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Car Window Addendum Stickers

Car Window Addendum Stickers Car Window Addendum Stickers

The average car shopper is exposed to over 5,000 ad messages per day. Sessions in this category will cover digital and traditional marketing. Learn how the country’s highest grossing dealerships are using the latest marketing strategies and technologies to generate record-breaking profits.

View Marketing & Advertising Seminars

We can assist you in designing a new addendum sticker, or we can save you money by matching your existing addendum stickers.

Learn new marketing and advertising strategies and campaigns (seasonal, factory recall, etc.) to attract and retain customers for your service and parts department.

“The conference provided excellent ideas, and clear action items for moving forward.”
 – Davis Baldwin, Owner, Gulf Coast Auto Park, Austin, TX

Dodson Group Provides Your Dealership with a Variety of Quality Car Dealership Supplies!

Auto Dealer Supplies Sales Forms & Supplies Car Window Addendum Stickers

Digital Dealer Conference & Expo fuels the passion that drives the automotive industry’s most progressive, highest-grossing dealership groups in the country. Learn why 98 of the top 100 U.S. Dealership Groups attend this conference.

 Registered attendees can also message/ set appointments with exhibitors and build their own custom agenda by logging into Attendee Connect or by Downloading our Mobile App.

Digital Dealer Conference & Expo brings Dealer Principals, GMs, GSMs, Marketing Directors, ISMs, BDC Managers, and other top industry experts together to share best practices and discuss proven strategies to maximize results.

Generation X & Y buyers live in a world of streaming data and electronic content and often become disinterested during traditional paper-based transactions. Learn how to adapt to the best technology resources to enhance the customer experience to achieve superior per vehicle retail profit while maintaining a defensible compliance strategy.

Learn how to optimize your human capital. Educational sessions in this category will range from leadership, management of single/multi-store locations, succession planning, talent management/retention, and employee recruitment/selection.

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Demo the latest products & services from 130+ technology-focused providers at the Digital Dealer Exhibit Hall.

Gaining shopper intelligence is an art form and dealerships that are invested in learning what consumers are researching and shopping for will win in the new digital landscape. Learn how to better follow online shopper patterns, conquest leads that are in-market, recover leads that have previously been marked lost, and win over those who are shopping the competition.

Discover and stay connected to the digital trends that dealerships are embracing. Also meet one-on-one with dealership representatives to provide digital marketing and sales guidance. Looking to host a larger meeting in conjunction with our conference? Contact [email protected]

Transform your F&I process from a source of frustration to a revenue-enhancing compliment to a sale. Learn how to expedite the F&I process, earn trust and keep buyers engages, and sell more F&I products.

Thrive in the new world of automotive by preparing for emerging technology (i.e. AI), new concepts (i.e. ride sharing, connected cars), and industry disruptors.

Great businesses like your dealership are driven by several different factors such as brand, technology, infrastructure, and most of all, people. Learn the latest management strategies to get the best results out of each department in your dealership.

Learn best practices and new ideas with peers from similarly sized dealerships at the Peer Strategy Roundtables.

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Stay educated with what your ADA members and their managers are learning to provide the best resources available. Also meet one-on-one with dealership representatives to provide digital marketing and sales guidance. Looking to host a larger meeting in conjunction with our conference? Contact [email protected]

“I took away more ideas and actionable items from this meeting than the previous three JDPower Internet Roundtable conferences combined. I was happy that I made the move to your meeting this year.”
 –Scott Kramer, Enterprise

“A great opportunity to hear from other dealerships and professionals on how the industry is changing.”  – David Pemberton, Corporate Business Development Manager, Kendall Toyota 

“The conference showed the importance of incorporating social media in all aspects of the dealership.” – Jeff Craig, Service Manager, Walkers Renton Mazda, Renton, WA

Learn what to do with the lead after it comes in. Learn about best practices, proper follow up, maximizing every interaction, overcoming pushback, and dealing with specific buyers/scenarios.

Improve email marketing efforts by learning the latest in email design, targeting, automation and personalization, technical tips for optimization, best practices, and strategy integration.

“This was an excellent conference to gauge where your dealership currently is and where it should be in today’s marketplace.” – Billie N
imnicht, President, Nimnicht Family of Dealerships, 
Jacksonville, FL

Today’s car buyer increasingly demands transparency in their online purchase experience. And while transparency is typically tied to a dealer’s pricing, the customers’ “perception” of transparency is often influenced by the ENTIRE experience (beyond just price). Learn the latest e-commerce strategies to create an outstanding online buying experience.

The average person is exposed to over 5,000 ad messages per day. Only 86 get any awareness and less than 12 ads get any engagement. That means your advertising blast has a 0.0024% chance of any engagement at all. Learn everything you need to create and refine a seamless omnichannel car buying experience that will better integrate your online and offline marketing efforts.

