers By Zoltron Black Mar 09th Sticker Tutorials Comments

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If you’d like to see more of my work, purchase, t-shirts, prints, stickers and more, check out You can also connect me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr for non-stop updates and progress shots of new artwork and other custom vinyl stickers.

To accomplish this, I start by merging my artwork into one layer on top of a transparent background. (I also reduced my file size down to 400 dpi instead of 600+.) You’ll notice that I left the 2 eye areas transparent so that the Apple logo will glow through the design when it’s stick on.

I went through and carefully outlined my sketch with all the solid black lines that it needed for the main shapes.

Head over to the PaleHorse Website and pick up a couple Laptop stickers! He’s got a sweet new “Jaguar” Design as well!

(I also deleted the original filled-shape layer, as I no longer needed it)

I found a couple old Cyclops-looking scribbles that I decided to run with for a big, glowing eye concept and I took some shoots of the sketches with my iPhone.

Q: I thought all your laptop stickers were die-cuts, what’s the difference between those and transfer stickers?A: Our die-cut laptop stickers are cut to contour the exact shape of your image and have a white background. Our transfer stickers for laptops allow for designs with multiples parts to be made without a background. Because they’re backgroundless they’re perfect for computer stickers you want to use around apple logos. They’re delivered pre-masked to make applying them smooth and easy. Both types of laptop decals can be applied bubble-free and are easily removable!

After completing the artwork setup, I jumped on, went to the custom laptop stickers page and clicked ‘Order Stickers’ and went through the simple guided steps to place my order. Then, I uploaded my artwork files for print and counted the days ‘till these bad boys arrived!

Make laptop stickers at StickerYou, or upload your logo to promote your company. Make your own custom stickers for any laptop or computer at StickerYou!

Now, I just save my finished, layered file as a .psd and I’m ready to create the artwork for the back of my laptop sticker.

Refine That Crappy SketchNow it’s time to go digital. First, I imported and opened up a pencil sketch .jpg in Photoshop and added a light blue adjustment layer to make it easier to draw on top of. Next, I created a new layer and started refining the sketch with my Wacom Cintiq tablet. In this phase, the concept starts to evolve and develop, but it’s still just a rough drawing to be refined again.

Q: I don’t want to pay a fortune for a laptop skin, can I make one with StickerYou? A: We do those too! Patterned skins look great and are easily removable when made with our clear vinyl material. Alternatively you can create a laptop skin or a decal with our transfer stickers as well. As long as you have the dimensions of the back of your laptop handy simply upload into our online editor and customize away.

Die-Cut Sticker Printing File Set-upNow that the artwork is ready to go, the next step is to create a die-cut line around my creation so that the sticker will get cut to the custom shape that I want. Using the ‘Magic Wand’, I select the transparent background area and inverse it to get a nice selection around my artwork. For custom die-cut shapes, Sticker Robot requires that your cut line is at least 1/8 in. away from your artwork.

Q: I really love stickers that involve my Macbook’s Apple logo but they look hard to make, do you make those?A: We sure do! Our online sticker editor has a database of stickers which include cartoon characters, brand logos, letters, and borders and banners – many of which would look great interacting with your apple logo! If you have a specific image that we don’t you can simply upload it!  Remember to resize all images so they fit your specific Macbook.

Once I had had the smoothed out shape, I made it a selection and created a new layer called “Die-Cut” and gave the selection a 2-pixel stroke to indicate the cut line.

For the solid, clean lines I set my brush to the settings below:

Q: I have a pretty nice computer, are you sure a laptop sticker isn’t going to ruin it?A: Not at all! Our lap-stock stickers are printed on thick vinyl material so peeling off and reapplying your laptop decal is super easy and leaves absolutely no sticky residue, so all you have to worry about is having the coolest looking customized laptop around.

For this task this, I grabbed my Wacom pen again with the hard brush settings and just fixed problem areas by drawing on top of them and smoothing things out.

Let’s start with the background first. I created the pyramid shape in Adobe Illustrator, then copied & pasted it on top of my sketch on a new layer. Next, I added a ‘layer mask’ to hide the areas I was about to draw in. I also temporarily set the layer ‘blend mode’ to ‘multiply’ to make it easier to see the sketch.

