Custom Rocker Panel Stripes

August 20, 2018 6:14 am by maryrosh
Running pony rocker panel stripes
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Custom Rocker Panel Stripes

In some instances they can be because striping can be made from calendared vinyl or premium vinyl. All of the pinstriping we sell is made from premium vinyl which is marine-grade quality. Depending on the color, our stripes have a lifespan of 5-9 years without fading.

We know it is often difficult to determine a color over the computer and we would love to be able to send samples to everyone. However, the manufacturer does not offer samples. If you are having difficulty trying to match something and would like a sample of one or two colors, simply EMAIL US the following information: Your name, address, email address, color requests. If we have the sample, we will send it out to you. Otherwise, we will email you back if we cannot.

Do you offer the little decals for the front and back of the pinstriping?

A “void” is a place between two pinstripes where there is nothing. It is not a clear tape… it is literally nothing. The color of your vehicle will show through.

No. Depending on the color and the style, the minimum roll is either 50 feet or 150 feet. Because of the way our auto pinstriping rolls are manufactured, we CANNOT sell you less than a roll.

Unfortunately we do not offer pinstriping decals for the ends of the vinyl. Those were popular many years ago when pinstriping was done by hand. You don’t see too many cars or trucks with those these days.

All Pinstripes Are NOT Created Equal. Why spend more on our pinstriping? Good question. Our pinstriping is professionally made to size. That means if you order a ½” stripe, it’s manufactured to be a ½” stripe.

It’s boxed, sealed, dated and stamped with an expiration date. What the competition does… In contrast, our competition wants to sell you something cheaper. Instead, they buy a 24” roll of vinyl and then use a manual cutter to cut your ½” pinstripe down from that roll.

The reality… Blades cause rough edges. But don’t just take our word for it. Look at our competitors product photos. You can see the damaged edges, the hair-like thin frays of vinyl hanging off from the roll.

They don’t even try to hide the poor quality of their stripes. Now ask yourself. How well do you really think those edges will adhere to your car, or your truck, or to your boat? Think of a Band-Aid that has been lifted up.

Does it ever adhere to your skin the same? No. Absolutely not. The sad truth. Think about this. How many people do you think order yellow pinstriping? The cost common stripe is ½”. That means if they have a 24” roll of yellow vinyl, they can make 48 ½” rolls of pinstriping tape.

They may tell you they are using 2 mil Premium vinyl that will last 7 years, but how long has it been sitting on their shelf? Each year that roll sits on their shelf, counts AGAINST the vinyl’s lifespan.

Don’t be fooled. When you want a quality pinstripe tape, look no further than Custom Vinyl Graphics. Unlike our competitors, our pinstripe tape is professional grade. You can’t buy anything better than what we offer.

And for those of you who might want something other than just a solid single pinstripe… We offer two-color pinstriping, multi-stripe combinations as well as barbed wire, Chevy bowtie and much more! Auto Pinstriping for Cars & Boats

I would like auto pin-striping tape in a special color or combination… can you do it?

One of the pinstripes I am interested in shows a measurement for a “void”… what is that?

Are the pinstripes for cars different than those made for boats?

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Pinstriping tape is only available in certain colors, certain widths and certain styles. Our pinstriping tape is not cut from a roll… it is manufactured by Universal Products. We CANNOT make custom pinstriping tape. If you are unsure of what would match your needs, feel free to look through our selection by color, or by style.

Most of our striping is marine grade which means it is made to withstand the harshest of elements without fading. Stripes have a minimum warranty of 5 years…most have a 7-10 year warranty!

I only need a few feet of vinyl pinstriping tape…can I purchase less than a full roll?

If you like your car to have a retro look, there’s no better way then to apply rocker stripes. Unlike regular pin stripes that are applied to the top of the doors, rocker stripes are applied at the bottom of the door and give your vehicle a classic race car feel!

The simple answer here is probably not. If the pinstriping tape came on your car, boat, or motor home, is was likely made for the manufacturer during that year, and is no longer available. Colors and styles change EVERY year and many colors and styles are always being discontinued. Therefore, we recommend you search our colors or styles of pinstriping tape to see if you are able to find something that you like.

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I had a custom order and he came through for me big time you cant beat the value in this vinyl thanks again robert and rev ms
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