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Is It A Sticker Mock Up Or A Sticker Proof

Is It A Sticker Mock Up Or A Sticker Proof Is It A Sticker Mock Up Or A Sticker Proof

You can set a different mockup for the proof images or use the same one used at the design time. Mockups for the proof images can show another size or perspective. There are several ways to set separate mockups for proof images in Customer’s Canvas.

The sticker is a product that can be loaded from a template, personalized by users, and stored in the PDF file.

JavaScript productDefinition = { surfaces: [{ printAreas: [{ designFile: “circle”, designLocation: {X:83,Y:120} }], mockup: { // Set a background mockup “cup.psd”. down: “cup” } }] };

Why would you type even a single line of code before you know exactly what user experience you want? Save yourself time and debugging headaches by getting things right with a mobile app mockup. Not only do we have all the buttons and sliders you could ever need in our image library, but we also have frames for smartphones and tablets so you can preview exactly what your app will look like in your user’s hands.

JavaScript productDefinition = { surfaces: [{ printAreas: [{ designFile: “BusinessCard” }], mockup: { // Set a foreground mockup “RoundedCorners.psd”. up: “RoundedCorners” } }] };

For clarity, some products may need to display a design along with the product image while editing. This is the usual case for the products which have a design localized only in a small area, whereas the product size is more than this area. It could be some photo gifts, T-shirts, mugs, stationary, envelopes, post stickers, and so on.

Websticker assumes complete responsibility for production schedules, product quality, and optimized pricing on every job. If production mistakes are made we will make it right immediately by reprinting the job or finding the best solution for the client – 100% guaranteed.

In this snippet, we initialize the up property of the mockup to place it into the foreground. In Customer’s Canvas the result looks like this:

To load the proof image mockups from a subfolder, set up the ISurfacesFromFolder.previewMockupFolder property.

Toss your sketchbook aside! Use Canva to pull together a design mockup that will both impress and communicate.

For example, you may want your customers to order business cards. Let us see how to add such products in Customer’s Canvas. First of all, you need to figure out what sizes apply and what options exist (like rounded corners). Then, prepare templates for each size:

Introduction What’s New? Features Getting Started Integration with E-commerce Printable Files and Proof Images Configuring Products Understanding Print Products Configuring Your First Print Product Mockups Colors Color Management in Customer’s Canvas Custom Fonts Safety Lines Folding Lines and Spines Multipage Products Default Parameters of Design Elements Creating Product Templates User Interface Configuration Files API Visual Proofing Tool System Requirements Troubleshooting Licensing Copyright Notices

JavaScript productDefinition = { surfaces: [{ printAreas: [{ designFile: “envelopeDesign” }], mockup: { down: “envelopeMockup” }, previewMockups: [{ down: “envelopePreviewMockup” }] }] };

Websticker is committed to helping businesses and organizations brand and market more effectively with stickers and labels. The promotional goal: strengthening identity, exposure, word-of-mouth and sales.

Our personal goal: the peace of mind and success of our clients.

Also, you can specify both the up and down mockups for a product page. If your product consists of more than one page, you can specify a mockup for each page individually.

Usually, when a user finishes a product design, they want to preview the image before placing an order. Also, you may want them to click a checkbox with a confirmation like “I confirm that this image is what I want and all the entered data is correct.” Both these points are implemented in the proof images.

Create a new Canva account to get started with your own Mockup design. Choose from our library of beautifully designed templates. Upload your own photos or choose from over 1 million stock images. Fix your images, add stunning filters and edit text.

Save and share.

The standard measurement unit in Customer’s Canvas is a point, which is equal to 1/72 of an inch. The points are particularly used for calculations of mockup sizes and mockup locations.

mockup size = 500 pixels / 100 dots per inch x 500 pixels / 100 dots per inch = 5 x 5 inches = 360 x 360 points design size = 500 pixels / 250 dots per inch x 500 pixels / 250 dots per inch = 2 x 2 inches = 144 x 144 points

The mockup is additional graphic information that is displayed in Customer’s Canvas while editing web-to-print products but is not included in the hi-res output. It allows the user to see what the product looks like after printing or displays additional information that helps in the design process. There are two main use cases of mockups:

Displaying realistic preview images for products like stationary, personalized gifts, etc. – whenever you want to show a physical representation of a product rather than a plain design. Showing some additional information for printed products in the editor, like bleed lines, rounded corners, etc.

Mockups for Personalized Gifts and Stationary

See Also Manual Safety Lines Configuring Your First Print Product 3D Preview Mockups IFrame API Reference IProductDefinition IPrintAreaTemplate IMockupTemplate ISurfacesFromFolder

JavaScript //Initialize the product with only one template – “BusinessCard.psd”. productDefinition = { surfaces: [“BusinessCard”] };

JavaScript productDefinition = { surfaces: [{ printAreas: [{ designFile: “mug_design” }], // Set a mockup shown at editing. mockup: { // Down mockup is a background mockup. down: “mug_blank” }, // Set three mockups for proof images from three views of the product.

previewMockups: [“mug_right”, “mug_front”, “mug_left”] }] };

If you need a two-sided business card, prepare another template the same way. You can find more details in the Configuring Your First Print Product topic.

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You can use the ISurfaceTemplate.previewMockups property to set up the mockups.

When you use mockups, it is most likely not enough to specify only file names. You should also configure where the design should appear relative to the mockup. You can do this using the designLocation property, which accepts X and Y coordinates as a JSON object, like {X:83, Y:120}. All values in Customer’s Canvas are measured in points (1/72 of an inch) and the {X:0, Y:0} point is the upper-left corner.

