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Custom Decals Elite Dangerous

Custom Decals Elite Dangerous Custom Decals Elite Dangerous

Beginning on March 29, 2018, exclusive decals were implemented as a reward for participation in select Community Goals. Community Goals featuring decals as a reward are planned to take place once per month. Some CGs will be competitive in nature and only give the decal to players who back the winning side, while cooperative CGs will offer the decal to everyone who contributes above a certain threshold. Higher reward tiers offer additional colors of the decal. Typically, the Top 75% rewards the standard version of the decal, Top 50% rewards a bronze decal, Top 25% rewards a silver decal, and Top 10% rewards a gold decal.[2] Two “Emissive” variants of the Combat Zone Decal were offered as rewards for the Top 1% players in combat CGs held the week of July 19, 2018.[3][4]

Currently, generic NPCs will not use Livery options at all. Police forces and some specific ships such as Rescue Ships will use their own set paint and decals, but many of these are NPC-only, and they will never use Ship Kits.

WireframeEdit Elite 35th Anniversary Sale Cobra MkIII 2016 Festive Countdown Anaconda Asp Explorer Fer-de-Lance Python Viper MkIII Wireframe GoldEdit 2017 Festive Countdown Anaconda Asp Explorer Cobra MkIII Asp Explorer Sidewinder MkI Dashboard Ornaments / “Bobbleheads”Edit

Alliance Chieftain (Standard) Anaconda (Standard, Raider) Asp Explorer (Standard, Raider) Cobra MkIII (Standard, Raider) Diamondback Explorer (Standard) Eagle MkII (Standard) Federal Corvette (Standard, Raider) Fer-de-Lance (Standard) Imperial Cutter (Standard, Raider) Keelback (Standard) Python (Standard, Raider) Sidewinder MkI (Standard) Type-6 Transporter (Standard) Type-10 Defender (Standard) Viper MkIII (Standard, Raider) Vulture (Standard, Raider) Weapon ColoursEdit

A redesign of the Chrome series. Players who owned any Chrome paintjobs were given the respective Chromed variants as a free bonus.

The following decals were offered as backer rewards during the Kickstarter campaign[6].

These decals were obtained by redemption of special promotional codes distributed during certain major events.

As of The Commanders v2.3 update, users can specify names and ID numbers for their ships.[13] To make these appear on the ship’s hull, stylized plates must be purchased from the Official Store. Plate packs include 9 plates (3 designs in 3 shades each) and are currently $3. Plates can be used on any ship the player owns.

A flaming bird given to players who redeemed a promotional code from Lavecon 2015 or 2016.

Provided to “day one” Kickstarter backers. It was also made available later on the Official Store to all players that purchased the Mercenary Edition of Elite: Dangerous (this skull is not to be confused with the large skulls that are part of the Pirate Faction paintjobs).[7]

The Elite Community decal features a handshake in a triangle with wings, and was given to players who attended Elite:Meet 2015.

The Xeno Hunter Decal Pack contains six decals for £2 ($3.00).

Festive Paint Packs are made available every December for the Asp Explorer, Cobra MkIII, and Sidewinder MkI. Each pack contains six paintjobs.

For Kickstarter backers who pledged a tier of at least £30, any of these additional 10 upgrade decals were available for £5 each. They include a skull with mohawk, a bird of prey, a tiger, a scorpion, a fist, a bat, a skull with chemical mask, a moon, a shark, and a snake (cobra).

Prices currently range $1.75 to $4 for single paintjobs, and $3 to $12 for packs of multiple paintjobs. Generally higher-priced paintjobs and packs are more stylized, and some paint packs are bundled with other store items.

Decals can be offered more than once; for example, the Bounty Hunting Decal was first made available in a bounty hunting CG in Vadimo held the week of April 26, 2018, but returned as a reward for a bounty hunting CG in Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 held the week of June 21, 2018.

The Onionhead paintjob for the Cobra Mk III is bundled with 3 decals that may be used on any ship type: “Oh” and 2 smiley faces. This bundle is currently priced at £3 ($4.00).

