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Die Cut Name Stickers

Die Cut Name Stickers Die Cut Name Stickers

Now, the choice is yours. Find the custom shape stickers that best suit your needs..


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In this article, we’ll help you create a die cut sticker from start to finish to ensure you and your clients have everything needed to send it to print!

Seeing as the design requires edge to edge printing, we need to set up a 3mm bleed line around the entire shape of the sticker. The easiest way to do this is to first select everything and create a copy, placed directly on top of the existing design.

Once you’ve completed your design ( in this case a simple sticker design based on a cool kitten) you will need to create bleed and trim lines for your custom shape.

Left: Cut out business cards (via Evolve Already); Right: Letterpress and die cut business cards (via Pressing Letters)

Now that you have your bleed area, it’s time to set up the trim line using spot colors.

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Select your compound shape and head over to Object > Path > Offset Path to create your bleed area.

When we have to choose from different types of custom shape stickers, we are faced with two options regarding the cut: the half cut or the full cut (also called Kiss Cut and Die Cut, respectively).

As you can see creating a custom shape and die lines takes very little time, so why not try something unusual in 99designs’ new Sticker contest category.

In the final step we need to open up the attributes panel – by going to Window > Attributes.

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The full cut stickers (Die Cut) are the solution for those looking for a sticker that stands out aesthetically from the beginning, even before putting it up. Thanks to the custom cut, the possibilities of creating and playing around with messages are infinite.Without a doubt, it’s about a sticker that grabs your attention due to its presentation. It is recommended for those promos where the logo, message or design has an appealing shape that both emphasizes and increases the influence of the brand.

In the color type box, we must select spot color. This will take this particular color and make it its own plate for the printing process later on. This will be the line the printer will know to use as the die cut, it serves as an imaginary line that won’t be printed.

Set offset to 3mm or .25in and Join to round (this will keep things neat, without jagged edges).

With your layer selected, set the fill to none and select a color from your swatches panel for the outline. Double click on your swatch to create a spot color. This step is the most important part in creating your die line.

Don’t forget to set up bleeds (object > path > offset path) Your trim line/die line needs to be in a spot colour on a separate layer, name it die line – do not print so your printer knows exactly what needs to be done.

Check overprint stroke in attributes to make sure the colours below are printed Have you created a die cut sticker? Share your work in the comments below!

Let’s go back to our original file and make another copy. We’ll need to place it on a new layer. We need to let the printer know this is not a printable layer, so we’ll name it “DIE LINE – DO NOT PRINT”.

As you can see the border limits have been enlarged by 3mm. Select this layer and place it under your original artwork and name it bleed.

And that’s all there is to it – you’ve created a custom made die line for your design.

When creating any new document for print, settings must be made in CMYK mode and 300dpi, the size will depend on what your creating and how big you need it to be.

You can double check that everything looks right by opening the separations preview (Window > Separations Preview). You will see plates for CMYK and your spot colour die line.

If you don’t select overprint stroke, the sticker will be printed with a fine white line where the dieline knocks out, in other words a space would be left for that line.

“Die cut” simply means cutting material – in this case adhesive paper – into a specific shape using a metal die, either by cutting out shapes or forming the actual shape of the artwork.

Everyone loves a cool sticker, especially when you can let your imagination run wild with a custom made design. But instead of using the standard square or rectangle shapes, why not create a unique die cut sticker shape to make your work shine?

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Spot colors refer to printing colors in which each color is printed with its own ink, whereas process color printing uses four inks (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) to produce all other colors.

The basic principles for die cut designs apply to any type of work, whether you’re working on a business card, custom made invitations, or any other printing job.

Once you’ve made a copy, join all the elements together in one compound shape by going to Pathfinder and selecting Unite.

The half cut stickers (Kiss Cut), apart from the custom cut, also have an adhesive border that protects the shape of the cut. This is a particularly useful feature for those designs with subtle cuts and shapes, which can be folded more easily. This kind of sticker is recommended for large print runs, particularly thanks to this protective edge. The cropped stickers will stay intact, perfect for distributing them at events or fairs which involve the public and clients.The half cut stickers can be applied to the desired surface easily: you only need to press down on the edge next to the cut on the adhesive sheet, without needing to fold the sticker.

We need to select Overprint stroke, the reason being we want the colours of sticker design to print underneath the die line.

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