This week, we sat down with the highly talented California-based silkscreen artist, Marq Spusta.

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10 Questions with Silkscreen Poster and Sticker Artist, Gregg Gordon By Zoltron Black Dec 20th Interviews Comments

Over the years, we have worked with Marq on a few projects, including some Primus posters, Tshirts, and of course thousands of very unique custom silkscreen stickers. So let’s get down to it… 10 Questions with Marq Spusta.

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I am a fan of really cool colorful illustrations on stickers. I love when they are die cut to the shape of the image and have nice details. And not too small…I am more a fan of artwork on a sticker, than text or words, like bumper stickers…

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Right now I am finishing up all the artwork for the Bay Area’s Radio Station, Live 105, and their Not So Silent Night Concert. I do all the graphics for this station and this Holiday concert is the last event this year. All the logos, ads, and merch are done, I am just finishing up a poster and some passes. Should be a fun event.

I’ve never been able to answer this question very well. I don’t discuss projects much until they’re out in the world, I usually have to keep all the collaborative client stuff a secret anyway.The projects I’ve been working on lately won’t be released for awhile yet. I have a diverse schedule lined up for 2015, a smattering of unique opportunities I’m very excited about. A lot of music related projects, a few gig posters and plenty of other screen prints.

By the way, Check out a couple of Marq’s recent album covers…

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5. mp3 or cd ? Unfortunately I cannot remember the last time I bought a cd, so I guess I am all mp3. But then I cannot remember the last time I bought an mp3, kinda all about Spotify lately. (editors note: it took us 10 sticker interviews to realize it, but this question is so 1997. forgive our dated inquiries…)

For more information on the world of Tyler Stout, check his Website – In the meantime, here’s a look a some of Tyler’s limited edition, silkscreen printed Movie posters. awesome.

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hmm… good question, what should i be working on right now….i actually have a gallery show with ken taylor at mondo’s gallery in austin texas coming up, so my time and efforts are being channeled into that, probably fruitlessly, but i’m trying.

I employ the craft of screen printing to produce as much of my art as possible. The inks look substantial and the image pops off of the surface, whether it be vinyl stickers, shirts or various paper stocks.

a friend got me moebius’ silver surfer collection, so either that or brian wood’s DMZ series.

If I have a choice, always silkscreen. I have been creating rock posters and merchandise for over 16 years, and try to silk screen all of my posters. The posters that are digital are for clients, such as radio stations that want 10,000 printed to give away, for example. I can use as many colors as I like when digital, but I love the hand crafted feel of silk screen more.

Marq makes wildly colorful and intricate screen printed gig posters and art prints. He also makes album covers, rad T-shirts, buttons, magnets and custom stickers. Most of his work is limited edition and gets snatched up in a hurry by his rabid, adoring fans..

I’ll tell you 3 artists I have hanging on my walls that are an inspiration to me.

I listen to a few podcasts from time to time….I have a subscription to Mysterious Universe which covers a range of fringe topics, lately they’ve been getting into children remembering past lives, psychedelic experiences and that dude that had sex with a dolphin.

(editor: what? dude had sex with a dolphin? sounds fishy..)

On a regular basis we’ll ask a new sticker artist a series of 10 questions. To keep things simple and to engage in a deeply philosophical, long term case study of the scientifically complicated “Sticker Artist’s mind,” we’ve decided to leave the questions the same every week. is still one I go to daily. Since other social media sites have gotten so big, this site doesn’t have the traffic I remember, and the personal interaction I used to get involved in, but the work is still there. I check all the time to see the latest posters by the many artists out there. I still think it is a great place to see the full body of poster work. Everyone should get back there and start posting.

Tyler is awesome. We are big fans of his work. So let’s get down to it… 10 Questions with Tyler Stout.

Vinyl records are really part of my artistic process….even the getting up and flipping record or picking out a new one is part of my ritual – getting off my ass every 20 minutes or so, which is good for an artist or anyone to do.

Eyvind Earle – A legend. My wife turned me onto him and I really enjoy exploring his body of work. His screen prints are some of the most impressive I’ve ever seen.

and that one movie website….can’t remember its name…..

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1000 Free Days. Where everyone else is occupied, and I can make something and/or relax…free of expectations from anyone. I certainly wouldn’t want 1000 Free Days in a row, but to just be able to use at anytime to take a break from a deadline or whatever.

Tyler Stout is an awesome poster artist, an exceptional illustrator, an absolute cinephile and as it turns out, a pretty damn nice guy. Oh and it just so happens, he’s a bit of a silkscreen sticker fanatic too…

Ha, well since I have a new addition to my family that book would be, Night-Night, Little Pookie by Sandra Boynton. Kinda gets read more than once a day.

