Custom Sticker Postcard

round stickers Custom Sticker Postcard

round stickers Custom Sticker Postcard

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Example sticker template Use same template for front and back. Flatten artwork onto the “Art” layer. Pay attention to the safety/bleed guidelines = Safety – Keep all text inside this border = Diecut – This is the outer edge of the sticker = Bleed – This area will be trimmed off

Upload your design today, and we’ll print you some unique sticker postcards that will give you an edge in the ‘sending random things by mail’ department.

Websticker assumes complete responsibility for production schedules, product quality, and optimized pricing on every job. If production mistakes are made we will make it right immediately by reprinting the job or finding the best solution for the client – 100% guaranteed.

Websticker is committed to helping businesses and organizations brand and market more effectively with stickers and labels. The promotional goal: strengthening identity, exposure, word-of-mouth and sales.

Our personal goal: the peace of mind and success of our clients.

Sticker template information Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Acrobat

Remember! We can print any size and any shape. Feel free to use the above templates as guides to create your own custom sizes.

Our sticker templates are downloaded in zip files. You can unzip the files with Stuffit Expander for PC or MAC. Both are free downloads.

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Postcards have always been an effective, simple way of getting a message out there. You have your design on one side, a mailing address on the other, and off it goes. That being said, postcards have an unfortunate tendency to fall to the bottom of the junk mail pile, or end up in the trash.

Postcard stickers are made with heavyweight backing paper. You get a beautiful, high quality sticker on the front, and your return address details on the back. All you have to do is put a stamp on it.

We’ve created press-ready templates for you to download and use. We also accept custom orders of any size and any shape.

Simply having a cool design is only half of the battle, you need an easy way for the recipient to share it, display it. Custom printed sticker postcards are just that.

Custom Sticker Postcard