The average buyer visits just 1.6 dealerships while car shopping, down from 10 years ago when buyers visited an average of five dealerships. Educational sessions in this category will cover e-commerce, BDC sales strategies, and CRM solutions for both new-and pre-owned vehicles.

View Sales Strategies / Variable Ops Seminars

It has been said that relationships are built and strengthened or destroyed in service drive. These relationships with the consumer are worth far more than any marketing ploy to generate revenue. Learn how your service department can reshape the customer experience to meet—if not exceed—rising consumer expectations.

Car Window Stickers Paper: Estampe’s blank white car window sticker form or addendum sticker may be used for a wide variety of auto dealer sales, buyers guides and window applications. This car window sticker has peel off strips on all four sides that expose adhesive to adhere to window from inside the vehicle. It can be laser printed by you, or we can preprint any custom information required on one or both sides. It will stay on glass even when windows are rolled up and down.

Learn proven leadership and management coaching techniques, as well as policies and procedures, to increase productivity, profitability and growth.

Increase your online visibility through organic search efforts and paid ad campaigns. Learn content marketing strategies to drive traffic, link-building techniques, and on-page optimization.

Extract, manage, and use data and analytics for real-time engagement, business intelligence, actionable insights, KPI measurement, and ROI analysis.

Not ready to exhibit? Attend as Allied to receive the opportunity to meet, mix, and mingle with 3,000+ technology-focused dealers, managers, OEM representatives, and vendors.

Secure a long-standing future by gaining key insight on factors/trends in dealership evaluation, mentoring personnel, and methodologies for seamless transition.

Choose from over 100 educational sessions led by top dealership executives, trainers, and consultants.

“For me, the Digital Dealer conference is another step in the ladder to success in this industry.” – Robert Moore, Internet Director, Paso Robles Ford, Paso Robles, CA

Today’s consumer is more digital and more demanding than ever. They visit less than two dealerships before making a buying decision and almost two out of three customers would rather buy 100% online. Learn the keys to improving customer satisfaction, close rates and deal grosses on your showroom floor.

“Very informative and a valuable investment. I enjoyed the variety of sessions available and the learning experience to get my dealership group ahead. We have also established a new relationship with a great vendor thanks to Digital Dealer.” -Elayna Camarillo, Digital Marketing Manager, Gary Lang Auto Group, McHenry, IL

These Stock Addendum Stickers are pre-printed with a stock design, self-adhesive, and seals on 3 sides. Addendum Stickers coordinate with the Manufacturer’s Sticker to document Dealer Installed Options on vehicles at your Automotive Dealership. The stickers come three colors – red, blue, or back ink. 

“My mind is just reeling with good ideas. I like to think we do it well and now I realized we are just at the start.”
 – John Anderson, 
, Anderson Honda, Palo Alto, CA

We will custom print your dealer window stickers on 8.5″ x 11″ adhesive paper stock specifically designed for use by both new and used car dealerships. These addendum labels are widely used to merchandise your inventory and as manufacturer certified labels.

Create an exceptional and seamless buying experience across all departments and stages through the path to purchase (i.e. inquiry to showroom).

“A great way to stay on top of industry trends. It also allows me to visit with vendors without the normal interruptions you encounter at the dealership.”  – Mike Lee, Melloy Nissan, Internet Director 

Car Dealership Addendum Stickers are a great way to present to your customers, in a credible,…

“I received a great amount of useful information, which I can take back to the dealership and use immediately.” –Keith Cattie, Marketing Director/ Hiring Manager, Lustine Toyota 

All of our car dealers supplies, including addendums, are designed to give your dealership a professional and cohesive look, creating a positive and organized environment to conduct sales and show merchandise to clientele. At such competitive prices and very convenient shipping times, our selection can give your auto dealership a low-hassle and high-visibility way to improve the way you keep customers informed.

Learn how to handle and convert leads, satisfy customers in all scenarios, and increase revenue in parts sales, preventative maintenance, service and repair.

By now, everyone has heard the news that the average consumer shops less than two dealerships in person prior to buying a vehicle. Conversion of opportunities is more important than ever in today’s automotive industry. In 2016, dealers are still struggling with this reality while some dealers implement BDC’s at the same time many others dismantle theirs. Learn effective strategies for maximizing inbound as well as outbound opportunities once and for all.

These Blank Addendum Stickers are plain stock, 1-part, and self-adhesive on all 4 sides. The stickers are made of heavy white stock, laser compatible, fade resistant, and available in three sizes.

Keep your clients informed about the added options your dealership can provide with the addendums!  We provide a variety of addendums with different information and templates for your convenience. We also offer both laser and traditional tape options, so you have complete control over the look and the information on your addendums.

Build and maintain a top-performing team by recruiting the best talent, improving on-boarding processes, and creating an exceptional culture.

Learn vehicle merchandising tools and techniques to maintain compelling and accurate vehicle listings online, and how to assess how they’re performing.

