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New Sticker Logo Custom Stickers

New Sticker Logo Custom Stickers New Sticker Logo Custom Stickers

These stickers are also printed with a traditional spot color method, with a standard of up to 4 spot colors. Compared to full color printing with CMYK colors, spot colors are applied one layer at a time. Check out our page on the differences between spot color and full color printing to learn more about the possibilities with these printing methods.

Need help with your design or order? Call us, chat us, or send us an email – we’d love to talk to you!

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Our stickers are outdoor durable, so your brand can travel indoors or out!

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We also print custom Silkscreen Stickers, which is one of the most durable types of sticker you can find. These are ideal when your custom stickers will be applied in outdoor settings and subjected to the harsh elements such as sun and wind. Silkscreen Stickers are printed on an outdoor durable vinyl with UV resistant inks.

We understand that you don’t want to waste your time or money ordering a custom product from StickerYou that isn’t going to fit your needs, so we created this chart to help you determine which material is best for your custom stickers, labels, or wall decals.

Frequently Asked Questions: Q: I have a great business logo but it’s pretty abstract looking, will I be able to get custom logo stickers of its exact shape?A: Absolutely! Every logo can make a great logo sticker! Simply upload your logo or design in our online sticker editor and the exact shape of your sticker logo design will be outlined and ready to cut! Q: I’m starting a new business but have no experience in graphic design, how easy will it be for me to design a sticker?A: Fret not! Even if you don’t have a business logo you can use StickerYou’s online database of shapes and designs to edit them hassle free in our online sticker editor.

Change shapes, sizes, colours and add text with the simple click of a button. Any additional text or images you add to your vinyl die-cut will also appear within the border, meaning no matter how many changes you make to your logo your custom logo sticker will always be the exact shape! If you’re still in a jam, we offer online logo design services as well.

Q: Can I get a sheet of custom logo stickers?A: Absolutely! Once you upload your logo or design you can choose the size of the logo sticker you need and we’ll show you how many will fit on a page. From there you can decide whether you want your logo stickers to be die-cut to the logos exact shape, or in one of our standard shapes which include circle, oval, rectangle, or square shape.

Q: I can order just one business logo sticker?A: For sure. At StickerYou we have no order minimums, so if you want to see what your logo will look like as a sheet, a die-cut single, or a kiss-cut single.

You can also order single pages of your sitcer logo design or kiss-cut singles in different materials to determine which one is right for you!Q: I don’t want my die-cut company logo stickers to have a white background, can I remove it?A: That is possible! In our online sticker editor simply select a transparent background to get your die-cut custom vinyl decals cut flush to the edge.

Q: What makes sticker logo printing through StickerYou more affordable then if I ordered through a local print shop?A: Some local print-shops may offer sticker printing however every step is manual, from design, file preparation, printing, cutting and laminating.

StickerYou has developed proprietary system for managing the custom logo sticker printing process which automates all the steps. We can thus produce the stickers at a fraction of the cost a local printer can offer.

At StickerYou, we are asked daily, “what is the difference between a sticker, a label and a decal?”. The short answer- It all depends on how you’re gonna use it.

Compared to modern marketing techniques, logo stickers are still one of the most low-cost, and longest lasting ways to make an impression with your fans. For the cost of a single sticker, your logo can travel with a fan, be stuck to a phone, and strike up conversations with many other people. Think about the power thousands of stickers could have? This is just one of the reasons custom logo stickers have been a mainstay in marketing tactics since gaining popularity decades ago, and are continuing to hold power as go-to guerrilla marketing tool.

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With stickers it’s also easy to design individual or multiple versions of a sticker that represent your logo, brand, and the personality of your business. If you have multiple versions or designs of your logo that you want to share, consider looking at Sticker Sheets. This shape of sticker allows for multiple designs on a single sheet, so you can add your logo to the sheet as its own sticker, or include it in the theme of your design with multiple stickers. See how you can incorporate your logo, a few shapes, or many shapes into a single sheet on our page, All About Sticker Sheets.

As with your logo, the shape of your custom sticker is an important design element to consider. We offer free laser die cutting, which means your stickers can be a classic or custom shape. All of our square  and rectangle shaped stickers will be cut with rounded corners. This means the corners of your custom stickers will not curl up after they have been applied.

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Make your group stick with custom logo stickers from Custom Ink! Our online design lab features tens­-of­-thousands of high­-quality graphics, with a variety of designs and artwork. There’s also hundreds of fonts for you to choose from and uploading your own graphics files onto your sticker design is super easy. Plus, every order is reviewed by expert artists and free picture proofs are provided with every order. Logo stickers in bulk are perfect for your business, sports team, or tradeshow.

At Custom Ink, standard shipping is always free, which guarantees we’ll have your order to you in 2 weeks or less. Or, rush your shipment for an even quicker turnaround. And if you need help with your order, our sales team is available 7 days a week via phone, email, and chat. So design your own logo stickers today!

We offer free ground shipping for every order of custom stickers.