A large bold “X” given to players who redeemed a promotional code from the 2015 EGX gaming trade show.

The Xeno Ally Decal Pack contains six decals for £2 ($3.00).

The Mercenary Edition Pack was a paintjob pack given only to purchasers of the Elite Dangerous Premium Beta. It included exclusive paintjobs for the Cobra MkIII, Sidewinder MkI, and Viper MkIII.

ChromeEdit 2016 Festive Countdown Adder Asp Scout Cobra MkIV Federal Corvette Federal Gunship Hauler Imperial Cutter Sidewinder MkI Free Reward for “Festive Appeal” CG participation (Dec. 29, 2016 – Jan.

5, 2017) Eagle MkII Other event or individual limited-time sale Anaconda Fer-de-Lance Viper MkIII Vulture ChromedEdit

Plates with ship names can be placed in 2 positions on the forward hull. Plates with ship ID numbers can be placed in 2 positions on the aft hull, as well as in place of the 2 ship name positions on the forward hull (4 positions total).

Black Friday paintjobs have since been made available for individual purchase annually on Black Friday.[11] As of Black Friday 2017, all ships have a Black Friday paintjob except the Alliance Chieftain, Dolphin and Type-10 Defender.

There are no in-game options for users to create their own custom paintjobs, decals, etc, nor are there any third-party tools for this. Except certain decals, all items must be purchased at the Official Store; the Outfitting menu provides direct links to the store. Prices vary, and reduced sale prices are occasionally offered and announced in the newsletter. Combo packs are available for most items.

Two skull-themed decal packs, each containing three decals and available for £1 ($1.75).

Livery refers to ship cosmetics and can be changed via the Outfitting menu of Station Services. Currently ships can be equipped with decals, paintjobs, dashboard ornaments, external kits, weapon colours, name plates, and thrust colours. Paintjobs are also available for ship-launched fighters and SRV. These items do not alter ship performance in any way, although certain bobbleheads and Ship Kit pieces may partially obscure a pilot’s view.

ReferencesEdit ↑ Michael Brooks announcement on Official Forums ↑ Frontier Forums: Community Goal Decals ↑ Frontier Forums: Federal Operation against the League of Reparation (Combat with decals) ↑ Frontier Forums: Imperial Operation against the League of Reparation (Combat with decals) ↑ https://forums.

frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/330329-Newsletter-162 ↑ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1461411552/elite-dangerous ↑ 7.0 7.1 Michael Brooks on the Official Forums ↑ Michael Brooks on the Official Forums ↑ Frontier Forums: Beta 2.

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Introduced the same week as the v2.3.10 update[14], colours can be purchased for the engine thrusters and their contrails. Each colour can be used on any ship the player owns (including ship-launched fighters, but not the SRV). Prices are currently $1.75 per colour.

Adder Faulcon DeLacy Aisling Duval Limpet Controller/Collector Manticore Imperial Cutter Alpha Centauri/Hutton Orbital

Decals have been granted by Frontier Developments to other groups of players:

Adle’s Armada Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (uses the insignia of the Alliance) Blackbird Squadron Border Coalition EG Pilots GalCop Interstellar Communist Union Social Eliu Progressive Party United German Commanders Wolves of Jonai Other player groups Edit

The Powerplay Decal Pack is available for free on the Frontier Store.[5] It contains 11 decals representing each of the 11 Powers.

August 2017 Eclipse Sale Anaconda Asp Scout Ascendant Flight Suit Cobra MkIII Dolphin Federal Corvette Imperial Courier Imperial Cutter Python SRV 2017 Festive Countdown Diamondback Explorer Fer-de-Lance Type-6 Transporter Viper MkIV Vulture February 2018 Sale Anaconda Asp Explorer Cobra MkIII Python SRV Type-10 Defender Horizons PackEdit

A bullseye icon given to players who who redeemed a promotional code from Gameson 2015.

