Glossy Sticker Printing

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Gloss stickers labels
Custom logo design label brushed gloss matt silver pet sticker printing water oil
Glossy Sticker Printing

Preferred file types are high resolution flattened PDF or EPS files. If you are designing artwork in a vector program such as illustrator please ensure all fonts are converted to outlines or attach all fonts with your order.

Wednesday 01st AugWe try our best to meet the stated time but unfortunately due to custom manufacturing each product we can hit problems with artwork, machines and staff so 98% of orders go out on time but 2% of orders can go over by 1-2 working days. Please bear this in mind for time critical jobs.

Please note: We only accept print ready artwork on the “upload your file” option, if you need any changes to artwork please select the “we design your artwork” option.

Buy cheap gloss stickers & labels online which are ideal for ANY purpose! Here’s how we do it:

Fonts – Make sure all fonts are converted to outlines or flattened

The different finishes may also affect the way your labels appear, Matt effects will make the colours look a little dull or faded and a gloss finish might make them appear brighter.

Images need to have a minimum resolution of 300dpi. If artwork is generated at a lower resolution, then the quality of the final printed job will be affected.

For more in-depth information about all of the materials and finishing options we offer click here.

History Widespread use of gloss finish in sticker production emerged in 1960 when the Italian newspaper moguls Benito and Giuseppe Panini in Milan set up the hugely successful Panini sticker company.  The company became famous for its football sticker collections and by 1970 it was the first sticker company to produce stickers for the football World Cup. 

Image Resolution – Artwork must be at a resolution of 300dpi or higher

• Ukuran : A4 • Ketebalan : 135gsm • Isi dalam kemasan : 20 sheets

To order printed gloss stickers, get your instant quote now by entering in your options using the calculator above!

Lihat       Berat 14gr Terjual       Asuransi Opsional Kondisi Baru Min. Beli 50

Gloss Vinyl stickers can be made to any size or shape for truly custom stickers, they are also fully weather, water and UV resistant Gloss paper stickers are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and prove to be very cost effective Rich colours and crisp detail as standard thanks to high definition printing Free next day delivery after dispatch and FREE artwork design on products over £50

Calendered vinyl is created by propulsion of a heated mixture through calendering rollers.  This is double-quick and, as a consequence, a cheaper method of production.  Calendered vinyl is more liable to suffer from shrinkage due to the manufacturing process. Cast vinyl is used when a more complex and stable application is needed. Liquid resin is glazed onto a highly polished substrate to produce an extremely thin film of vinyl.

Please see our recommend artwork guidelines below, if you are unsure about the artwork you are supplying and would like us to check and fix any issues please continue ensuring you tick the ‘check artwork and send PDF proof’ option on the upload page before proceeding

Berikutnya Sebelumnya Selesai Lewati Tutup Informasi Produk Ulasan Produk Diskusi Produk Informasi Penjual Beli Fitur Baru: Produk Preorder Fitur Baru: Free Returns Video Produk Sebelum membeli, pastikan Anda membaca informasi dan deskripsi produk secara teliti.

Berisi ulasan yang diberikan oleh pembeli lain terhadap produk yang sedang Anda lihat. Klik tab ini jika ingin bertanya seputar produk kepada penjual.Di sini Anda juga dapat mengikuti berbagai diskusi yang ditanyakan oleh pembeli lain.

Sebelum membeli, bacalah informasi lengkap mengenai penjual, seperti: lokasi pengiriman, rating toko, dan jasa pengiriman yang didukung oleh toko tersebut. Terakhir, klik tombol “Beli” atau “Preorder” Di sini Anda bisa melihat informasi tentang waktu tambahan yang dibutuhkan penjual untuk memproses pesanan preorder.

Badge ini menunjukkan bahwa produk mendukung Free Returns. Produk dapat diretur secara gratis jika tidak sesuai dengan pesanan. Pelajari lebih lanjut. Kenali lebih jauh produk yang ingin kamu beli dengan langsung menonton videonya

Looking for a price? Use our online calculator and order in minutes:

Now this might sound expensive, but here at Discount Sticker Printing, we actually take great pride in having some of the UK’s lowest prices whilst still offering great quality and service which ticks every box. Once you enter in your options, you will be given an instant quote to order gloss stickers online, so give it a try and see our prices for yourself!

Bank Nominal Minimum Purchase Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Bank Nominal Minimum Purchase Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Bank Nominal Minimum Purchase Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Bank Nominal Minimum Purchase Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Bank Nominal Minimum Purchase Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp Rp

– A4 – 135gsm – 20 sheets Biasa digunakan untuk mencetak photo atau gambar untuk digunakan seperti stiker yang permukaannya mengkilap (glossy)

For an in-depth guide of how to setup labels with metallic elements please click here.

Pilih Bank BCA BNI BRI Bukopin CIMB Citibank Danamon HSBC Kredivo Mandiri MayBank MNC OCBC NISP Panin Permata Standard Chartered UOB

For an in-depth guide of how to setup labels with white elements please click here.

Salah satu produk paper e-Print dengan jenis sticker, sehingga dapat digunakan untuk menempelkan informasi di permukaan yang rata dan memiliki permukaan yang mengkilap (glossy).

Harga cicilan belum termasuk ongkos kirim, bea admin dan asuransi

The way we create metallic colours is by using a silver substrate and applying a thin layer of CMYK toner to create the metallic colour required, when ordering please describe the colour required (or give the metallic swatch code from our color logic sheet which is included in all sample packs and can be ordered here FREE of charge) in the notes box at the upload artwork stage.

All files supplied must be based in the CMYK colour mode, with no tints lower than 5%.

