Oozaru Silhouette Stickers

November 24, 2018 9:46 pm by maryrosh
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Oozaru Silhouette Stickers

How to Make Print and Cut Sticker Sets (Silhouette Studio V4 Tutorial)

Making stickers with Silhouette is really no different than Silhouette print and cut…instead of printing and cutting on paper, you’re printing and cutting on sticker sheets!  And just like print and cut, once you  make your first set of stickers, you’ll be hooked!!!If you sell Silhouette items, it’s a good reminder to let your customers know if you have hand wash only items.

You can place these stickers right on your business cards and directly on the items. Design a Silhouette Print and Cut Design To start making stickers with Silhouette, you want to first create your sticker design in Silhouette Studio.

I wanted something pretty simple since my stickers are each less than 1″.  I’m going to fly through this part since I have free Silhouette tutorials on every step along the way…click on any of the links if you get stuck (and of course these steps may or may not apply to your sticker design): Draw a circle Make an internal offset Change the internal offset line so it’s a dashed/colored line.

(Be sure to give it a weight so it prints) Type out the text, position, and make a text to path to get the curve  Turn on the cut edge line ONLY on the outer circle just like you would for a print and cut How to Set Up Sticker Sheets in Silhouette Studio With your sticker design created in Silhouette Studio, now you can fill your page with it to make a full sheet of stickers.

The easiest way to fill the page with the same design in the Silhouette software is from the Replicate panel. Select the design and click “Fill Page”.  This is what you get… Silhouette Studio Registration Marks for Stickers The next step is to add registration marks.

  This can be done by either clicking “M” on your keyboard or by going to the Registration Marks tab in the Page Setup panel. The Registration Marks will cover some of your stickers so be sure to delete any stickers that are outside the safe cut line and those touching the gridded area.

Depending on the size and shape of your stickers you’ll likely need to move your stickers around.  Select all of the remaining stickers and move them into the safe print and cut area. Now you’re ready to print to your home printer.

I printed on the Silhouette brand White Silhouette Sticker, although my favorite sticker material is from Online Labels. After I printed, I prepared to cut.  Return to Silhouette Studio and from the Send panel select Sticker Material, White.

Place your printed sticker sheet on your Silhouette Cutting mat and load it into your cutting machine. I was cutting this set on my Silhouette Portrait, but the process is the same for Silhouette CAMEO as well.

  Just be sure you have the correct tool (Autoblade or Rachet blade) selected in the Send panel depending on the machine and blade you’re cutting with. When you click “Send” in Silhouette Studio from the Send panel, the Silhouette mahcine will first search for the registration marks.

That’s how it knows exactly where to cut.Once the registration marks are successfully found, the cutting will begin. These stickers cut beautifully and only through the top sticker sheet – not the liner which is what we want.

That’s called a ‘kiss cut’ when the blade cuts through the top sheet, but not the bottom.Then just peel up the top sheet to ‘weed’ and you’ve got your DIY custom stickers made with Silhouette! And here’s how I put them to good use.

..  Note: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links, I received a small commission. That’s what helps fund Silhouette School so I can keep buying new Silhouette-related products to show you how to get the most out of your machine!Thanks for coming to class today at Silhouette School.

  If you like what you see, I’d love for you to pin it!

I love making little sticker sets with my Silhouette CAMEO and it’s pretty easy to do! This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own. Depending on the size, you can get several sticker sets out of each piece of sticker paper.

This beginner Silhouette sticker tutorial will walk you through how to set up and print and cut multiple sets of stickers in Silhouette Studio V4. The first thing you want to do is open Silhouette Studio and change the page set up.

The page size needs to match your sticker sheet. Whenever I print stickers, I always get my printable sticker sheets from Online Labels.  For these I’m using just a glossy white sticker sheet without a slice in the backing.

Open the Page Setup tool from the right sidebar and change the size to “Current Printer.” You’ll likely also need to change the orientation to portrait. Further down the Page Setup panel turn on both the Show Print Border and the Show Cut Border.

These are basically your safe print and cut zones in Silhouette Studio. Anything outside these areas either won’t print or won’t cut.  Now it’s time to turn on the Registration Marks. In Silhouette Studio V4, the Registration Marks tab is also in the Page SetUp panel.

Click the tab and then from the Style drop down select “Type 1: CAMEO, Portrait, Curio.”The black markings and two hashed areas will be added to your work space.  You’re all set to start adding your sticker designs.