Below is a shot of the final result. Warning: Don’t gaze too long if you want to stay in this dimension and finish the tutorial.

All of our stickers work amazing on a laptop. Laptop stickers are portable billboards, and people are always talking about what’s on their computer. You get free die cuts, custom shapes, fast shipping and great service with our laptop stickers.

That’s it! Now, just hit ‘Save’ and you are ready to order your stickers!

Hello sticker maniacs, this is Chris Parks, (AKA Pale Horse) from Tampa Bay, Florida. In this tutorial I wanted to share with you, the process I used to create my latest, clear vinyl sticker based custom laptop stickers. I’m also going to walk you through the file set-up steps to get your stickers printed and die-cut with the dudes at Sticker Robot!

Make your laptop stickers using our high quality, glossy vinyl material in either white or clear vinyl. Our stickers will stick strong and go on smoothly with bubble free material. When it comes time to change your stickers, they will come off clean and leave no messy residue behind to harm your computer. To help keep your laptop safe, while making your sticker, include your name, email, or phone number, so people can contact you if found.

Q: I want a laptop sticker to look at while I use my computer, can I get a sticker for the keyboard area of my laptop?A: For sure! Our die-cut laptop stickers are easily removable from the keyboard area of laptops as well! Just make sure you order your laptop decal to fit in the desired space!

Clear Sticker Printing Set-upSetting stickers up for clear vinyl is actually pretty easy. I just leave the area that I want clear as a transparency layer in the background, so that whatever is transparent in my file will not be printed. Sticker Robot will then, back all my artwork areas with a thick coat of white ink.

Q: Will a laptop skin or a laptop decal cause my computer to overheat?A: Stickers (or as they may also be known decals) will not cause your computer to overheat if they do not obstruct any heat vents.  Our Computer Stickers are generally considered safe for any on-computer application and they can easily handle temperatures generated on the surface of the computer.  We would recommend however that the computer stickers not be placed near any heat vents or on the underside of a laptop or on the back of a desktop computers as temperatures there can reach 80 degrees Celsius on serious gaming machines.

After spending some time honing in on the details, the illustration finally matches the vision I had in my head. Now, it’s time to get the file set up for printing my clear, die-cut vinyl sticker.

If you are curious about how I set up my brushes, check out the screenshot below for the custom settings I use to get this look. Nothing too fancy here, but I’ve tried a lot of settings over the years and these are my favorites to get this natural, soft shaded look.

Make It FitNow it’s time to position the rough drawing to make sure it will work well with the glowing laptop logo. I copied an Apple logo from a Google image search and pasted it on top of my design to make adjustments to best fit the size and shape. I also busted out my handy ‘machete ruler’ and measured the logo on my laptop to make sure everything would line up nicely. It’s also a good idea to print out your design and hold it over the Apple logo, just to make sure you’ve got it sized correctly and you like how the sticker will look in real life.

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I decided to draw in another monster getting wild in the background, with one stoned eye and one wide open to make use of the glowing leaf area. At this point, I thought it also needed something else to complete the piece, so I also added a geometric, pyramid background to the design to complete the rough sketch. It’s now ready to be rendered up!

Q: I have a tablet for my kids but they can get kind of messy, will my laptop stickers survive spills and drops?A:  All of our laptop stickers are totally water and food proof, so anything spilled on them can be easily wiped off. Our stickers for laptops are printed on an incredibly durable vinyl material making them incredibly difficult to rip or tear, totally drop-proof, and kid friendly!  

I then went to the menu dropdown and choose: ‘Image – Image Rotation – Flip Canvas Horizontal’. Next, I deleted the artwork and replaced it with one of my custom pattern files and added my social media info so people could connect with me online. (I think this is a great way to promote your urls and any other info with your sticker, without compromising the actual artwork on the front.)

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img” data-cycle-swipe=”true” data-cycle-log=”false” data-cycle-auto-height=”calc”>

From here, I switched back to my soft brush settings (see previous brush settings) and started painting in the shading details, color and highlights. I do all of my black shading on one layer and add color and highlights afterwards, but you can work however you want. I also always keep everything on separate layers, so that I can easily adjust anything as I go along.

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