My job titles tend to sound rather incredulous on paper:  “Database Wizard”, “Zine Librarian”, “Bike Valet Attendant”.  I was once a emo band groupie, and now I sit on the board of an organization called the Harry Potter Alliance. I’ve flown across the country disguised as the Goblin King (twice) and attended city meetings dressed as the Portland airport carpet. Basically, I’m a millennial stereotype with an economics degree.

Includes: Print edition workbook (6″ x 8″, 120pg, softcover, foil-stamped) Online Course (with 8+ hours of instructional videos) PDF workbook Less

Pledge US$ 19 or more About US$ 19 Get Your Money Together Workbook

After getting several requests for doing a large size print, I’ll be tossing in a risograph printed A3 sized poster of the quote for every backer who’s backing at €20 and above.

I mean, at this point we should really just hand him the keys to the blog and let him post these himself. But, as professional sticker blogmen*, we really can’t do that because all of our passwords are saved in our browsers and we can’t really remember them, soooo…

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S. Wallis and Futuna Western Sahara Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe

It all started when I read a tweet by @moleitau, which stated “don’t complain, suggest what’s better”. As time went by, I kept on revisiting this quote as it is so relevant in our current society. People are super good at complaining and nagging and do not automatically make the switch to suggesting, exploring or contributing to a possible solution.

Includes: Print edition workbook (6″ x 8″, 120pg, softcover, foil-stamped) Your Cat, immortalized in the pages Special money print feline-sized bowtie Digital copy of your cat’s illustration Online Course (with 8+ hours of instructional videos) Less

The Full PDF version containing all the worksheets, illustrations, story, and space to work on your money, without the need to store a book on your shelf!

You can also back the kickstarter at the $59 level and receive access to the 8+ hours of in-depth video lessons from Get Your Money Together Bootcamp, plus calculators for things like debt payoff. 

You Need a Day of the Dead Jack Calavera Sticker, Don’t you?

Pledge US$ 27 or more About US$ 27 Workbook + LawCat’s Guide To Life

Pledge €15 or more About US$ 18 Gold limited edition /Make 100

You get a print edition and one is given to someone in need. You’ll get a note from the recipient of your donated book! (Plus the PDF ebook!)

Usually the Get Your Money Together Bootcamp online is $89 for the course alone, so this is very economical way to get both together and to get 360 support on your journey to improve your relationship with money.

Includes: Print edition workbook (6″ x 8″, 120pg, softcover, foil-stamped) A workbook donated to someone in need! PDF workbook Online Course (with 8+ hours of instructional videos) A heartfelt handwritten thank you Less

I only started teaching personal finance only because I was frustrated with the lack of queer-friendly, feminist, and, most of all, fun personal finance education out there – especially stuff that deals with actual real-life money issues and doesn’t assume you have one full-time job with benefits, 2.5 kids, and a white picket fence.

A possible gold version, here using Zilla Slab & Gilbert typefaces.

Jose has been successfully using Kickstarter to crowdsourcing his various Day of the Dead sticker campaigns.

Lillian will deliver a 60-minute class, in the Bowie Costume of Your Choice, on a personal finance topic (i.e. budgeting, investing, or credit) to your favorite group. Bring personal finance to your office, your favorite cat cafe, your friends, your favorite shelter, your co-working space, your crustpunk housing co-op.

I’m doing all fulfillment in-house with the help of Backerkit’s excellent software, hoping to include the delightful little things that we have done on past fundraising campaigns: handwritten notes, stamped packages, and extras like stickers.

This will be done online at a mutually agreeable date. Give the gift of financial literacy!

Pledge $325 or more About $325 Bowie of Your Choice Online Workshop

You get a money workbook + access to the online course plus give 10 to a classroom in need! This will help a whole group of folks change their relationship with money for the better and gain the skills to change their lives (you’ll receive a note from the recipients!) – Shipping included!

Obviously, we’re all about budgeting! Be confident that not only will we be transparent but also we’ll try to economize as much as possible. It turns out moving stacks of paper around the world is expensive! 

