Custom Wall Sticker Design

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Logo custom wall decals
Your own words and quotes wall decal throughout design your own wall decal ideas
Custom Wall Sticker Design

TUTORIAL PEMASANGAN PRODUK : Bahan Wallsticker Bahan Walldecal Tattoo Temporary Nail Tattoo

PRICELIST POSTER FRAME   POSTER SAJA (tanpa frame) 4R 7.000 5R 8.000 8R 10.000 A4 12.000   POSTER & FRAME 4R 40.000 5R 50.000 8R 55.000 A4 65.000   DETAIL – Bisa custom gambar dari customer – Bahan poster : kertas art paper doff tekstur – Bahan frame : fiber – Poster saja cetak tiap […]

Q: How do I order custom wall decals? A: To order our custom wall decals, simply click on the Make Wall Decals button above. From there, you can upload your own logo or design, or choose from thousands of designs from our sticker art collection!

Q: What type of finish is available for logo custom wall decals? A: Logo custom wall decals are available in a matte finish. Not only does having a matte finish help make your large custom wall decals, custom wall decals for business, and logo decals for walls look beautiful, but it also removes any visible glare. Having a matte finish also helps to add a more natural appeal to your custom wall decals and custom wall stickers!

  Bagaimana proses pemesanannya? Silahkan menghubungi admin order kami, tentukan tipe photo magazine yang diinginkan, lakukan pembayaran, pilih layout desain, kirim foto2 ke email, proses cetak, proses pengiriman 🙂   Apakah bisa membuatkan custom desain? Mohon maaf untuk myphotomagz tidak menerima custom desain, kecuali customer sudah punya desain layoutnya sendiri dalam format corel atau ilustrator:)   Berapa lama […]

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Q: How do I apply custom wall decals? A: To apply your custom wall decals, start by cleaning the surface of your wall to remove any dust and dirt– this helps to ensure that your wall decal stays on for as long as possible. Next, slowly peel off your custom wall decal from its backing paper– this should be done carefully to avoid damaging your wall decal. We recommend doing this step with help from another person to ensure that the wall decal also doesn’t stick to itself. If your wall decal does accidentally stick to itself, simply peel it off slowly and carefully. Place your decal on the wall and start applying pressure from the middle, then outwards to the edges using your hands or a credit card.

Q: What material are logo custom wall decals made out of? A: Our logo custom wall decals are made out of durable matte white vinyl. These custom wall stickers and logo decals are also lightweight and removable without leaving any residue, so you don’t have to worry about them damaging the surfaces that they’re applied to! Our removable matte white vinyl is also waterproof, sun resistant, writable with permanent marker, and offers high visibility to show off your logo or design. If you are looking for clear decals for your walls, we recommend our Custom Clear Wall Decals product, which is another great way to style any room or brand your business!

It’s time to think big when it comes to marketing your small business. We’re talking large format decals for your windows, doors, walls and floors.

*Next Day Production excludes large orders, business cards, post cards, Metal Photo Prints, wood prints and orders placed the day before observed holidays (upcoming holidays: 09/03/18, 11/22/18, 11/23/18)

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Q: Will the color of the wall decal match the colors of my design? A: In order to help make your brand or what matters to you stick, we print your custom wall decals using a 4-color CMYK process, which lets you accurately achieve your desired brand colors, with no limit to how many colors your design contains.

  SYARAT & KETENTUAN Berikut ini adalah syarat & ketentuan pemesan produk di CWS Group . 1. Pembatalan transaksi yang dilakukan oleh customer dikenakan potongan biaya sebesar 25% dari total pembayaran dan akan ditransfer dalam 2×24 jam   2.Barang yang sudah dibeli TIDAK DAPAT dikembalikan dengan alasan apapun Penukaran barang dapat dilakukan khusus untuk kesalahan […]

We understand that you don’t want to waste your time or money ordering a custom product from StickerYou that isn’t going to fit your needs, so we created this chart to help you determine which material is best for your custom stickers, labels, or wall decals.

