The UN-approved 300L Haz-Shield hazardous waste drum is designed to hold damaged 205L drums, containers or contaminated clothing and PPE. Haz-Shield is the only Australian-manufactured hazardous waste recovery capsule to obtain United Nations approval.

A smaller 50 litre Haz-Shield hazardous waste drum is also available.

Description Dimensions Volume Code Haz-Shield hazardous waste drum 78.4cm x 78.4cm x 108cm 300 litres HSD300

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Haz-Shield is the only Australian-manufactured hazardous waste recovery capsule to obtain United Nations approval.

UN approval number UN 1H2/X50/S/AUS/20239 for the storage and transportation of dangerous goods.

Haz-Shield hazardous waste drum is designed for the storage and transport of dangerous goods. Can be used for safely storing damaged drums and containers up to 205 litre capacity. Place waste or damaged containers into hazspill drum or invert over the drum over the damaged container and turn the right way up.

Screw-top lid with ‘O’ ring seal allows the contents to be sealed in the drum for moving or transporting. Notched lid allows a bar to be used to help open or close threaded lid. Sturdy forklift shoulder on the drum to allow lifting by forklifts.

Tough polyethylene construction provides excellent corrosion resistance to oils, fuels, acids, alkalis and most chemicals. Haz-Shield hazardous disposal drum is 100% UV resistant. UN approval number UN 1H2/X50/S/AUS/20239 for the storage and transportation of dangerous goods.

The Haz-Shield hazardous waste drum has been specifically designed for the recovery and transportation of hazardous materials, food and drugs whilst protecting the safety of workers and the environment.

This UN-rated 300L Haz-Shield hazardous waste drum is designed to hold damaged 205L drums, containers or contaminated clothing and PPE.

Use the Haz-Shield hazardous waste drum for hazardous drum storage, salvage and transport

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The Australian manufactured Haz-Shield® Hazardous Waste Recovery Capsule is specifically designed for the recovery and transportation of hazardous materials. With UN approval for the storage and transport of dangerous goods, Haz-Shield will protect both the safety of workers and the environment.

The Haz-Shield® recovery capsule has many unique features which make it the premier hazardous waste recovery capsule in Australia. The replaceable lid with “O” ring seal is just one of the many features that make it the most economical UN approved capsule on the market.

Haz-shield accessories include lid “o” ring seal, plastic liners and coded identification tags.

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The Haz-Shield® hazardous waste recovery capsule is designed and manufactured in Australia.

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