Browse through Canva’s templates and start customizing your design. Canva’s easy drag-and-drop editor gives you full control over your designs. Add, remove or re-position design elements, change fonts and colors, add more pages – you can edit as much as or as little as you need. You can also design on the go by adding Canva to your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Our apps are free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

JavaScript productDefinition = { surfaces: [{ printAreas: [{ // Set a design template “photo.psd”. designFile: “photo” }], mockup: { // Set a foreground mockup “photoFrame.jpg”. up: “photoFrame” } }] };

Design is not unlike carpentry: one should measure twice and cut once. A mockup is a design proof-of-concept; a way to show off big ideas without getting lost in the weeds with lots of finicky details. We can help you design a mockup that will get approved, get feedback, and let you get on with your project.

To help you see what final products look like, the editor shows the whole product image, not only that small personalized area. So, you can verify the edited area, where it is placed (at least schematically), and the whole product.

Usually, a mockup is located in the background layer and the design template is loaded in front of it. However, it is possible to send design templates to the back layer – for example, if you have a postcard with a “window” or a photo frame. In this case, the up property of the mockup should be set, instead of down in the previous example.

Now, let us assume that you need to print business cards with rounded corners and regular ones at the same time. What should you do in this case? Making separate templates with rounded corners is not a good idea because it doubles the number of PSD templates. Fortunately, we have mockups which allow us for adding graphics into the editor. So, we can just prepare such graphics and pass it to Customer’s Canvas.

Mockups for proof images and mockups for editing can be stored in the same folder. However, you may want to create a separate subfolder for the proof image mockups. It is a good solution for multipage products.

For example, imagine that you are printing address stickers for envelopes. You may want to see an envelope image that shows the address in the upper-left corner. However, you do not want to display the envelope image in the resulting PDF file. In this case, you can set Customer’s Canvas up so that it shows an envelope (a mockup) and a sticker on it in your editor during the design time.

Every designer knows that printing a professional portfolio on high-quality paper is quite the expense. All the more reason to prepare a mockup! With Canva’s photo editing and layout tools, you can quickly put together a sample of your best work. Then export to PDF and print from any home printer so you can hold your portfolio draft in your hands before emptying your bank account on production copies.

Customer’s Canvas allows previewing products in 3D. There is a pseudo-3D preview mode that requires at least two mockups: a blank mockup and a preview mockup. For details on how to create such a mockup in Photoshop, refer to the 3D Preview Mockups topic. You can set up a 3D preview as follows:

Great designers doodle, and the best make something new every day. Canva makes it easy to bring your ideas to people with plenty of tools to craft quick mockups of websites, apps, print layouts, or anything else you can imagine. Whether you’re creating a mockup for a freelance client, or generating oodles of thumbnails, let us help you create a brilliant mockup, so you can focus on polish and precision.

When you create a mockup, do not rely on the image size in pixels. Also, it is important to set the correct resolution. When Customer’s Canvas places a design on a mockup, it translates all coordinates to device-independent coordinates. For example, if you have a 500 x 500 pixels 100 DPI mockup image and 500 x 500 pixels 250 DPI design, then they are not of equal size for Customer’s Canvas because their sizes in points are:

JavaScript editor.getProduct() .then(function (product) { product.setMockups([ { // Set both an overlay and a background mockups for the first page. surface: product.surfaces[0], mockup: { up: “OverlayMockup”, down: “FrontSideMockup” } }, { // Set a background mockup for the second product page.

surface: product.surfaces[1], mockup: { down: “BackSideMockup” } } ]); }) .catch(function (error) { console.error(“Setting up the mockups failed with exception: “, error); });

Mockups aren’t just for digital projects: they’re great for working out ideas in print too. No matter what you’re designing, from business cards to party invitations, we have plenty of templates ready for you to customize. We even make it easy to finish your print project with the power to download any design as a print-ready PDF. We’ll even take care of the crop marks!

Change the images. Upload your own images or choose from our stock library of over 1 million photographs, graphics and illustrations. Change the fonts. Choose from over 130 fresh fonts. Change the background.

Choose a background from our library or use an image. Change the colors. Change the color of your text boxes and text to add extra flair.

Add a background image into a PSD file in Photoshop. Add any significant text fields like a name, a position, a phone, and an email to the template. Initialize a product with the prepared template.

JavaScript productDefinition = { surfaces: [{ printAreas: [{ // Set a design template “sticker.psd”. designFile: “sticker” }], mockup: { // Set a background mockup “envelopeMockup.png”. down: “envelopeMockup” } }] }; CustomersCanvas.

IframeApi.loadEditor(iframe, productDefinition);

JavaScript productDefinition = { surfaces: { designFolder: “photoBook”, mockupFolder: “pageMockups”, previewMockupFolder: “pagePreviewMockups” } };

The best websites are an elegant combination of form and function, and starting with a mockup is a great way to hammer down usability before you start counting pixels. Make your web mockup in Canva and not only will you have access to all of our easy-to-use drag and drop tools, but you can search our image library for widgets, menus, and website elements ready to use for free.

Sometimes you may want to show additional information that helps the user in the process of designing the product, but do not want to include it in the hi-res output. It can be various cutting lines, safety lines, rounded corners, barcode stickers on book covers, the magnetic strip on a plastic card, and so on. You can easily add them with foreground mockups.

To set up a safety-zone, define properties of the ISafetyLine object. The Safety Lines topic describes how to configure the zones.

The previous examples in this topic demonstrated how you can set up mockups at the editor initialization. Also, Customer’s Canvas provides API to set up mockups at runtime. You can set a mockup for a single page through the Surface.setMockup method as well as several mockups for several pages at once through the Product.setMockups method. For example, for a two-page product, you can specify mockups in the following way.

The simplest way to get along with it is to keep mockup and design resolutions equal. In this case, their sizes are the same both in pixels and in any device-independent unit (inch, mm, cm, etc.)

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