Berikut adalah link tutorial produk2 kami,   Silahkan klik link yang tersedia sesuai dengan produk yang Anda beli   Pertama2 Anda harus memastikan bahwa permukaan bidang yang akan ditempel bersih dari debu dan kotoran sebelum melihat video tutorial berikut ini   Tattoo Temporary Wallsticker Transparan Wallsticker Solid Wallsticker Decal Sticker Tegel […]

Q: Can I remove my wall decal and apply it again? A: Our custom wall decals are repositionable at the time of applying. This means that as long as you haven’t completely stuck it on the wall, you can still remove the wall decal in order to reposition it. However, once fully applied on the surface, your wall decal cannot be re-used or re-applied.

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Whether you’re operating from a cozy storefront, the basement of an office building, or from your own home, there are things you can do to upgrade the look of your space. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but value is in the eye of your customer, so make sure your business looks like a business.

Q: Where can my custom wall decals be applied? A: Custom wall decals can be applied on any indoor smooth surface or wall including drywall and doors! So you can customize your office, living room, bedroom, and anywhere else that your heart desires by creating your own logo wall decal or custom wall sticker! You can also create large logo stickers and make your own one-of-a-kind logo wall, or even a step-and=repeat! For best results, we don’t recommend applying our custom wall decals on outdoor walls or floor surfaces. If you are looking for outdoor decals, we recommend our weather-proof Outdoor Decals. If you’re looking for floor stickers, we recommend our Floor Decals which are also a great way to add unique and creative signage, advertising or imagery to your business, home, or event!

Untuk mendapatkan HARGA RESELLER kamu wajib mendaftar sebagai MEMBER RESELLER dengan biaya administrasi Rp 50.000   Harga reseller ini berlaku untuk reseller aktif. Yang dimaksud dengan reseller aktif bila dalam 3 bulan minimal ada sekali pembelian. Apabila dalam 3 bulan tidak ada pembelian sama sekali, maka status member akan dinonaktifkan dan harga reseller tidak berlaku […]

StickerYou has teamed up with two very different local businesses to help them revamp their locations with custom sticky products. Don’t miss this business makeover!

  BEBERAPA PERTANYAAN YANG SERING DIAJUKAN Bahan apa yang direkomendasikan? Disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan dan budget saja kak, pada dasarnya setiap bahan bagus. Apakah bisa dipasang di kaca? Lantai? Lemari? Produk kami bisa dipasang di media apapun yang halus dan rata. Saya belum ada design gimana ya? Kami dengan senang hati akan membantu membuatkan design secara GRATIS, kakak hanya […]

*Free ground shipping to contiguous United States. Excludes rigid materials over 36″

Missing instructions? Get your logo wall decal instructions here!

Silahkan infokan ke admin untuk cover pilih nomor berapa ya kak 🙂

Customize your office, decorate any room, or brand your event with custom Logo Wall Decals. Works on indoor smooth wall surfaces. Our logo decals stick strong and are removable.

PRICELIST SCRABBLE BOX   Ukuran A5 (14,8x21cm) 215.000 2 baris max 6 karakter per baris 3 baris max 4/5 karakter per baris   Ukuran A4 (21,8x32cm) 315.000 3 baris max 8 karakter per baris   PRICELIST SCRABBLE WALL Standar per kotak 10x10cm Rp 15.000   DETAIL – Bahan Premium Acrylic 2-4mm – Bisa pakai gambar […]

Q: How long will my logo custom wall decals last? A: Made out of durable white matte removable vinyl, your custom wall decals will last you for 2+ years! You can be sure that your custom wall decal or wall logo will last long and stick strong.

Q: What can I use custom wall decals for? A: Custom wall decals are a great way to customize your office, decorate any room, or brand your business at an event. There’s no limit in size, shape, colors, or quantity, so why not revamp your office, home, or event with custom wall stickers or custom logo wall decals? Our Decal Editor makes it easy for you to upload your own logo or design or you can browse through our extensive design collection! Custom logo wall decals can be die-cut to your design. Add some extra imagery to your office or home with custom decals for walls and custom logo decals to maximize your branding. Make your brand or what matters to you stick by creating custom wall decals of your company logo, motivational quotes, and artwork in any color, design, message, picture, photo and more!

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StickerYou’s light-weight removable Logo Wall Decal material is easy-to-apply and removes without leaving residue or damaging your walls. Logo Wall Decals can be custom die-cut to your design. The vinyl material stands out but the lustre composition removes visible glare. Decorate your space with Logo Wall Decals and make your message stick!

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