With 7 successfully funded Sticker Campaigns under his belt, following his most recent Homer Calavera kickstarter, Jose is now bringing us the patron saint of Halloween in all of his charming calavera beauty. Jose is also offering up some ridiculously rad prints and t-shirts to reward higher level support as well!

These lessons go perfectly with the workbook, offering extra support when you need a term defined or just want to see a friendly face explain co-insurance costs.

Get Your Money Together is friendly, fun personal finance workbook  designed with your passions, values, and personal goals in mind. It was created to help you uncover the things that are most important to you and craft a money plan that is meaningful for YOU. And there are CATS!

A pack of 5 gold stickers. silkscreen printed on matte black vinyl. You’ll also get a backup stack of 10 classic stickers.

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Get Your Money Together’s secret weapon is approachability – I understand that most of this money stuff has more to do with anxiety, stress, shame, or just confusion about what to do. Instead of overwhelm, I have made clear tools for you to make a plan for your future – with plenty of cats!

A pack of 5 gold stickers _and_ a set of 9 artprints (3 copies of 3 re-interpretations). You’ll also get 5 classic stickers.

Includes: 10 workbooks donated to folks in need Print edition workbook (6″ x 8″, 120pg, softcover, foil-stamped) Online Course (with 8+ hours of instructional videos) PDF workbook A heartfelt handwritten thank you Less

Includes: PDF workbook A workbook donated to someone in need! A heartfelt handwritten thank you Less

At check out at the end of the campaign, you can choose “gift shipping” and we’ll send a certificate to the person of your choice by December 15th (3rd day of Hanukkah) letting them know their money workbook is on the way. They’ll also get an access code to the online course to start using right away!

You can actually listen to me! – I’m on the air every week on Oh My Dollar!, a personal finance podcast and radio show with a dash of glitter. If this is the first time you have heard of me, I recommend you check out the podcast and see if my style resonates with you.

For $450, Lillian will deliver a 90-minute class on a personal finance topic (i.e. budgeting, investing, or credit) to the group of your choice of any size. Bring personal finance to your office, your favorite cat cafe, your friends, your favorite shelter, your co-working space, your crustpunk housing co-op. Bowie costume is optional.

This time Jose has crafted a beloved holiday favorite in Day of the Dead Jack Calavera.

Most personal finance is boring, stressful, and quite frankly, has far too few cats. There’s a lot of resources out there for learning about personal finance – but most of them don’t take into account the way many of us work these days: variable income, side hustles, and no access to things like a 401K. 

Sticker sheet! I’m adding an A5 sticker sheet into the mix as an additional reward at all backer tiers! On this sheet there will be one sticker of each illustrator, and if there’s space left I’ll squeeze in a couple of ‘localised versions’ of the original quote!

Geertrui is a lettering wizard. When this campaign gets funded – she’ll make a supercustom version of the ‘don’t complain’ quote.

Thanks to this campaign awesome backer crowd, we managed to reach 3 stretch goals already! I’m exploring other ways to keep expanding this campaign, and hope to land something feasible soon.

Interviews Tyler Stout You Are Beautiful Prolly is not Probably Skinner David Lanham Gig Art Posters Supersonic Electronic All Hail the Black Market Hydro74 Ty! Billi Kid Shawnimals Cryptik Mishka NYC ABCNT Travis Millard Dronex Jose Pulido Marq Spusta 1000 Styles Chump Magic Zombie Yeti Citizen Panic Jimbo Philips

Invited artist #2 : Willem Pirquin (, instagram)

And after that, read our interview with Jose and check out our past Dia De Los Stickers sticker packs. Series 1 and 2 are sold out, but we are working on a third installment soon, so stay tuned.

In addition to the workbook itself and the Get Your Money Together online course, we also have some truly excellent add-on packages. Check them out:

This is huge! We’re doing a super limited run of screenprinted stickers with black ink on shiny gold vinyl. There will only be 100 packs of 5 gold stickers made available … ever. The design will be an iteration of the original sticker design, which will be made public as soon as possible!

So head over to the Jose’s kickstarter and support this talented sticker artist.

Hi! I’m Lillian. You might know me from tracking lots of useless stats about myself or from the massive Bowie Vs Prince bike ride I started 10 years ago. I’m a chronic side hustler with a tendency for low-paid nonprofit work (I recently added it up: I had 40 jobs in my 20’s). 

