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October 8, 2018 12:05 am by maryrosh
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Contact Stickers

I am using an S8 plus and calling another S8 plus user.We both have Verizon. These are showing up since the latest update. There seems to be no way to turn them off. Is there any way to stop these from coming up when we make a call and turn off this feature?

Samsung s8 with t mobile… just started after recent update

Why the ugly stickers during a phone call? Can we delete them please and how?

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I also watched that video earlier, and it doesn’t work on my first device.

T mobile….. it’s very ugly and annoying…. is there a way to get rid of these? 

I trust you all understand how this works? You AND the person you’re calling both need to have supported phones, AND you both need to have the profile sharing feature turned on. If I call someone who doesn’t meet those criteria I just see the regular call screen. But if I call someone that has a phone with the “enhanced features” AND profile sharing is enabled, then I see this (notice the little row of heads):

Are you guys calling over the mobile network or via WiFi? Just trying to narrow this down. Once we do that, hopefully we’ll be able to figure out what settings are needing to be configured to turn this off if possible. 

The fix I found was that if you go into Contacts –> then click on your name (which will have your phone number displayed, as well as ‘On My Galaxy’), you will then enter your contact card, at the top right hand corner, you will see 3 dots, click on ‘Profile Sharing’ and then ‘Turn Off’ (located at the top). It will inform that it will delete the profile, to which you will continue by pressing ‘Turn Off’.

I’m not sure what stickers you’re referring to. Can you share a screenshot? Also, what’s your model number, carrier & Baseband version? This could be software or service specific. 

There is a way to turn them off though.  These are a Samsung feature,  NOT a carrier specific or Android thing.  You have to turn off profile sharing under your settings in the contacts screen.  Anyone with an S8 had to choose whether or not they wanted to share their profile when setting up your Samsung S8. Just go back there under contacts/your name/ click 3 dots/ click profile sharing to turn it off and you won’t have them anymore. 

She is on T-Mobile too right? We just tested a T-Mobile S8 calling a Sprint S8 here in the office and those stickers don’t show up.

I have 2 Galaxy Note 8, both of them on T-Mobile. I wasn’t aware of that function until I activated the 2nd device and placed a phone call to the first device. That’s why I began looking for answers on the internet

Thanks for the screenshot! Does she also have an S8? I believe it’s an S8 to S8 feature when calling. 

‎09-13-2017 07:51 AM – last edited on ‎09-14-2017 09:35 AM by SamsungViv

Me and my friend have an S8+ but I have AT&T, and she has Verizon. We too have these stickers when calling each other.  I actually found them to be entertaining and cute. With or without them,  I’m ok with that. 

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I don’t care about this feature, I’m just trying to figure out why it doesn’t work for me. My wife and I both have the Note 8. Settings are identical. “Show call stickers” is enabled, and “profile sharing” is also enabled (this might not matter but it was mentioned in another thread). When she calls me, right away there is a line of stickers across her call screen and if she taps one it appears on my call screen. I don’t have those stickers when I call her. Any thoughts?

If this happens to anyone the fix is to use the link below to deregister from profile sharing, then re-enable it on your phone via the Contacts app. Then your call stickers will appear.


 My phone just recently updated with this feature as well.  

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