Coolest Car Decals

September 4, 2018 1:31 am by maryrosh
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Coolest Car Decals

The best thing about car decals? They’re easily removable when you get tired of them or are ready to sell your car, unlike bumper stickers. 

From probably the most famous sci-fi franchise on this planet (and all the others in the Galaxy), this decal tells everyone the Force is not just with you, it’s in your car.

The ultimate addition to any vehicle. Clean, mean and straight to the point. Dare to show them what you’ve got under the hood?

Choosing a decal is all about expressing your own individual personality. It’s a way of saying to the world, “Hey, look at me, I’ve arrived!” And on a planet filled with black, white and grey, standing out from the crowd has never been more important. So go ahead and be different. Go ahead and be you!

If you’ve ever uttered the immortal phrase, “It’s life Jim but not as we know it” or even “Beam me up, Scotty” then this decal will need no explanation.

Not just for cat lovers. With the decal fixed to the rear wiper, it looks as if the cat is cleaning the rear window with its tail.

Captain Jack Sparrow at your service. Classic pirate emblem in deadly black. Not just on the Seven Seas a hit.

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Much as the first rule of Italian motor racing is “Never look back” this decal tells the world you love being ahead of the rest. Andretti and Fisichella, eat your hearts out! Still not sure a decal is for you? Then check out these extra specials emblems. Absolutely the coolest of the cool.

This decal shows a dinosaur chasing a stick family. No prizes for guessing that they don’t escape. This decal isn’t just cool, it’s also funny. Unless you’re a stick family.

We at Steve Landers Toyota love seeing our customers express themselves with their vehicles, and we’re all about cool car decals. We’ve pulled together some of our favorites below, so check them out! 

There’s nothing wrong with spicing up your car and slapping a cool decal on your back windshield. Sometimes you just can’t contain your love of Star Wars, need to show your support for your college football team or just found the cutest monogram of your initials. 

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Ever fancied yourself as the absolute cad from a silent movie? Get the mustache and twirl away. Tying damsels in distress to railway lines while wearing a cape and top hat is optional.

Transformer fans will spot this bad boy from miles away. They say that a change is as good as a rest? Definitely not when your car is wearing this unmistakable design.

Seriously stand out from the crowd with this LIMITED beauty. Luxury at its finest because only your car is worth it.

For everyone who has ever dreamed of travelling over terrain where normal cars just give up. If you can’t afford a jeep, at least you can have the view.

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Drivers sporting stickers make big statements about who they are, whether they’ve got elaborate car wraps that make their tiny cars look like wild hogs, window stickers that put Nicolas Cage on the highway, or just decals celebrating the cuteness of cats.

Vote up your favorite car decals below, letting drivers everywhere know just what you think of their sticker statements!

Want to get creative? Add your own personal touches to make your vehicle the talk of your friends.

Once upon a time, you had three basic car sticker options: bumper stickers, go-fast stickers, and those little peeing Calvin stickers. As this list of the best car decals on the road shows, however, the last ten years or so have seen an explosion in decals, from simple window sticker humor to incredible custom car wraps that cover entire vehicles. There are so many adhesive options, how can you even tell the good from the bad?

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With this list, obviously. Your votes will decide which stickers are actually cool and which ones are staler than those stick figure family decals. Are the best stickers funny and clever? Or are they the colorful custom vehicle wraps that make cars look like elaborate works of four-wheeled art? Paint is yesterday’s news. It’s time for you to decide what tomorrow will look like by ranking all these decals.

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