This option only includes 1 physical book, mailed to your door.

It should come as no surprise by now that we are huge fans of Jose Pulido and his calavera series of pop culture characters. And we must confess that we are also huge fans of how he’s using kickstarter for good instead of evil!

Pledge US$ 59 or more About US$ 59 Best Deal! Workbook + Online Course

“If that manic pixie dream girl you knew in high school went and got an economics degree, and then started a radio show about Roth IRAs and David Bowie, that would be Oh My Dollar!” – oddly correct unsolicited emailed review (still worried it was my high school girlfriend who sent that.)

Traditional personal finance hasn’t worked for me, so I created money lessons that put your values at the forefront. It covers all the things you need to know to make your money plan, with a dash of glitter – from investing decisions explained by cats to a walk-through of student loan repayment that doesn’t make you want to cough up a hairball.

Willem is great at capturing a whole story in one image. He’ll create a custom illustration, in his own vibrant style.

When the campaign reaches €2000 I’m committing to providing a nicely bundled package of design files in various formats. Documenting the fonts and listing a couple of printing resources. This should give anyone who backed at any tier level the opportunity to create her or his own version of the sticker, or re-use the digital version where ever you’d like.

A set of 9 artprints containing 3 copies of 3 different re-interpretations. You’ll also get 10 classic stickers.

We could have run a crowdfunding campaign to just get some more prints done of the existing design. But the Kickstarter /Make100 seemed like a nice opportunity to go further!

Don’t Complain, suggest what’s better. A collection of stickers and prints as a reminder for taking a more constructive stance in life.

Note: All reward levels also include ‘the digital’ reward, containing a selection of wallpapers for tablet, phone and desktop use.

A riso print has a very special aesthetic to it, which makes it stand out. Larger prints would be ideal to pin in meeting rooms or on office walls.

Includes: Print edition workbook (6″ x 8″, 120pg, softcover, foil-stamped) Special money print feline-sized bowtie PDF workbook Less

Pledge €25 or more About US$ 30 Gold limited edition & art /Make 100

Pledge $16 or more About $16 Pay it Fur-ward + Digital Ebook

The examples below are to illustrate the diverse style of each artist. They do not reflect the final design. The custom artwork will only happen (and start) in case this project is fully funded.

Pledge US$ 250 or more About US$ 250 Gift a Classroom of Money Literacy!

389 backers pledged $15,000 to help bring this project to life.

Includes: Print edition workbook (6″ x 8″, 120pg, softcover, foil-stamped) PDF workbook Less

Oh My Dollar! is on a mission to empower everyone to feel confident about their money, regardless of their income or life circumstances.  Oh My Dollar! delivers free, in-person financial literacy education to low-income young adults through local nonprofits – and 10% of all books printed will be donated to these programs.

Pledge US$ 69 or more About US$ 69 Pay it Fur-ward: Workbook + Course

You Need a Day of the Dead Jack Calavera Sticker, Don’t you? By Zombie Yeti Feb 17th Sticker Campaigns Comments

I want to go full transparent here. This is what I’ve based my calculations on, it’s hard to estimate print quantities – but I tried to go with a realistic estimate. Printing of the gold stickers (tbd) and the art prints (Impressa) is done in Belgium, the regular stickers are ordered through Stickermule.

As part of this campaign, I want to take the chance to give back to the local community as much as possible. Therefore I invited 3 local (Antwerp based) artists to create something special based on the original quote. The artworks will be printed in A5 size on high quality 300g focuscard paper. They will also be made available as mobile and desktop wallpapers in various sizes.

The central risk will be timing. I have worked with all suppliers before, and they are super punctual and offer high quality results. The illustrators all live within the same city, I can reach out easily and can communicate in a swift way. A secondary risk is the quality of the stickers or artwork. At this moment, I only have the design of the original sticker. The illustrators have committed to go through a series of iterations before their final artwork is done. In order to give everyone backing this a good idea of what is going on, I will share back every design iteration to the community.

You’ll get a collection of digital wallpapers in various resolutions to fit the most common tablet, phone and desktop screen sizes. This wallpaper pack will contain both the quotes as well as (parts of) the created artwork.