It’s a lovely sounding vintage copy of the record, it has a perfect 2 color cover and I remember buying it for $5-$8 on one of my weekly trips to Mad City Music Exhchange about 14 years ago.

I am a big fan of illustrations with great detail and concept. Three artists that really inspire me with every poster they put out would be…

I play a lot of vinyl records and I print a lot of vinyl stickers. I listen to records in my house & studio…mp3s are great for on the go, but I somewhat avoid my time with Itunes, it tends to bum me out. During the typing of this interview I’m listening to MONK.

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My big hope that I have put off and off and off, is to finally get a new GIGART website put together. So I hope to spend some time really making that happen. It has to be what is next for me. Thanks Gregg. Here’s a look at an artist selected group of Gregg Gordon/GIGART posters from over the years. Each of these was created by Gregg and hand silkscreen printed. Super Sweeeeeet!

As an artist who wants to get his work out there, I am a big fan of Etsy

He is well know for his work with the bustling, poster-producing powerhouse (and proud Sticker Robot customer,) Mondo, where he and other artists create officially licensed, limited edition posters for movies both old and new. Every time a new poster is released, hundreds of people clamor to obtain a copy. Tyler’s style is unmistakable. His attention to detail is Remarkable. And his posters sell out as soon as they are released.

probably my great great great great grandson. which would involve either a super long life or time travel. win/win.

Gregg Gordon is an extremely talented graphic artist and designer, who makes a living doing what he loves, making art and selling merch. Gregg has been printing his stickers with us for years and we can always spot one of his unique creations. This week we asked Gregg aka “GIGART,” purveyor of fine silkscreen stickers and posters (among other things) to sit down and answer 10 questions..

10 Questions with Silkscreen Poster and Sticker Artist, Marq Spusta By Sticker Robot Feb 25th Interviews Comments

I include the stickers with orders for my prints and products. I pass them freely amongst friends, clients and unsuspecting children. And for the first time, I have enough stickers to start offering Sticker Packs For Sale.

And for my third, I’ll give props to I really like this website and have been using it longer than any other website really, it’s stood the test of time in the ever-changing internet .

It’s a great resource to explore music and artist’s catalogs.

10 Questions with Heavyweight Silkscreen Poster and Sticker Artist, Tyler Stout By Zoltron Black Mar 15th Interviews Comments

I really wish I could get my GIGART site to work as well, and get so much traffic. So I like that site from a seller perspective, but also am seeing more and more cool art and items listed, which is great if you are looking for art.

3. if you could hand one of your stickers to any one person, who would it be ?

its probably different for everyone, but for me it’s something that i see somewhere that makes me lean in for a closer look.

I use this site, like I do, to see what the latest work is out there by my peers. This site seems to get the latest type of work I am into, as soon as it has been put online…not sure when this guy sleeps.

gregg’s silkscreen gig poster for iggy pop, which later became a sticker!

It is a website geared to hand made items, but what I like so much about it is how well the site is put together and user friendly.

i give them out to people, i sell screenprints and they’re a fun addition people seem to enjoy. also my kids are in sticker mailing clubs and they trade with other kids.

if i walked into a room and it had an ipod and a record player, i’d choose the record player, the quality is better. but for convenience, mp3s are what i end up listening to.

I also subscribe to Adventures in Design which is all about creating and selling stuffs like stickers and posters, with interviews from some of the same artists that have answered these ten sticker robot questions.

Keegan Wenkman, a great printmaker in portland, or Matteo Scalera – who i had the joy of seeing work on a drawing in person Fiona Staples, who everyone loves

Well the ones that I have printed with Stickerobot have all been sold as GIGART merch, and given away as promotional items. I have a handful on my flat files that all my posters are stored in, but not too many anywhere else.

Maybe a 6-year old child from some distant tribal culture removed from society.

The other poster site that I find myself checking all the time now is Inside The Rock Poster Frame

Anything can be a good sticker design. If people want to see it, hold it, stick it…. it can be a good sticker design.

everything good i’ve ever done has been silkscreened, so for me its the way to go.

Tyler has been printing stickers with us for years. He mainly prints round vinyl stickers, which he gives away to fans and includes in his poster orders.

3. if you could hand one of your stickers to any one person, who would it be?

Among the many concert posters that Tyler has created for bands like Pearl Jam, The Black Keys, Phish, Flight of the Conchords, and many others, Tyler makes movie posters… Lots and lots of movie posters.

Here’s a look at just a few of Marq’s Screen Prints & Gig Posters.

Rick Griffin – I know a lot of us poster/illustrator dudes point to Griffin as an inspiration, but I gotta mention him too. His masterful technique, fluid style, diverse subject matter and philosophical whimsy have always grabbed me. Plus he worked with so many great bands like The Grateful Dead and Neil Young.

For more information on Gregg Gordon and GIGART, check the following links

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