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P Plate Decal Stickers

P Plate Decal Stickers P Plate Decal Stickers

Breaking News Carr Fire update: 38,000 evacuated as blaze ravages Redding area

1. Immediately report the loss/theft to the police — contact local police, Secret Service (202) 634-2234 or DS Command Center (571) 345-3146 to file a report 2. Obtain a police report number 3. During normal business hours, contact OFM to obtain an OFM report number

Given that these people were most likely looking for free parking at the expense of our neighborhood, a couple of us were wondering if we could have had the car towed. Any suggestions as to what we could have done?

Q I was parked in Santa Clara and while taking a stroll noticed the green 2017 registration decal sticker peeled off and missing from my license plate, revealing the 2014 sticker. On the advice of colleagues, I filed an online vandalism report with the Santa Clara police and got a duplicate 2017 sticker from the DMV. Does this happen often or was it an isolated incident?

Then one morning, a neighbor saw an Uber vehicle drop off a couple with rolling luggage. These people got in the car and drove off. My guess is that they came from the airport after spending a week traveling somewhere.

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The car was parked in such a way that it took up enough space for two cars. One of our neighbors is rebuilding their house. So the loss of two parking spaces during the week made things difficult for construction workers.

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e-Gov Application Submission Receipt Reason for replacement:    o Specify new position type, if applicable    o Lost/Stolen plate    o Lost Decal    o Damaged Plate If Replacement is due to lost/stolen plates or vehicle, then the OFM Lost/Stolen Report Number must be entered on the e-GOV application:    o A copy of a Police Report must be submitted to OFM prior to submission of the application; OFM will in turn provide the mission with an OFM Stolen/Lost Report Number.

If Replacement is due to poor condition of existing plates or if only one plate has been lost/stolen, the new plates will be exchanged for the previously issued plate(s) If Replacement of lost decal is requested, a replacement fee applies    o Acceptable forms of payment: Check or Money Order payable to the U.

S. Department of State    o Completed OFM-approved Payment cover sheet

Q I just signed up for pilot program where drivers don’t pay for gas but by the number of miles they drive.

The results from a dizzying spring inspection of the Golden Gate Bridge’s massive twin towers are in and show they are in pretty good shape after 81 years of exposure to wind, rain and of course the seemingly ubiquitous fog.

A Excellent. And now a plea from the state. More than 5,000 people have signed up for the nine-month experiment, but even more are needed. The Caltrans Road Charge Pilot Program is asking more rural drivers to sign up to ensure that the test accurately depicts the needs of the entire state. Go to www.californiaroadchargepilot.com for more details.

NEW YORK (AP) — Cracking down on hate, abuse and online trolls is also hurting Twitter’s standing with investors.

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Golden Gate Bridge towers holding up well after eight decades

Most Uber drivers in California earn income from others sources, the study said, but the net income gain for drivers statewide amounts to $830 million a year.

Why is traffic on city streets worse? Uber and Lyft to blame, study says

A Yes, you could have called the local parking agency after three days. A car can park on a public street for only 72 hours before it has to be moved.

A It happens, but the DMV doesn’t track the exact number. The state advises people to remove decals from any prior years from the license plate before applying a new sticker. That’s because applying it directly to the license plate makes it more difficult to remove intact.

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Q Our neighborhood is a five-minute drive from the San Jose airport. Recently someone left their car for a week parked in front of our house. We had no idea whose car it was.

WARNING: Do not operate the motor vehicle until a replacement license plate(s) and a registration decal have been issued and affixed to the motor vehicle. Motor vehicles without license plates or with expired decals are subject to being stopped by police. Local authorities are not obligated to permit such motor vehicles to operate on local streets. In these cases the driver may be required either to park the motor vehicle nearby, if legally permissible, or to arrange at the driver’s expense for the motor vehicle to be towed to the Foreign Mission or to another place of safekeeping. Insurers also often contest coverage when the motor vehicle has not been re-registered.

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Note: Please see your mission’s or organization’s Administrative Officer for assistance with this process.

Note: License plates and registration decals issued through OFM are U.S. Government property, must not be removed from the United States, and must be returned to OFM when the purpose for which they were issued is no longer valid. Department of State license plates reported stolen by OFM to the law enforcement community and plates failing to display the required registration decal, may be confiscated.

You may obtain a replacement month sticker at no cost from a local DMV branch.

If the year sticker has been lost, stolen, mutilated or is illegible, you must get a replacement sticker and pay a $20 fee. Submit form 156 and the fee to your local DMV or mail to the DMV, P.O. Box 942869, Sacramento, CA 94269-00.

The stickers also come with slices in the center portion to make them more difficult to remove in one piece. Some people, after applying them to the plate, will slash the stickers again in an “x” pattern with a razor blade to make it even harder. That is what I do.

A new study found that ride-sharing services lead to at least a 160 percent increase of cars driving on urban streets.

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Follow Gary Richards at Twitter.com/mrroadshow, look for him at Facebook.com/mr.roadshow or contact him at [email protected] or 408-920-5335.

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