Bert is an industrial designer who eats marker pens for breakfast. He’s not a ‘genuine’ illustrator, but he’s totally up for this challenge.

You will receive the print edition and a special-edition Oh My Dollar! money-print bowtie for your cat, handmade by our friends at Business Catual.

For a reasonable per-book price, the minimum order for books is 500 – it costs $3,787.50  – from that point on, most of our costs are shipping ($7 for US folks; more for overseas). Of course, in true Oh My Dollar! fashion, we’ve accounted for taxes and a “stuff happens” buffer.

Apart from concerns about possible shipping delays, though, I’m looking forward to bringing more glitter-filled financial education into the world. I can’t wait!

Since we hit the $10,000 level, all backers will get a free audio edition of the workbook! The audio edition will be like a guided meditation for your money – listen while you commute, do the dishes, work out, or use alongside the workbook for extra motivation.

A copy of the print edition delivered as soon as it ships, plus the e-book in January!

“This is the kick in the butt I needed. Stop procrastinating and manage your money! Very informative and not-over-the-top.” – iTunes reviewer Eric

Not only will you receive the print edition when it ships and access to the Get Your Money Together online course – your favorite cat will be immortalized in the pages with a custom illustration. Haven’t you always dreamed your cat would be a financial literacy educator?

No, but seriously. This is my first Kickstarter campaign for my own work, but I’ve been lucky to be part of campaigns for multiple nonprofits over the past 7 years (Community Cycling Center, Portland Afoot, and the Independent Publishing Resource Center). I’m looking forward to taking what I learned from those experiences and improving even more.

Pledge $450 or more About $450 A money workshop for you + friends!

Pledge US$ 29 or more About US$ 29 Pay it Fur-ward: Workbook

Intro: What We’re Doing isn’t Working – getting out of the financial litterbox Chapter I:  You Do You  – digging up your values Chapter II: Purr-fecting the Budget- how to start budgeting; handling variable income, with worksheets & forms Chapter III:  Bury that Treasure  – building up your savings, emergency funds, FU money, sinking funds, and understanding your net worth Chapter IV: Debt, The Financial Litterbox – understanding debt, debt snowball and debt avalanche, student loan repayment structures Chapter V: Credit, The American Laser Pointer Chase – the history of the credit system, how to improve your credit, and why you might not care about catching that darn dot anyway Chapter VI: Investing, Making More Fish – understanding investing buckets vs vehicles, choosing your investments without crying, why you should plan for your retirement, how to get started “late” saving for retirement Interlude: Stop Buying Things You Don’t Need! Chapter VII: Building Your Cat Tower (Mortgages) –  rent vs buy, how to prepare to buy your first house, how much house can you afford, things to consider when buying a condo Chapter VIII: Getting Under the Blanket (Insurance) – How Insurance works, what to avoid & what to get, and conducting a break-even analysis Appendix: Hit-by-a-bus folder, cash flow worksheets, extra budgets, digital safety What if I need more than what’s in the workbook?

The workbook is designed to stand alone as a program to work through your money, but I know that there’s more learning styles out there than just written!

You will receive the print edition when it ships and immediate access to the Get Your Money Together online course. The course by itself is usually $89!

179 backers pledged €3,443 to help bring this project to life.

WE DID IT! Since we hit this stretch goal, I will include a free sheet of kitten-themed purr-sonal finance merit badges for every single physical book backer (ebook-only backers will be able to add on stickers for $2 after the campaign).

  I believe that dealing with your money deserve some Girl Scout style accolades, and cute cats make everything a little better.

Includes: Print edition workbook (6″ x 8″, 120pg, softcover, foil-stamped) A workbook donated to someone in need! PDF workbook A heartfelt handwritten thank you Less

In 2017 I finally turned this quote into a sticker. I spread the sticker through a Belgian makerspace, and my friend Anthony has been promoting it heavily in the local community.

All of the written content for the book is created, and about 25% of the illustrations are complete. With funding from this Kickstarter, I’ll be able to pay the illustrators to finish up the artwork so we can deliver the most beautiful workbook possible (to keep you inspired about your budget, of course!)

