Custom Stickers Multiple Designs

October 23, 2018 3:05 am by maryrosh
Sticker sheets multiple custom stickers printed on one sheet
Order multiple kiss cuts on your sticker design to make a sheet of custom stickers
Custom Stickers Multiple Designs

3. Is every sticker the same size and shape, or are different sizes and shapes used?

1. What is the overall size of each sheet? (A4, A5, 100 x 100mm etc.)

Call 01790 755 866 or email us for a custom quote or more information.

If you need various different stickers producing together on the same sheet, we can help!

Digitally printed paper labels on rolls. A popular, cost-effective label product available with a gloss or matt finish. Ideal for product labelling.

Digitally printed metallic vinyl stickers. Materials include: brushed silver, brushed gold, chrome silver, chrome gold, chrome rose gold & rainbow chrome.

To calculate your discount, we determine the total amount of material and labor required to process your order. You can see how this works by adding multiple items to your cart. In general, as your order becomes larger your discount will be more significant.

Sticker Mule’s multiple design discount saves you money when you add different artwork, sizes, and products to your cart at the same time. More individual line items in your cart results in a larger discount. The discount works in addition to our bulk order discounts for each product.

Print ready artwork ready to send to us? If you already have the sheet design in a print-ready format that complies with our artwork guidelines, there will be no additional costs, you will simply be charged the normal price for a sticker the size of your sheet. So if your sticker sheet has various designs but the sheet is A4 in size, you will be charged the same price per sheet as a normal A4 sticker.

If you’re rebranding a logo, testing a new product label, or experimenting with a few designs, it’s only fair that you can make all of the variations into custom stickers for cheap. Even in small quantities, you’ll see your discount add up quickly when you upload your designs.

Digitally printed polyester labels on rolls. Perfect for outdoor use and products that may come into contact with liquids. Waterproof and tear-resistant.

To calculate the discount, we determine the total amount of material and labor required to process the entire batch of designs you want.

Digitally printed clear vinyl stickers. Your design is printed onto a waterproof transparent vinyl. Great for printing complex logos without a white background.

The feature is flexible, calculated automatically and can be used to order different quantities of each line item. This allows you to save more by ordering different designs, sizes and products — or all three at once.

Digitally printed vinyl stickers with a scratch-resistant domed coating to protect your company logo or design. Perfect for product branding!

4. Which product are you interested in? (Vinyl stickers, Clear stickers, Metallic stickers etc.)

Order multiple variations of the same product (for example, you may want to order 5 different design variations of a 3″ circle) Order a set of completely unique stickers (for example, you could order circle stickers, sticker sheets and die cut stickers at the same time and we’d price it as if it was one large order).

Add-on a few extra designs to a large order. Since we calculate the price of your order based on it’s total size, if you need to order a large quantity of one design you can add a few extra designs for a low price.

Vinyl Stickers Metallic Stickers Clear Stickers Floor Graphic Stickers Window Stickers Perforated Window Stickers Reflective Stickers Glow In The Dark Stickers

In the past year, we’ve added new products and features to help our customers save time and money. This week we’re highlighting our multiple design discount feature for custom made products. Although customers have been saving with this feature for over a year, we’ve improved it to include our newest products like transfer stickers, circle roll labels, and custom magnets.

You can also order different sizes of the same design or of different designs. It’s common for small businesses that use Sticker Mule to have one logo or design made into different sizes for different uses. For example, a small business might have one artwork that is made into three different sizes for packaging their products, sealing thank you notes, or giving away to customers.

Need us to create the sheet artwork for you? If you need us to create the sheet artwork for you (from your own designs or images) then you will be quoted a one-off artwork charge to cover our artist’s time. The value of this charge will vary depending on the complexity and quantity of the individual stickers on the sheet.

If you’re interested in having multiple designs on a sheet, please contact us with the answers to the following questions:

A typical order with multiple designs receives more than $24 in discounts. Recently, we’ve seen this number increase as people add transfer stickers and custom magnets to their orders.

Digitally printed vinyl stickers available in any size from 5x5mm up to a massive 1700x1270mm. Fantastic durability even when situated outdoors.

Yes, we automatically discount your order as you add more items to your cart. Each unique design must be ordered as a separate line item.

FAQs Miscellaneous Can I get a discount for ordering multiple designs? Can I get a discount for ordering multiple designs?

Multiple design discounts apply across product lines too. To see the greatest savings, order transfer stickers (custom vinyl decals), custom magnets, wall graphics, die cut stickers, kiss cut stickers (and more) together. You’ll still receive a discount if you use the same artwork and size across different products.

Next time you order, try a few extra designs or grab a wall graphic for the office before you checkout.

Want to see physical samples of our products?Order a sample pack

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Order multiple kiss cuts on your sticker design to make a sheet of custom stickers
Order multiple kiss cuts on your sticker design to make a sheet of custom stickers
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Order multiple kiss cuts on your sticker design to make a sheet of custom stickers
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Order multiple kiss cuts on your sticker design to make a sheet of custom stickers
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