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Diy Personalized Tumbler

Diy Personalized Tumbler Diy Personalized Tumbler

Select the tumbler style you want. When you start your order, you will be given options for the type of tumbler you want. Most companies will offer a variety of colors, sizes, and styles for you to choose from, including stainless or acrylic, with or without straws, with or without lids, and insulated or non-insulated.

[19] Popular tumbler sizes range from 16–30 fluid ounces (470–890 mL), although you may find smaller or larger options if you prefer. Stainless steel tumblers are great if you want to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, while acrylic photo tumblers are lightweight and easy to carry.

A cup with a straw is convenient for using at home or the office, but you might prefer a cup with a solid lid to help prevent spills if you’ll be travelling a lot.

Apply the stencil to the tumbler if you’re using one. If you’re trying to create a design, you can cut a stencil out from a sheet of vinyl, or you can purchase an adhesive stencil from a craft store.

Peel the backing off the the stencil and attach it to the tumbler, smoothing out any bumps or winkles.[14] If there are any gaps or wrinkles in the stencil, paint can seep underneath it and mess up your design.

Lay transfer tape over the top of your graphic. Transfer tape is made to help you apply decals evenly. Lay your vinyl decal so that it’s facing up, then carefully apply a strip of transfer tape over the top of the entire decal.

[3] If your decal has more than one piece, arrange the pieces exactly how you want them, then apply the transfer tape. This will help ensure they are spaced properly when you apply the decal to the tumbler.

You can purchase transfer tape at almost any craft store.

Spray light coats of paint, letting each coat dry before applying the next. If you apply too much paint at once, it could start to bubble and drip. To avoid this, hold the spray paint can at least 6–8 inches (15–20 cm) away from the tumbler, and only spray in short, quick bursts.

Move the can side to side as you spray to keep the paint from pooling in one area.[15] Allow the paint to dry for at least 10 minutes between coats. After the final coat, let the tumbler dry for 2-3 hours.

If you used a stencil, remove it before the tumbler has fully dried so the paint doesn’t peel off.

Unscrew the bottom of the tumbler, insert the design, and reattach the bottom. Roll your paper into a cone, then slide the cone into the space between the inner layer and outer layer of your tumbler.[9] Be careful not to wrinkle the paper as you put it into the cup, as any creases will show in the finished product.

Reattach the bottom of the tumbler once you have inserted your design.

Fill the photo compartment with water and glitter for a sparkly tumbler. If you don’t want to put an image in the photo compartment, you can still customize it. Remove the bottom of the tumbler and turn the cup upside down, then carefully pour 1–2 US tbsp (15–30 mL) of glitter into the photo compartment of the cup.

Then, fill the compartment the rest of the way up with water and screw on the bottom.[10] Super fine glitter will float slowly, but big chunky glitter will have more sparkle. You could also try mixing the 2 types of glitter for a unique effect! Floating glitter makes a good backdrop if you want to use a vinyl decal on your photo tumbler.

Layer colors if you want to create an ombre effect. Hold the spray paint about 8–10 inches (20–25 cm) from the tumbler. Use a darker color to spray the bottom and a lighter color on the top, and let the 2 colors overlap slightly.

[16] Try pairing 2 shades of the same color, like turquoise and sea green. You could also contrast 2 different colors for a more striking effect, like red on the bottom and yellow on the top.

If you want to customize a stainless steel or acrylic tumbler, trace a design onto a sheet of outdoor vinyl. Cut out the design with scissors, a craft knife, or a die-cutting machine. Carefully lay out your vinyl decal, then cover the whole thing with a piece of transfer tape. Peel the backing off of the vinyl, then carefully apply the transfer tape and vinyl decal onto your tumbler, pressing down all across the decal to ensure it’s properly adhered. Peel off the transfer tape and enjoy your new tumbler! Keep reading to learn how to customize a photo tumbler.

Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles in the vinyl. If the vinyl decal doesn’t lay flat, it won’t stick properly to the tumbler. If you notice any bubbles or wrinkles, you can smooth them out with your fingers or with the end of a credit card.[5]

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Print your design onto photo paper or cardstock. Since these tumblers are slightly tapered at the bottom, you will need to cut the paper so it can be rolled into a cone shape. You can find templates for these inserts online, or you can just wrap the paper around the cup and cut off the excess.

[8] If you’re working with stripes or another pattern which needs to line up perfectly, it’s best to use a pre-made template. For a thoughtful gift idea, use a photo of yourself and someone special to you, then give the tumbler to them.

The dimensions of the insert will vary depending on the style and size of the cup you chose.