StickerYou has teamed up with two very different local businesses to help them revamp their locations with custom sticky products. Don’t miss this business makeover!

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Custom Vinyl Logo Stickers are versatile for unifying your brand, creating unique promotional material, or tailoring to your personal needs. Our vinyl labels and stickers are waterproof, durable and long lasting.

Find the versatility you need beginning with the stock type. Our standard options include White or Clear.

Custom stickers are a versatile way to share your logo, and be creative with how you do it too. You can share your full logo or try extracting a design element from your logo for another way to get your brand in front of your fans. When you have fun with the designs on your custom stickers, there’s a good chance your fans will have fun with them too, and be eager to stick them to something, sharing your logo and brand with others they encounter along the way.

Turn Your Logo Into A Custom Sticker Get Your Brand to Travel & Stick with Your Fans GET STICKERS

From the type of sticker to the size and shape, once these are out in the world, they are speaking for your brand. To help you get the most from your custom logo stickers, let’s take a look at some types we recommend, and things to consider if you’re designing your stickers for the first time.

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The two most versatile sticker and label materials are BOPP (bi-axially oriented polypropylene) and white removable vinyl material. We’re here to help you decide which material you should choose.

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Kiss Cut Stickers are finished as individual stickers with a small square of visible backing surrounding your sticker. This type of sticker is also a great way to highlight your brand. As an outdoor durable sticker with permanent adhesive, Kiss Cut Stickers can also be finished on a roll for labeling or adding your logo to products you know will need to withstand the elements, such as outdoor equipment.

Our digitally printed stickers are printed with full color in CMYK inks. This means we can print your designs with a one color, or as many colors as your artwork needs.

How do you envision your stickers will be used? Do you want your fans to stick them on their bumpers, and turn your messaging into a traveling billboard? If so, you’ll want to consider choosing a size that will be large enough to make an impression, and still be seen by others while your sticker is traveling around.

Your logo is customized to your brand, and with custom shapes your stickers will be too!

If you envision the ideal spot for your logo stickers to be applied is on the back of a laptop computer, or on a water bottle for example, then the size will need to be small enough to fit comfortably on these types of items. These are just a couple things to think about when choosing the size of your sticker, but the most important thing is to choose a size that meets the needs of your stickers and where they will ultimately be applied.

Create Your Own Custom Logo Stickers With Ease. Add Your Logo, Make Your Own Design, or Ask an Artist.

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  • How do I make individually cut stickers?
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Custom stickers are one of the fastest, and easiest ways to get your brand to stick. Well-designed logo stickers are also something people will want to stick to something they own. This gives your brand, and your custom stickers the power to make a lasting impression.

Logo stickers are an important marketing tool for your brand. They are so versatile they can stick on just about anything. StickerYou’s design tool enables you to make and order the best custom logo stickers in the world. You can determine the exact size, shape, and quantity of logo stickers you require. Get die-cut stickers to the shape of your logo, or design circle, rectangle or oval stickers that encompass your logo. Use our design tool to add text, color or other image elements to your logo such as social media hashtags or website information. Order logo stickers on pages or as hand-outs for give-aways. StickerYou gives you all the options based on what your marketing needs are. Create your own logo stickers for laptops, business cards, as bumper stickers, or to enhance personalized gifts, or simply to give away to your fans. StickerYou’s stickers are weather resistant, will endure the outdoors and even dishwashers! When it comes to applying, they have ‘bubble-free’ technology so applying them is always smooth and easy. They stick well but when it comes time to remove them, they remove clean leaving no messy residue behind. Logo stickers will make your brand stick!

This is a popular type of sticker for promotional and branding uses. Our Die Cut Stickers are available in your choice of a glossy or matte lamination, and both are outdoor durable.  Glossy Die Cut Stickers are an original favorite. Our Matte Die Cut Stickers have a satin like and low glare finish, and work great for vintage or traditional looks, or just adding some variety into your selection of designs to share. Both Matte and Glossy Die Cut Stickers are finished with no visible backing, and a crack and peel feature so they are easy for your fans to peel, stick, and love.

Clear Stickers are printed on a crystal clear material so all you see is your logo and designs on the sticker. For enhanced opacity in your designs, we can print your Clear Stickers with a layer of white ink behind your artwork. These are also a popular choice for window stickers, and can be printed with a front or back face adhesive giving you the option to use these stickers on the outside of a window, or on the inside facing out.

Custom logo stickers are an easy way to promote your brand, letting it travel far and wide, while offering a variety of ways to get your brand in the hands of your fans. From handing stickers out as an added gift with a purchase to sharing them with new fans at any event or trade shows your brand hosts or participates in. There are many ways to use, and incorporate custom stickers into your everyday marketing strategies.

An effective logo is a critical component of any business. It is the face of your company and represents your brand identity. It may seem daunting that the creation of such a small element can be so important. Never fear, we have a quick guide to help you in your logo design.

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Choosing the Type of Stickers That Match Your Logo and Brand Personality

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