I think this is a great idea. It would satisfy players’ needs to personalize their ships and create a sense of community among player groups. I know FDev said they didn’t want clans, but I feel that the sense of community they create is essential for an online games’ long term survival.

Clan tag? [GS] Kishi Tatsu, for example?Or perhaps:Name Organisation Eg: Kishi Tatsu Ghost Squadron

Weapon colour sets change a ship’s weapons fire from the default colours. Each set is a single colour and changes all weapons on the ship to that colour. Combining multiple colours on a ship is not possible. Prices are currently $1.75 per colour set.

Four generic decal packs, each containing three decals and available for £1 ($1.75)

Provided to all players who ordered a Kickstarter tier of £5 or above (allows access to Founders World).[7][8]

Black Friday paintjobs (also called “Midnight Black”) were given as a free bonus to all users who pre-ordered the Horizons season pass, had Horizons beta access, or owned the lifetime expansion pass before December 1, 2015. This amounted to 29 total paintjobs, one for each ship available at the time.[10]

Ship kits are cosmetic modifications that alter the exterior appearance of a ship, such as fins, winglets, fenders, etc. Each kit has multiple pieces (currently 12 to 16) that can be added in multiple combinations to create a variety of individual looks. Prices currently range from $10 to $12. There are two types of ship kits: standard and raider-themed.

The Horizons Pack was included for free with all pre-orders of Elite Dangerous: Horizons. It included the exclusive Desert, Lunar, and Polar paintjobs for the Cobra MkIII.

Players who supported a player faction(s) in the Dangerous Games have access to that faction’s decal. The player factions are:

Golden Elite Pilots symbol with the word FOUNDER across the centre. Available only to Kickstarter pledgees who pledged 150 GBP or above.

GoldEdit Elite Dangerous Launch Day Sale Cobra MkIII Free to all players who purchased Horizons before February 5, 2016 Asp Explorer Winning Prize for Nvidia GeForce Elite Dangerous Sweepstakes Viper MkIII Other event or individual limited-time sale Anaconda Sidewinder MkI GoldenEdit

Anyone who plays Warframe knows about Clans, further, having been in a Clan they’ll know about the custom clan emblem. Basically, the feature works likes this:A clan is formed and some smarty pants with Photoshop and so on, designs a clan logo (or emblem).

Clan emblems are a way for players to publicly associate themselves with a clan. In order to prevent crude, rude and otherwise unpleasant clan emblems from appearing (because apparently gamers have the emotional maturity of a bag of dog food), Digital Extremes [“DE”] (the developers of Warframe) do two things.

1) They charge a fee (of about $10-$20) per submission of a clan emblem, and 2) They validate that the clan emblem passes all their requirements (including design/size etc).Now, Lord Braben has I believe at one point expressed that ED will not have a clan system in the game (a fundamental mistake if you ask me as corporation wars for moons and planets would be epic), however I believe my suggestion would, at the very least, allow for a minor clan system.

Player organisations, such as Ghost Squadron, EIC, Diamond Frogs, Pixel Bandits Security Force and so on that already exist through the use of websites like Inara, could submit to FDev their organisations logo.

FDev requirements could be similar to DE’s: 1) There would be a cost involved in the submission of the logo; perhaps the UK equivalent of about $10-$20 per submission. 2) The logo is upheld to FDev’s level of quality; if it is found wanting the submission is denied and the organisation gets to resubmit (I’m not sure how DE handle resubmissions of rejected emblems).

3) The system works on a first-come first-serve basis, and FDev could set a turn around time of say 5 organisation logos a week, 4) The logo’s are implemented into the game in the form of ship decals.

Now comes the difficult bit. Warframe is able to distinguish who belongs to what clan, if at all. In doing so, a non-member cannot obtain another clans emblem. So how do we do this in ED?A possible solution would be to have an access list accessible via the ED website – those on the access list are permitted to distribute a unique once-off redeemable voucher that is tied to their account.