Four Methods:Using a Vinyl DecalCustomizing a Photo TumblerPainting Your TumblerOrdering Custom TumblersCommunity Q&A

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Spray the tumbler with a paint sealer to lock in the paint. A paint sealer is a clear coat that will help create a barrier that will prevent the paint from flaking off. You can purchase this wherever you bought your painting supplies.

[17] Spray the sealer evenly over the tumbler, using the same side-to-side motion you used while painting. Let the sealer dry for an additional 2-3 hours.

Purchase a clear acrylic tumbler to show off your favorite pictures. Acrylic photo tumblers are popular, inexpensive, and easy to customize. Make sure you choose a tumbler which unscrews to give you access to the photo compartment.

[7] You can purchase these tumblers at craft stores and big box stores.

Custom tumblers are cute, practical, and super easy to make. Try it out today to create fun gifts for your friends and family, or make one for yourself to carry around to help you drink more water every day!

Save your design and order your tumblers. Choose the quantity of tumblers you want and enter your credit card information to order.[21] Some companies specialize in bulk orders and may require minimum purchase.

If you’re ordering a large quantity and you want each tumbler customized, check with the seller to make sure that option is available before you order.

Only use spray paint outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. If you’re painting your tumbler, be careful not to apply paint anywhere that your mouth will touch.

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Trace your design on a sheet of outdoor vinyl. You can create your design by drawing it freehand, using a stencil, or even using a die-cutting machine if you have one.[1] Outdoor vinyl is waterproof, making it the best choice for use on drinkware.

You can purchase outdoor vinyl at a craft or home supply store. Die-cutting machines often have pre-programmed designs for you to choose from, but you may be able to create an original design by experimenting with the software.

Try tracing out letters to create a monogram, or use different colors of vinyl to create colorful hearts or polka dots.

Peel the backing off of the vinyl and press it onto the tumbler. Once you’ve removed the backing, pick up the piece of transfer tape and lay it on the tumbler with the sticky side of the vinyl facing down.

[4] It may help to have the tumbler laying on its side so you can see exactly where you’re applying the decal. Press firmly on the vinyl to ensure it’s fully adhered to the tumbler.

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Use spray paint if you want to paint a stainless steel tumbler. Regular spray paint will adhere best to the smooth surface of a steel tumbler, but you’ll need to scuff the surface slightly for the best results.

[11] Apply chalk paint to your steel tumbler using a foam brush if you don’t want to use spray paint. You can use acrylic paint or markers to paint an acrylic tumbler, but even with sealant, the paint will have a tendency to flake off over time.

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Cut out your applique using sharp scissors or a craft knife. Once you have the design how you want it, carefully cut along the edges.[2] Use caution when cutting with scissors or a craft knife, and never allow small children to handle sharp objects.

Wipe down the tumbler with alcohol to remove dirt and oils. Even if it’s not visible, dirt and oils may be present on your tumbler from where you or other people have handled it. Use an alcohol pad or a cotton ball soaked in alcohol to wipe down your tumbler, then let it dry completely.


Scuff the surface of the tumbler with 140-180 grit sandpaper. Roughing up the surface a little will help the paint stick to it better, so your design will last longer. Depending on the grit of the sandpaper you use, you should only need about 5-10 passes with the sandpaper to get the texture you need.

[12] Try to only sand the area you’re planning on painting, otherwise it will be visible after your project is completed.

Select your logo design and text. Your design is only limited by your imagination. Upload an image or a logo, search through existing templates, or add stamps for graphic designs, or play with different fonts and spacing if you want a text-only design.

[20] Script your initials in a font with dramatic flourishes and to create a classic monogram. Don’t upload trademarked logo, including sports team or brand logo. However, if the company offers a trademarked logo as a template, it’s okay to use.

If you’re ordering from a shop on a site like Etsy, choose a design you like, then include your custom text in the “Notes to Seller” field or contact form.

Remove the transfer tape and enjoy your new tumbler! Once you remove the transfer tape, your design is finished! The outdoor vinyl should be long-lasting, although you may want to wash your tumbler by hand to help preserve your decal.[6]

Choose a custom graphics company to order your tumbler from. Research several different companies before you decide on one. Read online customer reviews, and ask your friends, family, and social media contacts if they have any recommendations to be sure you find a reputable company.

[18] Compare online quality reviews of different companies, and choose one that has mostly favorable feedback. Compare prices of several companies to be sure you get best deal. Popular websites for ordering custom tumblers include Etsy, Custom Ink, Tervis, and Yeti.

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