Learn how to manage a variety of out-bound and in-bound leads and customer data. Learn fine-tuned BDC operations, including lead to salesperson handoff, appointment setting/follow up procedures, call tracking, and managing customer data in your CRM.

Secure loyal customers through strong branding and reputation management strategies (i.e. cause-based marketing, customer satisfaction, retention programs, etc.).

Learn how to best use offline marketing channels (TV, radio, direct mail, and print), and how to integrate traditional channels with your in-store and digital strategy.

Hundreds of independent dealerships from across the country also attend Digital Dealer each year to learn the latest marketing, sales and management strategies to sell and service more cars, more profitably.

These car window One Low Price Stickers are durable and adhere well at any temperature. The edges of this label peel-off so it can be applied to the inside of vehicle window. You can write on with any pen, pencil or marker.

Technology in auto sales is getting crazy. From CRM tools to equity mining tools to lead conversion tools to profiling tools just about everything you are looking for can be had. But in this world of technology, selling cars is still about two things: people and process. Learn what top dealerships are doing to generate record-breaking sales.

“It was terrific! Eye opening! Informative!”
 –Timothy C
urran, General Sales Manager
, Hawkinson Nissan, Matteson, IL

“Best symposium of my professional career.”
W.C. Smith, Sales Manager, Monument Chevrolet, Pasadena, TX

Maximize the performance and ROI of your paid online ad campaigns through strategic bidding strategies, use of planning tools, keyword selection, reporting and analysis, and targeting.

“The Digital Dealer Conference has made a huge difference in our operation from the moment we started to implement various procedures, programs and practices that were learned.”  – Tom Casto, General Manager, Premier Pontiac GMC, Rittman, OH

“Excellent conference, one of the best I have attended in a long time. Well worth the journey from the UK!!” – Jason Dawn, Group Internet Manager, Sandicliffe, Loughborough, UK

Avoid costly and damaging mistakes by staying current on regulatory / legal matters, OEM standards, best practices, data / cyber protection, and fraud prevention.

Drive growth and stronger consumer engagement through mobile marketing. Learn about mobile creative, design and UX, messaging, targeting, consumer trends, analytics, and attribution.

Receive expert counsel from top keynote speakers, including executives from the country’s top 100 dealerships.

These Stock Addendum Stickers are pre-printed with a stock design with 3 adhesive strips for adhering to glass . Addendum Stickers coordinate with the Manufacturer’s Sticker to document Dealer Installed Options on vehicles at your Automotive Dealership. The stickers come three colors – red, blue, or back ink. 

“Digital Dealer was definitely worth the time missed at work. The juice is worth the squeeze!” -Tyler Sapp, Digital Director, I-95 Toyota, Brunswick, GA

“Attending Digital Dealer was invaluable in bringing us up to date with e-commerce, CRM, many of our best practices, and meeting folks from across the country with the same issues and desire we have.”
Mike Eckler, President, Richmond Car & Truck Center, Richmond, KY

Take a look at the hundreds of testimonials from Dealerships, OEMs, and other automotive professionals who have attended Digital Dealer Conference & Expo.

When You Buy from Dodson Group, You Buy from Experienced Professional Dealer Supply Experts!

Today’s new car business is a volume business. Front-end margins are in decline, and profitability often hinges on meeting the factory’s all-or-nothing performance targets. Learn how the most successful dealers become more efficient and market-precise as they stock, merchandise and price their new vehicle inventories.

80% of potential car buyers are more likely to turn to social media than to a salesperson. 68% say they’ve purchased a car involving social media. Are they headed to your store? Learn the latest social media strategies to convert “likes” into leads.

Learn how to handle, manage and convert leads to used-car buyers, with action and language that communicates value, and builds trust and loyalty.

It’s a simple concept. The sooner you get your cars on the lot, the sooner they’re ready to sell. Easy enough. Buy, transport, recondition, take photos, create a description, upload to your website and third-party sites, put it on the lot. Learn the latest pre-owned strategies separating top dealerships from the competition.

Perfect your social media results by learning the latest tools and techniques for content marketing (Live Streaming, Facebook Marketplace, etc.) and advertising on social media.

Car Dealership Addendum Stickers are a great way to present to your customers, in a credible, easy to understand format, dealer installed options or special “no-charge” items. Addendum stickers coordinate perfectly with the manufacturer’s factory window stickers.

When our customer first looks at the manufacturer’s sticker, dealers have learned that this is an important moment to inform and influence the customer by using their own custom dealership addendum stickers.

Vehicle addendum stickers can include such dealer add-ons as: extended warranty protection plans, any protection chemicals or under-coating included, additional accessories such as alarms or music systems … and much more.

Leverage the power of video by learning production techniques, innovative and practical videos to create, as well as distribution channels and strategies for maximum reach and engagement.

We sell high quality pre-printed automotive addendum stickers or you can personalize them with your dealership’s own custom design. 

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