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And while we’re on the subject, check out this awesome Laptop Sticker Tutorial on how to make your art into Laptop Stickers. It was created by our friends at Pale Horse Design and it kicks all sorts of ass.

The references are wide-ranging, including Breaking Bad, The Simpsons, Peanuts, Ice Age, Snow White, Pac-Man, Chi the cat, Batman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, the Tasmanian Devil, Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse. A Beats logo also makes a cameo, of course.

In fact, They even included a sticker in the commercial from one our our longtime customers, Supreme. Pretty damn sweeeeet.

So.. Is it time to beautify your laptop with some of own laptop stickers?

CREDITS Client: Macbook Air, Apple Agency: TBWAMedia Arts Lab

There’s a lot to love about TBWAMedia Arts Lab’s new Apple ad, a delightfully frenetic 30-second set piece—done in a stop-motion-like style—that sees MacBook Airs festooned by stickers reflecting their users’ tastes, personalities and purposes.

As I type this blog post from my sticker-covered Macbook pro, I can confirm beyond reasonable doubt, that people do indeed love to cover their laptops in custom laptop stickers.

The one caveat here is that “Stickers,” in its style, is somewhat reminiscent of the “Play Your Heart Out” spot for Google Play, which has logged more than 10 million views on YouTube since early May. That spot, similarly, had characters from games, music and movies interacting with the triangular Google Play logo.

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The spot, with music by Hudson Mohawke, moves quickly—blink and you’ll miss something. But of course, that will reward repeat viewings. And if you want to slow things down, check out the “Stickers” page on Apple’s website, showing some of the decals from the spot.

“The notebook people love” is the tagline. And it’s a message that’s communicated giddily (almost like a throwback to Apple’s classic iPod work) with shot after shot of icons, cityscapes, planets, digital gadgets, pop-culture characters and more—all cavorting and posing around the Apple logo in the middle of the notebook’s lid.

The Air spot is more tactile, though. And unlike the Google Play ad, it’s less about pop culture or entertainment or even the product, and more about the passion of the user. That’s always been Apple’s strong suit, and it’s nice to see a commercial that gets back to it in style.

By Mikey Campbell Monday, July 21, 2014, 07:24 pm PT (10:24 pm ET)

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Love is the key word for Apple around the Air these days, as the company emphasizes the emotional connection users have for the ultra-thin laptop. In the spot, that passion nicely manifests itself through personalization—in the countless ways owners have made their machines uniquely their own with artwork.

It appears that Apple is well aware of this adhesive phenomenon, as today they released a new commercial, entitled “Apple – MacBook Air – TV Ad – Stickers”

You can either buy some pre-made stickers from our sticker store, from artists like Jose Pulido, Mike Mitchell, Shepard Fairey, Hydro74, Zoltron, Travis Millard, or we can print your own custom artwork as laptop stickers.

New Apple ad shows off sticker-clad MacBook Airs, calls it ‘the notebook people love’

Apple on Monday published a short 30-second commercial featuring a number of MacBook Airs dressed up in stickers and decals, with each customized thin-and-light reflecting the personality of its owner.

The spot, aptly titled “Stickers,” can be considered a product video as it puts the MacBook Air center stage, but it is also very “human” in that each owner is somehow present through the artwork they applied to the machines.

While Apple is usually careful to show only pristine new devices for these sterilized “all-white background” shoots, a few of the Airs in today’s ad clearly show scuffs and dents, further translating that the laptops are indeed well loved.

The small touch adds a much needed human element often missing from commercials touting specs, design or battery life. As seen in the video above, a variety of art styles, pop-culture icons and designs are represented across the front covers of multiple MacBook Airs, including Homer Simpson, Walter White from Breaking Bad, Snow White, 8-bit game characters, brands and more.

One Air even has a Beats logo stuck on its front.Each laptop is framed in the exact same spot as the previous, which lends lends a stop motion feel to the short. In fact, a batch of shots near the end of the clip show an impromptu game of Space Invaders being played out in stop motion on the Air’s aluminum cover.

Apple wraps the video with a few Airs sporting stickers of hands flashing the heart sign around the LED-backlit logo, ending with tagline, “The notebook people love.”A departure from the company’s most recent iPhone and iPad commercials, the new MacBook Air ad is a refreshing and creative change of pace.

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