So get this. Sticker Robot prints a sticker for ABCNT. ABCNT gives sticker to Tommy Chong. Tommy poses for photo. Sticker Robot makes a blog post.

herbert is an iphone game. herbert wanted to get some stickers printed…

The long awaited Pop Culture Parody Pack, Series 2  Sticker Packs are available in the Sticker Robot store now!

Stop Motion Rooftop Art Video from Broken Fingaz Crew. By Zoltron Black Dec 19th Art & Design Comments

10 Questions with Art Blogger Extraordinaire, Zach Tutor of Supersonic Electronic… By Zoltron Black Dec 13th Interviews Comments

This week we sat down with Zach Tutor, the excellent curator of creativity behind the very popular art blog, Supersonic Electronic!

He Man – What’s Going On ? By Zoltron Black Dec 08th Random Awesomeness Comments

On a regular basis we’ll ask a new sticker artist a series of 10 questions. To keep things simple and to engage in a deeply philosophical, long term case study of the scientifically complicated “Sticker Artist’s mind,” we’ve decided to leave the questions the same every week.

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55 Hand Drawn Celebrity Postal Stickers by Danny Martin By Zoltron Black Dec 04th Artist Stickers Comments

More Sticker Robot printed ABCNT bandit sticker images below. do a clicker.

Our New “Sticker Community” Sticker Giveaway! By Zoltron Black Dec 18th Social Comments

A word about Herbert… And Silkscreen Sticker Printing. By Zoltron Black Dec 15th Customers Stickers Comments

I wanted to share an extremely rad video from Israel based artists, Broken Fingaz Crew… I had a chance to work with Gon and Raz from BRC on a Primus poster a couple of months back (below).

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Brand New Pop Culture Parody Sticker Packs By Zoltron Black Dec 10th Sticker Packs Comments

A Video: Stickerobot Silk Screen Sticker Printing & Die Cut Stickers

We set up a “Sticker Community” on Google.. And we called it “Stickers.” 

To celebrate the launch, we’re giving away THREE Sticker Packs from Obey Giant, Zoltron and Sticker Robot !

This week we interviewed Stevil Kinevil, an artist, blogger, sticker lover and notorious voice of Cycling culture, who enjoys the occasional powerslide and bunny hop.

10 Questions with Cycling Culture Specialist, Stevil Kinevil By Zoltron Black Dec 05th Interviews Comments

Danny Martin draws pop culture heroes on “borrowed” USPS labels and has amassed a collection of hundreds of totally unique stickers…

Chron Guru and Free Speech Patron, Tommy Chong poses with ABCNT Sticker… By Zoltron Black Dec 06th Artist Stickers Comments

Brand New “Dia De Los Sticker Packs” Are Now Available from Our Store!

Introducing Our Brand New “Dia De Los Sticker” Packs! By Zoltron Black Dec 09th Sticker Packs Comments

We love Tommy Chong. He’s a champion of free speech and a class act. We love ABCNT too. He’s a free speech advocate and a class act as well. Hey wait a sec.. We love Free Speech Too. That’s why we founded this fricking sticker company in the first place…

Here, Crew members Tant and Unga paint the walls in Israel. Music by Boreta & Glitch Mob.

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