A new member will receive the voucher code, input it into their account management page and be able to access the image in the game. For security purposes, those with access rights can remove access to a member – which removes the decal from the members ship and game the next they log in.

The purpose of this is to a) satisfy players’ nigh-overwhelming desire for ship names and b) create a sense of in-game unity. This has likely been suggested before, and if it hasn’t I’ll be genuinely surprised.

If you made it this far, have a gander at my leet Photoshop skills – and thanks for reading.

Only the Pilots Federation rank decals and the Powerplay decals are freely available to all players. The remainder either must be purchased at the Official Store or are limited-access as described below.

Paint degrades by wear over time, which can be seen in the external camera view. If a new paintjob is applied to the ship, the wear remains. Paint wear can only be removed by specifically repairing the paint in the ship maintenance facility at a station (Station Services > Advanced Maintenance > Repair > Paintwork). Note the “repair all” option does not repair paint wear.

The Pilots Federation decals[1] are earned through gameplay. There are three types: Combat, Trade, and Exploration. As a CMDR achieves a higher rank in one of the three fields, they will earn the corresponding decal. There are a total of 8 decals per field (there are no decals for the beginner rank in each).

Some paintjobs are made available only during limited-time offers, such as holiday sales or special events

Decals are icons and logos that can be placed on 3 pre-determined spots on a ship (front, left, and right). A different decal can be placed in each spot. The decal colours automatically vary to suit the ship’s paintjob.

2017 Festive Countdown Anaconda Ascendant Flight Suit Asp Explorer Cobra MkIII Fer-de-Lance Keelback Python SRV Type-10 Defender Vulture February 2018 Sale Diamondback Explorer Federal Corvette Imperial Cutter Sidewinder MkI Exclusive GiveawaysEdit Frontier Expo 2017 Asp Explorer Flight Suit EGX 2015 Cobra MkIII Gamescom 2015 Asp Explorer Asp Scout Cobra MkIII Vulture Lavecon 2015 Asp Explorer Asp Scout Cobra MkIII Vulture PAX 2015 Vulture PAX South 2016 Eagle MkII PC Gamer February 2016 Issue Cobra MkIII SpecialEffect 2017 24-Hour Charity Livestream Auction Anaconda Sidewinder MkI Type-9 Heavy Beyond 3.

1 Content Showcase Livestream Krait MkII[12] Festive Paint PacksEdit

A paintjob can only be applied to the specific ship, SRV, or ship-launched fighter for which it was created and thus cannot be equipped on any other type. If the painted ship is destroyed the player can re-apply it to the replacement ship any time they are docked at a station with an “Outfitting” facility.

Introduced in Beyond Chapter One (3.0), users can now choose between multiple COVAS ship/SRV voice options. Two COVAS voices, Verity and Victor, are included as default options. Additional voices can be purchased from the Frontier Store for $7 USD each.

A 4-pointed star given to players who filled out this on-line form during or following the 2016 PAX South gaming festival.

New items are typically added to the Frontier Store every Friday.

A Halloween-themed pack containing six luminescent decals and available for £1 ($1.75).

A redesign of the Gold series. Players who owned any Gold paintjobs were given the respective Golden variants as a free bonus.

An exclusive decal was given to all PC players who purchased access to the 2.3.10 beta and completed the available Community Goal in June 2017.[9]

The following decals are available for purchase at the Official Store.

Great idea. Some personalisation would be nice. Perhaps even a way to append our organisations name to our CMDR name would be nice too.

Dash ornaments are small objects placed on the cockpit dashboard and wobble as the ship moves. Current offerings include “bobblehead” figures, miniature ships, and number / letter characters. Up to 10 can be placed on the dashboard at once, but no duplicates. Prices currently range from $4 to $8.

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For kickstarter backers who pledged a tier of at least £30 any of these additional 10 upgrade decals were available for £5 each they include a skull with
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The powerplay decal pack is available for free on the frontier store it contains 11 decals representing each of the 11 powers
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