  I picked a few different Halloween-designs I had in my library.  You can download the Halloween sticker set free here for personal use.TIP: The Online Labels sticker sheets cut really easily with Silhouette Studio, so small areas are not a problem, but if you want to make it easier on yourself you may want to add a small offset around your designs to make your stickers a bit sturdier.

  Size the sticker designs by selecting them and pulling the corner nodule in or out or by using the Scale tool – which is hidden in the Transform panel.Once you have the size correct, give each sticker shape the same line color.

  This is important because we are going to cut by color when we go to cut.After all the stickers have their line color, use the Draw a Rectangle tool on the left sidebar and draw a rectangle or rounded rectangle around the entire set.

This shape should have a different line color.When we go to cut we can tell Silhouette Studio that we want the stickers to be “kiss cut” or only cut through the top layer of the sticker paper, but we want the green line cut deeper to create our sticker sets! Before you move to the send panel, let’s take advantage of the full sticker sheet.

  We don’t want to waste any bit of our Online Labels sheets!  Replicate your sticker sheets by copying/pasting or right click > duplicate. You may need to rotate the sets to maximize how many fit on a page.

If any of the sets are outside the Print or Cut border you can give yourself a little more work space, by going back into the Registration Marks tab and moving the Left, Top, and Right Insets to the left.

DO NOT MOVE THE BOTTOM INSET or it will drop below the Print border and not print completely causing a registration error. With your sticker sets are ready to go, move to the Send panel.  Because we want to cut by line color, click “Line” rather than staying in the Simple mode.

Because our designs have red and green cut lines, those color swatches are listed in the Cut By/Action By Line panel.Check the box for “Red” (anything with a red line) and change the Material to Sticker Paper, White.

Double check the tool and action settings.  The default cut settings will appear below your selections. By the way – Online Labels does a great job of providing accurate Silhouette CAMEO cut settings for all of their products.

  For the White Gloss Inkjet Sticker paper, they recommend a Blade depth of 2, Speed 4, and Force/Thickness of 4.  My suggestion is to manually adjust the Silhouette Studio default settings to match.

These cut settings for Red/Tool 1 will result in a kiss cut around the stickers, which is exactly what we want. (Place the Autoblade in Tool 1/Left/Red Carriage in your Silhouette CAMEO 3).    If you have any internal cut lines on your stickers, like I do in the image above, click the “AutoWeld” button (highlighted below).

This tells the software to ONLY cut the edge of the design.  Are you still with me?! I promise this will become second nature the more you practice! Now we want to tell Silhouette Studio to cut each individual sticker set which means we need to cut completely through the printable sticker sheets and the backing – so we need a deeper cut.

Still in the Action By Line panel, check the box for the green line and change the tool to Blue. This allows us to set different cut settings for the green lines vs the red lines which is why we assigned each shape a line color.

You’ll also want to change the Material. Sticker Paper, Clear will give you a deeper cut, but remember to cross check with the Online Labels cut settings for a full cut on Printable Glossy Sticker Sheets (Blade: 2, Speed 4, Thickness/Force 15) or whatever type of sticker sheets you’re working with.

Adjust manually as needed.Finally, change the blade to the ratchet blade. Manually adjust the blade depth and place it in the Right/Blue/Tool 2 carriage and lock into place.      You’re finally ready to print.

  Place the Printable Glossy Sticker Sheet into the printer so it’s oriented to print on the glossy side.Click the Printer tool from the top tool bar of Silhouette Studio to bring the print. The sticker designs and registration marks should print – but the green and red lines should not since they have a line weight of 0.

00. Allow the ink to dry for a minute to ensure it doesn’t smear and then place it on you Silhouette Cutting Mat.  Load the mat into the machine and return to the Send panel in Silhouette Studio to send the design to cut.

The machine will look for the registration marks first. Once that’s successful, Tool 1 will cut the stickers and then Tool 2 will cut the sticker sets. Before removing anything from your cutting machine, make sure the sticker paper has been completely cut through around the edges by lifting one of the corners.

When you see that it has, remove the mat from the Silhouette machine. Peel away the excess sticker paper to reveal your sticker sets! I mean how fun are these?! Think the kids might like them as much as candy when trick or treating?! Okay maybe not 😉 Note: This post may contain affiliate links.

By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links, I receive a small commission. That’s what helps fund Silhouette School so I can keep buying new Silhouette-related products to show you how to get the most out of your machine!

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