(Ready to hang, artist info and price) Reminder the gallery will be taking 50% of sales so please price accordingly.

Note: We are giving away a Calaveras T-Shirt and 10 Calaveras Stickers!! Simply share this post & leave a comment below to enter.

A Video: Stickerobot Silk Screen Sticker Printing & Die Cut Stickers

We printed a big run of Custom Stickers and Created some RAD Sticker Packs for Sticker Aficionado Zoltron. Go get some!

Granted, a priceless century-and-a-half old painting vs. a custom sticker for a local T-shirt company might not fit into the same argument, but none the less, here’s a short story about sticker printing, sharing photos of clown nipples & social media censorship..

So.. Is it time to beautify your laptop with some of own laptop stickers?

20 Insanely Awesome, Custom, Hand Drawn Stickers! By Sticker Robot Sep 12th Artist Stickers Comments

-Artwork you would like to display please have the following included:

10 Questions With Custom Calaveras Sticker Artist, Jose Pulido By Sticker Robot Sep 15th Clear Vinyl Stickers Comments

You can either buy some pre-made stickers from our sticker store, from artists like Jose Pulido, Mike Mitchell, Shepard Fairey, Hydro74, Zoltron, Travis Millard, or we can print your own custom artwork as laptop stickers.

We have worked with Jose on several projects, including our popular Day of the Dead Sticker Packs, but today we’re gonna get down to the questions…

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, a sticker image that we posted to our Facebook page resulted in a similar suspension.

‘Sticker Phiends’ will be a showcase of local and international adhesive, street and graffiti artists. The show will feature adhesive art and other interactive activities, plenty of sticker giveaways, limited edition prints and other mixed medium works produced by showcasing artists.

It’s July, 2014. Our country is having a Birthday Party… And You’re Invited.

Independence Day – Free “Nyan Cat” Sticker Giveaway! By Sticker Robot Sep 02nd Die Cut Stickers Comments

Interviews Tyler Stout You Are Beautiful Prolly is not Probably Skinner David Lanham Gig Art Posters Supersonic Electronic All Hail the Black Market Hydro74 Ty! Billi Kid Shawnimals Cryptik Mishka NYC ABCNT Travis Millard Dronex Jose Pulido Marq Spusta 1000 Styles Chump Magic Zombie Yeti Citizen Panic Jimbo Philips

And while we’re on the subject, check out this awesome Laptop Sticker Tutorial on how to make your art into Laptop Stickers. It was created by our friends at Pale Horse Design and it kicks all sorts of ass.

Turkish Artist, Erdal Inci’s Hypnotic Looping Videos… By Sticker Robot Aug 13th Random Awesomeness Comments

In fact, They even included a sticker in the commercial from one our our longtime customers, Supreme. Pretty damn sweeeeet.

As I type this blog post from my sticker-covered Macbook pro, I can confirm beyond reasonable doubt, that people do indeed love to cover their laptops in custom laptop stickers.

Open Call: “Sticker Phiends” Sticker Art Show! By Sticker Robot Aug 07th Artist Stickers, Street Art Stickers Comments

Skate or Die By Sticker Robot Aug 14th Random Awesomeness Comments

Over the years Jose has made over 100 Calaveras and we have printed close to 100,000 custom stickers for Jose, (almost all of which have been clear vinyl stickers.) If you are counting, that’s one hell of a lot of transparent Calaveras.

Our friend MADONE is putting on a Sticker Show in Phoenix, Arizona (October 2014)

And to celebrate such a proclamatory occasion, we are giving away some extremely patriotic, limited edition 100% official, Red White and Blue Nyan Cat Stickers!! For FREE. 

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New Zoltron Sticker Packs! By Sticker Robot Jul 17th Sticker Packs Comments

Please send in posters/stickers for our installation piece (no larger than 24x36in.)

The “Offensive” Stickers that got us Suspended from Facebook.. By Zoltron Black Mar 12th Customers Stickers Comments

This is where Jaywalkers go when they Die… By Sticker Robot Jul 20th Random Awesomeness Comments

This week, we caught up with our talented friend and long-time customer, Jose Pulido. Jose makes beautiful, custom made Sticker Calaveras. A Calavera is a decorated skull that celebrates the Mexican “Day of the Dead” holiday.

It appears that Apple is well aware of this adhesive phenomenon, as today they released a new commercial, entitled “Apple – MacBook Air – TV Ad – Stickers”

Currently France is involved in an online censorship lawsuit with Facebook, involving a 149-year-old painting of a vagina by Gustave Courbet, a School Teacher’s subsequent suspension from Facebook, and a Social Media Empire that can not distinguish Pornography from Art.

New Apple Laptop Stickers Commercial By Sticker Robot Jul 21st Laptop Stickers Comments

On a regular basis we’ll ask a new sticker artist a series of 10 questions. To keep things simple and to engage in a deeply philosophical, long term case study of the scientifically complicated “Sticker Artist’s mind,” we’ve decided to leave the questions the same every week.

If you have any questions regarding submissions/sponsoring the event or shipping please contact

Warning: If you are easily offended by a clown with semi-exposed nipples and beautifully composed oil paintings of scantily-clad blue aliens by world famous artists, stop reading now. If neither of these topics are cause for your moral concern… Please, read on.

Paper crown is throwing a classic sticker street art show with a few twists adhesive fiends is a way for them to give back to the sticker street art
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