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Create A Magnetic Bumper Sticker

It is important to clean the vehicle surface and back of the magnet before application. In addition a thin layer of car wax should be applied to the vehicle surface and back side of the magnet especially during the summer months. For magnets that are exposed to heaver amounts of sun and heat a heavier coat of was may be required during application. A heavier wax coating may also help prevent damage from trapped water, dirt and road chemicals.

At the same time we suggest measuring the area to make sure your magnet will fit the area. Make sure the area is flat and void of any folds, creases or other body panel formations that will prevent a smooth solid contact. We’ve found in the past that if the magnet does not have a solid application surface airflow has the potential to lift the magnet off the car body. The result is a lost magnet when driving down the road. Magnetic strength on our magnetic products is strong but air flow is usually more forceful than most people realize.

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    All Prices Are For Unlimited Colors Size 1 5 20 50 100 250 3″x10″ $11.88 $6.21 $4.09 $3.20 $2.52 $1.95 Get not noticed on the go with our custom bumper magnets. Using our online design tool you can make custom bumper sticker magnets for your car or truck.

Our bumper magnets are made from durable magnets that will look great and last for years. Choose a car bumper magnet from above to start designing today and enjoy free standard shipping on custom magnetic bumper stickers.

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Select Size 3″x10″ 4″x13.33″ 5″x16.66″ 6″x20″ 7″x23.33″ Custom Size

A helpful tip for selecting the right size and shape: Print and cut a piece of paper with a similar design including text. Tape your cutout onto your car or truck and then stand back to see how it might look. Many times customers will learn that their size is too small or too big depending on their design.

Select Quantity 1 3 10 25 50 125 250 500 1000 1500 2500 5000 10000 Custom Quantity

Have an idea for your own custom bumper sticker magnet? Awesome! Let us help you design your crea…more

Here at we believe that if you can “Think It, You Can Stick It”. Create your own custom magnet for your car, truck, or SUV with this same exact philosophy. You can add text, graphics, or upload your own art-work. Get those creative juices flowing and design a great looking car magnet!

Always remove your car magnet before sending your vehicle through an automatic car wash. Many car washes use chemicals that may damage your car magnet. This is especially true during winter months.

The Height and Width dimensions are locked and share the same aspect ratio but you can unlock them inside the Design Tool, once you click the Customize It button

No minimum quantity limits Important: Read product description before ordering. Quantity discounts available when ordering as few as 3 or more Flexible 30 mil thick magnetic material has a smooth finish for high quality results.

Life Expectancy of 2-3 years, all depending on the exposure to sunlight and proper care

3″ x 11″ Bumper .060 Magnetic Start from ScratchCustomize It! 3″ x 11″ Bumper Magnetic Single SidedCustomize It! 3″ x 10″ Bumper Magnet Single SidedCustomize It! 3″ x 10″ Bumper Magnet Single SidedCustomize It! 3″ x 11″ Bumper Magnetic Single SidedCustomize It! 3″ x 10″ Bumper Magnet Single SidedCustomize It! 3″ x 10″ Bumper Magnet Single SidedCustomize It! 3″ x 11″ Bumper Magnetic Single SidedCustomize It! 3″ x 10″ Bumper Magnet Single SidedCustomize It! 3″ x 10″ Bumper Magnet Single SidedCustomize It! 3″ x 10″ Bumper Magnet Single SidedCustomize It! 3″ x 11″ Bumper Magnetic Single SidedCustomize It! 3″ x 11″ Bumper Magnetic Single SidedCustomize It! 3″ x 10″ Bumper Magnet Single SidedCustomize It! 3″ x 11″ Bumper Magnetic Single SidedCustomize It! 3″ x 11″ Bumper Magnetic Single SidedCustomize It!    View more designs by browsing our categories at the left

Whether you love your dog or have the world’s greatest dad, you should express it on our personalized bumper magnets! Our magnets are the size of your standard bumper sticker, but contrary to stickers, they are removable and reusable.

Create something completely custom from scratch, or use one of our magnetic bumper sticker designs to edit the text, fonts, colors, and images. Personalize your car, truck or van with the coolest invention for customizing your vehicle.

Your bumper will love you for it!

All of these templates are 100% customizable! Change text, images, colors, and fonts or upload your own designs. »

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Some surfaces on your car or truck may require special attention. Surfaces that contain factory decals, pinstripes and molded body panels may cause a separation between the surface and the magnet. Even a thin separation may be all that is needed for air flow to get under the magnet and peel it off while driving down the road. We suggest checking these areas on a weekly basis for the first 90 days.

Robert James Ritchie (born January 17, 1971), known professionally as Kid Rock, is an American si…more

Basic Breakdown of Application Steps Clean car Wax car and back of magnet Apply Magnet Remove weekly. Especially before sending your vehicle through a car wash.    

Featured Magnets Personalized Sports Politics Humor Military Business

For vehicles (and many external applications) remove the magnet weekly and dry the vehicle surface and the back of the sign. This keeps moisture from collecting between the car and magnet.

Before placing your order we suggest making sure that the part of your vehicle is metal and that a magnet will stick to the area of focus. Some vehicle manufactures will substitute aluminum for light weight doors that are dependent on hydraulic lifters. And as everyone knows – magnets will not stick to aluminum. Other possible surface area issues arise from aftermarket fiberglass replacement parts and areas repaired with bondo. If your car was a second hand purchase don’t assume that the area is completely metal. Take a lightweight refrigerator magnet and test the area that you intend to apply your magnet to.

Select Color White Light Gray Gray Dark Gray Black Brown Terra Cotta Copper Tan Gold Beige Burgundy Ruby Red Tomato Red Orange Kumquat Sunflower Yellow Yellow Lemon Yellow Lime Green Apple Green Green Dark Green Forest Green Teal Aqua Peacock Blue Cyan Olympic Blue Intense Blue Cobalt Blue Navy Blue Purple Lavender Pink Magenta Raspberry Pale Fair Sun Tan Olive Light Brown Dark Brown car magnets are not intended for applications where petrochemical contact may occur. For example: next to your car’s gas tank. Substrate selection, exposure angle, environmental conditions, and maintenance will affect actual performance.

Continuous exposure in regions that experience maximum sunny days will result in decreased performance and may cause the magnet to stick to the car in a semi-permanent fashion. Remove magnet after a snowfall or rain, wipe dry and reapply.

Also, remove magnets before pressure washing, especially in winter, as most car washes use de-icing chemicals that could damage the magnet face. If you ever experience an issue with your car magnet please feel free to contact us and let us know about it.

Following these care and maintenance tips will help provide you with optimal results.

All of our custom car magnets are made right here in North Carolina.

Have an idea for your own custom bumper sticker magnet? Awesome! Let us help you design your creative bumper magnet. We have a large collection of sizes and colors for bumper stickers car magnets

Let one edge of the magnet contact the vehicle in the desired position. Then let the magnetic force do the work as it positions the sign in place from starting edge to opposite edge. If the sign is out of position, peel it off and repeat. Do not slide magnet to obtain proper position. Any dirt trapped underneath the magnet may damage the vehicles surface coating. Make sure the magnet is smooth against the vehicle with no trapped air underneath. In winter, for conformability purposes, the temperature of the magnet should be a minimum of 50°F, but the temperature of the vehicle surface matters little.

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