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You take pride in your brand, why not take pride in your brand’s marketing materials? A sticker is no different than the product you’re selling. You want it to be quality, hassle-free and effective. Adding a back slit to your sticker can help you, and your customer achieve optimum happiness!

When you want your label to be quick and easy to apply, consider back slitting. This finishing feature slits the back of your label liner for easy peel-off action and extra versatility. The backing can be separated and simply peeled off at the slit in the center of the label or on either side. Back slitting simplifies label application. It’s also referred to as a crack and peel label.

How Back Slit Stickers Can Save You Time (And Money)January 31, 2018 – 6 minutes readHow Back Slit Stickers Can Save You Time (And Money)

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Bent corners. Torn edges. Ruined stickers. Crooked placement. Wasted money. Frustration. These are all potential symptoms of not having back slit stickers. For both you, and your customers.

“This is a little scenario that I’ve heard more than once from people I have given my stickers to.                          Recipient ~ “It’s a great sticker, can I have another?” Me ~ “What happened to the one I gave you?” Recipient ~ “I couldn’t get the backing off of it and I screwed up the sticker, sorry…”

Those are real reviews from real customers of another company that doesn’t offer back slit stickers. It’s very clear that adding a back slit will save you money and ensure your brand’s sticker is going to get stuck every time. Avoid all the hassle of potentially tearing your sticker because it has a hard corner, or creasing the edge because it doesn’t have a back slit.

Websticker is committed to helping businesses and organizations brand and market more effectively with stickers and labels. The promotional goal: strengthening identity, exposure, word-of-mouth and sales.

Our personal goal: the peace of mind and success of our clients.

Have you ever thought about where people put your stickers? Is it on their car windows? Or maybe it’s on their laptop, or ice chest. The possibilities are almost limitless. Space Shuttle? Yeah! Send your brand to space!

So not only will back slit stickers save you time, and money. A back slit will also ensure perfect placement, and ease of installation for both you, and your customer!

Think signage. Think POP. Think large container labels. Think easy! Think about calling us.

Wherever your stickers are being placed. Make sure they look as great as they can! Adding a slit back to your stickers can aid both you and your customer with those critical placements. By strategically placing the slit on the decal, you can easily peel off one side of the backing, carefully place the decal on the surface and ensure its straight. All before fully committing to the placement.

It’s true, adding a back slit to your stickers will save you and your customer time during the installation process. Gone are the days of fumbling around with the corner of the decal because you just cut your nails. Adding a back slit will ensure that you will be able to install that sticker, the first time, every time.

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Yes! Back Slit Stickers Will Save You Money “This was our first (insert competitors name) order and I was so excited to share the stickers with my co-workers. It burst my bubble when the first two people complained about the backs.”

Who doesn’t need more hours in the day? Minutes? Those equal hours. Seconds? Those equal minutes, which equal hours… well you get it.

Nobody likes to see crooked stickers. Just the thought of it makes us cringe. Stepping back to admire your placement only to see it’s slightly crooked is like nails on a chalkboard. Or scraping a fork across a dinner plate, or writing on paper with an unclicked pen, or listening to someone chew…anyways. Make sure your brand’s sticker is going to be placed perfectly, every time! With slit back stickers.

These stickers are commonly referred to as, “crack and peel”, “back split”, “crack back”, and “back slit”. This process consists of precisely cutting the liner, or backing of a decal to allow for a quick and painless installation. Slitting the liner of the sticker is a dynamic finishing process. There is no set area where a slit must go. We can put the slit wherever you want it! Sometimes the slit could be used to separate a coupon from marketing text. It all depends on the decal, or installation process.

“It is a challenge to separate them without messing up the edge of the sticker, which shows up very clearly on our item. We will probably not reorder until this is available.”

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