Clear Stickers For Glass Bottles

October 27, 2018 8:02 am by maryrosh
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Clear Stickers For Glass Bottles

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We understand that you don’t want to waste your time or money ordering a custom product from StickerYou that isn’t going to fit your needs, so we created this chart to help you determine which material is best for your custom stickers, labels, or wall decals.

StickerYou’s Clear Labels offer a unique and premium look. Perfect for product labels, weddings, and stylish events. Clear Labels are printed with white ink, and are UV coated to give them more abrasion resistance and waterproof durability.

Standing out in a grocery store where consumers are inundated with some 40,000 different products makes for some tough competition. The solution isn’t bolder, brighter, shiny boxes and bags. The exact opposite, actually. Catch your consumer’s eye by going bare with clear labels

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Very high quality and quickly got the finished product to me. I left a logo off of my expensive business cards that had to be on them for me to be able to use them. I got the smallest clear back stickers that you offer, with our company logo on them. I was afraid you’d be able to tell that it’s a sticker and that it’d look tacky but it doesnt. It looks awesome. You can’t even tell it’s a sticker! I am very impressed and will most certainly use for any of mine or my company’s sticker needs.

This is not an ad. This is a shout out to everyone who has been inspired to create some awesome stickers, who in turn inspired us to create this video, which we sincerely hope will inspire others to create some awesome stickers, labels, custom decals and more.

Whether you need to move it or keep it stuck, StickerYou has a wide variety of customizable clear options to let your brand’s unique logo be front and centre and let your product shine through. Custom stickers with a clear backing are a great idea way to highlight any product or gift. They allow you to highlight your product in a unique way without ever compromising style. We also think they make for interesting decorative tools for around the home, special events, and as gifts! Clear stickers are also a fantastic idea for any window-facing business. Customize your clear stickers with business logos, sales, wifi passwords, or any information you need your clientele to see. Best of all, white ink prints beautifully vibrant on clear vinyl, so any design or logo you have that uses white is guaranteed to be noticed. Our clear stickers can be printed either front or back facing (which makes them terrific for mirrored surfaces as well), in any size or any shape. All our clear stickers are easily removable without residue, which means you can stick them anywhere anytime that’s convenient for you. Next time you think custom, think clearly – with custom clear stickers from StickerYou.

Want to compare packaging label materials? View our Packaging Labels Product Quality Chart.For premium labels, we recommend ordering our Clear Roll Labels.

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StickerYou’s clear stickers and clear labels use bright CMYK inks as well as white inks, meaning your logos and designs are bold and eye-catching every time. Clear labels are also totally waterproof, making them perfect for products and packaging that need to be kept cold or used outdoors. Our clear labels have front and back adhesive options, so the logo or design of your clear label can be seen from the inside of clear packaging if needed. Available in any size or shape, our transparent labels are meant to fit any kind of jar, bottle or bag. StickerYou is the clear choice for your custom clear label needs!

We used these stickers for our 50th Anniversary Celebration, on Gold Bags & Candy Boxes, they looked awesome. We received many compliments on our giveaways. Great quality and adhered to both items very well. When our need arises for stickers and labels we will definitely be back!

Add an antique touch to plain glassware and jars with this incredibly easy and inexpensive DIY trick!

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It was great to finally find a company that provides a good sticker at a reasonable price in small quantities.

Alright, we’ve heard it time and time again. “Stickers are cool…but I’m not sure how to use them in my business”. Listen up! We’re not talking about your scratch-n-sniff, or lick and stick unicorns and stars kind of stickers. We mean business- Business Stickers! Here’s how to use them for your company.

Promote your business, window signage, or next big event with StickerYou’s Clear Stickers! Choose front or back facing adhesive stickers to stick on windows for signage. Clear Stickers are printed with white ink, and are UV coated to give them more abrasion resistance and waterproof durability.

Try out this little-known hack within our Sticker Maker to create knocked-out clear text on your sticker designs! (It’s super easy, we promise.)

It’s important to have clear goals that you can see through, and at StickerYou we want to help seal your personal or occupational objectives with customized clear labels! Transparent labels are becoming the go-to finish for personal and business use for a variety of reasons. Using clear labels and packaging not only lets you save big bucks by not using complicated and expensive pre-printed containers, it makes logos and designs (or even text) appear more bold while highlighting the best part – what’s inside!

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