Clear Tape Stickers

August 20, 2018 7:28 am by maryrosh
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Clear Tape Stickers

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Stick the packing tape on top of the motiv. Use the spoon to rub the tape against the print to make sure that all the toner sticks to the tape.

What if you draw the design onto paper and ink it? If you try to make it into a sticker would it work?

Printable clear labels are quite pricy and often not available in small quantities. But there is a easy way to produce your own transparent stickers using packing tape.

I can imagine two possible problems: Either you’re really not rubbing enough or the glue of your tape doesn’t like water. You could try to wet a bit of your tape and rub it without applying any paper. If it turns cloudy, the tape is the problem.

I don’t think it would work with ink… with coloured pencils maybe, but I have not tested that…

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Mine keep coming out cloudy. Am I not rubbing the paper hard enough? What am I doing wrong?

Put the cut out motive into the bowl of water and let it soak for some minutes.

Use your finger to rub away the paper. Keep on rubbing until all the paper is gone, sometimes it goes easier when you wet your finger from time to time. Let the sticker dry. Don’t worry if the sticker doesn’t feel sticky, it will stick again when dry.

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Sounds like you’re doing everything right. I think the problem is with the printer.Is the word LaserJet or Color LaserJet on your printer? That’s how HP calls their laser printer. OfficeJet means it’s ink, which won’t work.The fact that the ink washes off with water sounds strange to me; Either it is in fact ink, and then it will not work to make stickers, or something is wrong with your printer and/or paper.

what paper did you use? i tried it in my inkjet and use ppc paper or bond paper it didn’t work.

Ordering one of those stickers online takes too long for my liking since shipping from the usa to Belgium takes quite some time

I guess it’s due to the tape you’re using. If it’s glue is not very strong, the transfer will not work very well.

When completely dry, you can stick your sticker wherever you want, e.g. on a glass jar.

Stick the tape on the label, and use the spoon to smoothen it. Cut it with the scissors, and soak it in the bowl of water for a few minutes. Once it’s soaked, rub away the paper with your finger, and let the sticker dry. You’ll have a clear sticker, ready to go.

does it stick on Prismacolor markers and ink pens? I tried it like that, and the ink pen looked faded on the paper, and the color didn’t even go on the tape.

Everytime I make a sticker it comes out really light and I can barely see it what am I doing wrong?

Regular copy paper. The problem in your case is not the paper, but the printer; The process only works with laser printers or a xerox, inkjet doesn’t work.

Could I use this technique to create one of those “objects in mirror are losing” car mirror stickers?

Clear stickers look great on windshields and other transparent surfaces, but printing your own costs quite a bit. With a little elbow grease, you can make custom clear labels for a fraction of the price.

I guess so; As long as you have a laser printer or a copy machine as well as some suitable clear tape available, there’s nothing speaking against it. The stickers are clear as “objects in mirror are losing” stickers usually are, the do not affect the mirror and you can make them quite small if you want, cutting close to the text.

Greetings, I love your idea of making stickers. But I’m having trouble. I have a HP printer/scanner/copier All In One” That’s what it says on it. It’s not an ink jet. But the ink just runs away in the water. I did make some cool stickers as practice, but only with magazine photos. Those turned out very good! I also tried a school issued photo of my daughter. That did not work either. I want to make some stickers of my family…not magazine people. Haha! What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

You’ll need access to a laser printer (inkjet printers won’t do) to print your label on a regular sheet of paper. You’ll also need clear packing tape, a bowl of water, a spoon, and scissors. Make sure your printed label is not larger than your packing tape.

You need: Laser print or copy of your motive (The maximum width or height should not exceed the width of your packing tape) Clear packing tape (I used tesapack® strong 66m * 50mm) Bowl of water Spoon Scissors

I haven’t tried that myself, but I don’t think so… it needs to be something which remains on top of the paper and doesn’t get absorbed by the paper like markers or ink…

Is it necessary to stick the tape immediately after printing?!

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