Recently worked with on some stickers. Since I haven’t done stickers in a while I grabbed a older piece. These are available in my store, free with any order or as individual set. Feel free to snag before I plaster them all, all over town.

Each pack contains 10 stickers – Doubles of each of 5 animal heads.

Yep, A Tiger! $3 The All Knowing $3 The Mind Reader $3 Hydro74 Ornate $3 The Neon Sinner $3 The Neon King $3 The Neon Leader $3 Dire Wolf I $3 Eye of the Beholder $3 Sinner $3 Mayhem Unmasked $3 Blood Thirsty II $3 Create or Die $3 Anti-Hipster $3 Wisdom (Lights) $3 Cute Owl $3 Metal Cat $3 The Lion $3 The Neon Pussy $3 Crab Digger $3 Death Cometh $3 OctoRobotica $3 Purveyors $3 Rhino Revolver $3 Samurai Dawn $3 Bali Mandala $3 Blood Thirsty I $3 Tiger Tiger $3 Samurai Cat $3 Sinner Wolf $3 Warming By The Fires $3 Strongly Mistaken $3

Size: Large Stickers Quantity: 10 Unique Stickers per Pack Artist: Hydro74 Free U.S. Shipping!

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Hydro74 is a prolific commodity in the design world known for his typography and iconic design asthetic. Highly regarded for his style and execution of animal illustrations, we present to you a sticker pack like no other. Artist Series 5 includes killer animal heads straight out of Miami Vice 3!

As always, the stickers are silkscreened with the highest quality materials available.

New stickers from stickerobot came photo by hydro74
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