Do you have a person in your life that could use some purr-sonal finance education right meow? 

Includes: Custom Money Workshop for Unlimited Friends Up to 15 workbooks for your group A heartfelt handwritten thank you PDF workbook Online Course (with 8+ hours of instructional videos) Less

These books cost less to get in folks’ hands because we can deliver in person, which cuts down shipping + transaction costs by $9 per book!Our goal is to have over 200 Get Your Money Together Workbooks + Bootcamps donated to folks who could use a little purr-sonal finance education in 2018.  

“Dave Ramsey for atheist millennials with student loan debt” – iTunes reviewer WidgetSaurus

The art created by Caro will be added to the tiers which already contain artprints. That means that you’ll get 4 instead of 3 different prints if you backed either the €20 or €25 tier (‘the art’ or ‘gold limited edition & art’). Example work of Studio Caro Example work of Studio Caro

If you’d like to round up your purchase with the Pay It Fur-ward program, we’ll do a one-for-one match and get even more books to those who need them. For each book you purchase, one will be donated to someone in need, and you’ll get a note from the person who received your generous donation!

Perhaps you’d like to go above and beyond your adulting skills or you have a new college graduate you’d like celebrate? You’ll receive a print edition when it ships in early 2018, and a copy “LawCat’s Guide to Life”, an illustrated zine by a licensed paw-ttorney and feline advocat on legal basics you need to know as an adult.

A fun, accessible illustrated workbook for your money – with cats explaining everything from budgeting to retirement. Pre-orders open!

The popularity of this first print run got me into launching it as a crowdfunding campaign. At its core, this campaign gets you a pack of 15 ‘original’ stickers – I’ve seen a lot of them on laptops or smartphones. Both ideal devices to bring into company meetings and silently spread the message.

Add on “LawCat’s Guide to Life”, a zine by licensed paw-ttorney and feline advocat @asklawcat that covers the basics you need to know about the law. This zine is made just for this kickstarter!

I know so many folks who are ready to take control of their finances, but the material out there doesn’t serve them. They want serious financial literacy but they don’t want to fall asleep or break out in stress hives from trying to conquer their money.

15 workbooks for participants are included, as is access to the online course for up to 15 people.

Includes: Custom Online Money Workshop Lillian wears the Bowie Outfit of Your Choice A heartfelt handwritten thank you PDF workbook Print edition workbook (6″ x 8″, 120pg, softcover, foil-stamped) Less

You can add-on a special edition (just for Oh My Dollar!) money print feline-sized bowtie (also fits small dogs) from Business Catual. If you have two stylish cats, never fear, you can add an extra bowtie to your pledge after the campaign ends.

* does not employ professional blogsmen and if they did, this guy would not be in the running.

I’ve already identified and locked in quotes for book production overseas, with a printer that came highly recommended from other indie creators. Backers will get updates on the books and where things are in the process and we hope to avoid any delays. We’ve made the April fulfillment date generous in order to ensure that folks receive their books on time. We’d rather be early than late!

Includes: Print edition workbook (6″ x 8″, 120pg, softcover, foil-stamped) Lawcat’s Guide to Life zine PDF workbook Less

We’ll be adding one additional illustrator into the mix when reaching €2600! : Caroline of Studio Caro. She’s totally into 3D type, and I think her style will add nicely to Willem, Geertrui and Bert’s. Caroline also operates from Antwerp, so we’re staying very local.

In the Portland/Vancouver metro, Salem + Seattle areas, there is no additional travel charge. In all other locations, you/your group is responsible for travel expense reimbursement in addition to this pledge. If that is over your budget, the workshop can be delivered online!

Kickstarting a limited edition /make100 golden version of the “don’t complain, suggest what’s better” sticker which has been super popular in local communities. Additionally, three Belgian artists will create an illustration based on the quote – which will be produced as artprints and digital wallpapers. We’re also offering the possibility to order a stack of ‘original’ stickers.

You don’t need more books! A printed workbook is given to someone in need and you get the PDF ebook. You’ll get a note from the recipient of your donated book!

You will receive the print edition when it ships in early 2018, and access to the Get Your Money Together online course. Plus, someone in need will receive access to the book and course!

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