How is a gloss sticker made? Plastic gloss stickers are made from a combination of polypropylene film, flexible clear or white calendered polymeric or monomeric vinyl, or a cast vinyl and either permanent or easily removable adhesive. Polymeric and monomeric vinyl offers either short- or long-term application. Monomeric film is more often than not a 1-3 year class and the Polymeric 4-6 year grade.

With a bright glossy finish and high definition printing, your gloss labels and stickers will really stand out with vivid detail and quality whilst having all of the attributes to make them ideal for any indoor or outdoor use. You can even choose your own shape and size! Plus, whilst the permanent adhesive holds strong, they can be removed residue-free if required.

KPMF kicked things off with a full UK taxi wrap in 1993, everything from planes to trains as well as fleets of cars are now wrapped in glossy vinyl. As the technology developed, options for gloss, matte, printable and even colour-changing vinyl wrap films became available.

Sticker Chromo merupakan jenis sticker bertekstur halus/licin dan cenderung Glossy/mengkilap. Bisa ditulis, dicetak, disablon & di print menggunakan printer rumahan dengan tinta art paper. Ukuran F4 (215 x 330 mm).Cocok untuk usaha printing, Fotocopy, label kiriman olshop, Label Kemasan Produk & keperluan lainnya.Barang selalu Ready Stock selagi masih ada di etalase. Bisa kirim di hari yg sama via GOJEK.Min order 1 Pack. Harga tertera adalah harga per lembartersedia sticker lain:Sticker HVS A4 HVS F4 Transparant F4 Chromo F4 Chromo A4 Chromo A4 High Quality Kertas lainnya dapat dilihat di etalase Tambahkan packing utk keamanan paket anda : Plastik Bubble : : Tanpa request packing tambahan, barang dikirim dg packing standar bungkus kertas samson.

* Harga cicilan belum termasuk ongkos kirim, bea admin dan asuransi

Colour – Convert all colours into CMYK format, with no tints lower than 5%

Catatan Toko Kebijakan Pengembalian Produk RESELLER / DROPSHIP & ETIKA JUAL – BELI PROMO CETAK PLUS PLUS Term, Operasional & Ekspedisi

*** Untuk info lebih lanjut, silakan kunjungi halaman Bantuan Pembayaran dengan Cicilan

The toners we use to print on clear materials are slightly transparent, this means that for the parts that you require to be opaque or to add full colour images we have to create a white base layer on the artwork behind the colour or image, this is achieved by creating a separate layer on your artwork named “white” and anywhere our press finds this colour it will print white toner (beneath the CMYK artwork, beneath images or on it’s own).

Get an instant quote for vinyl or paper labels now using the calculator above, and then select your artwork option to proceed with your order.

To avoid any issues, make the fonts part of your original document through embedding, flattening or converting them to curves in the chosen design program.

All artwork supplied to us for print must have at least 3mm bleed and 3mm inner safe area on all trimmed edges. Please do NOT add crop marks.

The company went on to be hugley successful on the back of its gloss sticker production and Panini recently produced stickers for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  In the past 10 years the technology has been adapted to great success in the vehicle industry, as gloss finish vinyl has been used to wrap cars among other vehicles.

Additional information Weight 0.4 kg Dimensions 21 x 0.5 x 29.7 cm

Polymerics are softer and are chiefly used for a gloss coating, although semitransparent and matte finishes are obtainable. Most films are created through the process of chill-roll. In this procedure the melt coming out of the level film die can be placed onto either a chrome plated, highly polished or matt finish chill-roll. A plasticiser is put in the liquid vinyl resin to bring forth the gloss effect, this is normally Resoflex R-296.

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Secondly, with such a vast range of customisation options, including being able to order ANY shape or size, you can create your gloss stickers so they’re literally perfect for your precise needs. No matter what size or surface, you can order custom gloss labels which do the trick!

We can set up your white base for you here in our design studio, please describe which areas you do not require metallic in the notes box on the upload artwork page.

For the best quality, price and customisation, choose gloss stickers and labels from Discount Sticker Printing. They’re ideal for ANY use with some of the UK’s lowest prices! Choose from a vinyl or paper material based on your preferred application.

We can set up your artwork in our design studio, please describe which areas you require to be white or opaque in the notes box on the upload artwork page.

The parts that you do not require metallic we have to create a white base layer on the artwork, this is achieved by creating a separate layer on your artwork, named “white” and anywhere our press finds this colour it will print white toner beneath the CMYK artwork.

We try our best to deliver before bank holidays but there could be a slight delay.

Firstly, with tough vinyl material and eco-friendly solvent inks, your glossy stickers are naturally completely waterproof, weatherproof, UV resistant and tough, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use in even the harshest weather.

Quality is another area we really value, which is why we only use 1440dpi high definition printing as standard. This, along with the eco-friendly solvent inks, makes your artwork really come to life with crisp detail and stunning colour. Plus, when combined with a high shine glossy finish, it creates gloss stickers which are made to impress.

Think about the appearance you are trying to achieve for your label, some materials may darken or lighten the appearance of your artwork once printed.

The gloss sticker is used in a wide variety of ways, from adding extra sheen to labelling to covering an entire car in a vibrant eye-catching graphic design.  It’s easy to see why this  glossy sticker is so popular – the finish will lift intricate designs and give stickers a real visual punch. Plus it’s durable. People opt for gloss when they want a sticker that can deal with the rigours of the elements – plastic gloss stickers can last up to five years outside without fading or peeling.  However, it’s worth remembering gloss is not recommended if you need to write on the label.

Please be aware that if additional set up is required by our design studio this may delay turnaround time.

Any white parts on your design that are not named “white” will be printed in a silver metallic.

Bleed & Safe Area – We require a 3mm bleed and a 3mm inner safe area, WITHOUT crop marks

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